Parkinson’s Disease

He staggers to the door,
Drunk without drinking.
Nothing is done with ease.
A tightening of muscles,
He dances with his destiny,
And with Parkinson’s Disease.
Restless legs, shakiness of hands,
His feet do not follow directions.
They attach to the floor.
His expression is blank.
His face is a mask.
His body doesn’t work well anymore.
Yet it is a challenge,
To discover what he can still do.
As he greets each and every day,
Supplements to loosen the knots,
His future is still bright.
Being optimistic is the only way.

by Dan Roberson


One thought on “Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Thanks for sharing. I never thought much about it ever since It was announced that Robin Williams may have had the disease. I can understand his feelings after being a physical comic for so many years. R.I.P. Robin

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