These gnarled hands once were strong and quick,

Tying fishing lures and shoelaces.

They wiped tears and held your hand,

Kept you safe in scary places.

These feet usually raced you home.

You always thought it was fun.

Then we had days of kicking back,

Relaxing as we soaked up the sun.

These eyes read the words in your favorite books,

Counted stars and vacation miles.

I watched you grow up too quick,

Leaving for school with grown-up smiles.

My heart once thumped loudly at each parade,

As you marched proudly by.

Often we laughed at memories we made.

My! How the years did fly!


The Love I Left Behind

The Love I Left Behind


My heart built walls and I could not trust.

With no one to care for, my heart could rust.

I challenged my heart to venture out again.

Because of wounds, it was reluctant to begin.

I was helpless at first, but my love ran deep.

Soon I was searching for a lover  to keep.

Walls separated us and I hastened on my way,

Looking for a new relationship to fill my day.

I searched desperately, yet I could not settle down.

A perfect woman was elusive and could not be found.

I became a victim of my own love/hate wars.

Bouncing from love to hate, I blamed failure on the stars.

But surviving was not living, I needed one true love.

I looked for guidance from Venus and Cupid above.

Dreams were all I had, though troubled from the start.

But I did not give up, orders came from my heart.

One last try, I decided, before my search was through.

Then I got lucky, because love brought me to you.





You Took My Breath Away

Lover I Don't Have to Love
Lover I Don’t Have to Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You Took My Breath Away

You were not the most beautiful girl there,

But your eyes were expressive and deep.

I did not hang on every word you spoke,

But inside I made promises to keep.

Somehow in those first magic moments

My world stopped and you took my breath away.

Your eyes, your hair, your sparkling smile,

Each silently dared me to dance and stay.

In your presence the crowd no longer existed.

You had changed my point of view.

I turned around and blinked my eyes

But all I could see was you.

No longer alone even in my dreams

You were always by my side.

Together we shared our new world,

Your love filled me with pride.

Your mind was on something else,

But not on our love each day.

I thought we’d love forever,

Long after we turned old and gray.

You smiled and said you felt great,

And you insisted you always will,

You looked so serene and so sure,

It’s strange your heart stopped still.

Each day you took my breath away,

But you never shared your pain.

And I still love you with all I have,

But I may never breathe again.

by Dan Roberson

Parkinson’s Disease

He staggers to the door,
Drunk without drinking.
Nothing is done with ease.
A tightening of muscles,
He dances with his destiny,
And with Parkinson’s Disease.
Restless legs, shakiness of hands,
His feet do not follow directions.
They attach to the floor.
His expression is blank.
His face is a mask.
His body doesn’t work well anymore.
Yet it is a challenge,
To discover what he can still do.
As he greets each and every day,
Supplements to loosen the knots,
His future is still bright.
Being optimistic is the only way.

by Dan Roberson

What I Treasure

There was a day that crashed with thunder,
I knew it didn’t matter what I was under,
The storm would find my hiding place.
While I grabbed my years of treasure,
All the objects that gave me pleasure,
Were whisked away without a trace.

Yet when the sun came out beaming again,
I considered the love that remained within.
I did not see values and all it would cost,
Nor the objects I used to treasure,
Or all the things I forgot to measure.
I saw the faces of dear ones I thought lost.


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