Are You Too Busy?

Are You Too Busy?

I make cries for help,

but no one listens.

He comes for me at night,

Where are my  protectors?

I’m asking you,

What should I do?

She screams at me,

and tells me I’m no good.

In his drunken stupor,

He claims me for his own.

Don’t stand and stare,

Show me you care.

She gives me nothing to eat,

and beats me when I cry.

I am a prisoner in his home,

Why is no one searching?

Are you too busy in your day,

to help me find a way?

There are drugs everywhere,

And I am forced to be a slave.

I may be from another country,

or I might be from your street.

I am your neighbor or your kin,

Please don’t judge me by my skin.

There is no heaven for me,

and hell follows me everywhere.

The days are long and dreary,

But my nights are never ending.

If  I can’t count on you,

Then what should I do?

I want life to be worthwhile,

Until my last fleeting breath.

Life to you might be precious,

Yet sometimes I yearn for death.

Are you too busy in your day,

to help me find a way?


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