Three Snake Skins

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Esperanto: Patro Kristnasko kaj malgranda knabino Suomi: Joulupukki ja pieni tyttö (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Three Snake Skins


I counted my presents under the tree


I had been generous but only to me


It was Christmas Eve and the night was deep


My eyelids grew heavy and I fell asleep.




In a dream I couldn’t believe my eyes


The world was in for a surprise


Christmas would be different this year


The sleigh wouldn’t be pulled by deer.




I needed to be good for goodness sakes


For Santa’s sleigh was pulled by snakes


Diamondbacks, boas, asps, and kings,


Flying through the air without any wings.




Down the rooftop they’d slide until they flopped


Slithering and wiggling, down the chimney they dropped!


One snake per child who had ever been bad,


Two snakes for mom and three for dear dad.




The snakes gathered to map out a plan


Something bizarre, something evil and grand.


People with possessions who didn’t share


Were bitten by serpents that didn’t care.




There was a list and it was checked twice


To determine who had been naughty or nice.


There weren’t many households left alone


For greed had turned many hearts to stone.




I awoke from my dream all drenched and wet


I had many memories I wished to forget


The beggar on the corner I couldn’t look in the eye


The family in my neighborhood I simply passed by.




There were incidents my conscience couldn’t ignore


This dream had touched me clear to the core


I vowed to give clothes and food to those in need


And to be more generous in word and deed.




Under my Christmas tree there were no presents to myself


But I cleared a space for gifts to others on a shelf


This year I was greedy but I’ll be prepared next year


Santa will be generous and my conscience will be clear.




I heard bells jingle as the sleigh took flight


And I knew that this would be a normal night


Eight tiny reindeer were pulling the sleigh


And Rudolph was in front leading the way.




I know this was just one of many dreams


You might think I made it worse than it seems


But I’ve changed my heart and I’m starting again


For under my bed I found three snake skins.


















My life can be measured, 

In increments on a line.

Like the man in black I walk that line.

Sometimes it’s three steps forward.

Other times it’s five steps back.

I can’t even stop if I get off track.

Ominous clouds continually threaten.

But my inner peace keeps me focused.

Daily I stay in the present marching on,

I say, “This is where the battles are won.”

Usually I count the moments until

Everything that was confusing becomes clear.

Behind me are my footprints,

Showing me where I blindly

stepped on things I held dear,

But I tromp on in erratic fashion,

Marching to verse that I created

but never got a chance to rehearse.

As I continue my journey,

The world becomes my playground.

I cry, “I want a special friend

Who’ll stay with me until the very end.”

But like children in a park,

Finding the swings are much the same,

They get tired and angry

 and move on to other games.

I want to shout, “I don’t want to keep score.

One playground or another

Will have the one I’m searching for.”

I won’t worry about getting hurt or feeling pain

Because there’s the whole world to gain.

Opportunities abound on this timeline.

I can hate and hurt or love and be kind.

I can encourage others and help them along.

I can do what is right and avoid the wrong.

“What’s this?” you say.

“How can I have fun that way?”

I’ve been there so I nod and look wise.

Misguided fun is only trouble in disguise.

When I look back at my tracks

Do they point the way for others to follow?

Or did I find a mud hole in which to wallow?

If I stayed, all would have been lost.

But I struggled free to avoid the biggest cost.

When my timeline comes to an end,

I want people to say, “Here was a good man,

And always he was a friend”.






We’re Lucky to Have Christmas

English: A postcard from 1919, with artwork of...

English: A postcard from 1919, with artwork of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We’re Lucky to Have Christmas


Time stood still and my heart stopped,


When she announced she was leaving that night.


It didn’t sink in that she meant what she said,


Until she got on the very next flight.




I think of the time I wasted,


Letting it slowly slip through my hands.


I could have been loving her,


Rather than complaining and giving commands.




She promised she would love me forever.


I think she intended it to be true.


I said I could survive on my own


But deep within my heart I knew.




I could have used time in segments,


Dinner for two, flowers, a loving glance,


Instead I spent time on my own interests,


And time didn’t give a second chance.




It was the season to laugh and be jolly


And the time to play in the snow.


But it was a sad time for me that year.


She wouldn’t be under the mistletoe.




We wouldn’t be watching a parade together,


From the very first float to the last.


I made many mistakes along the way.


And now our parade had gone past.




She talked about having quality time,


And times we could just hang out.


I insisted she was my very best friend.


But I gave her many reasons to doubt.




The Christmas lights in that bar were blurry,


The drinks were making me cry.


I hadn’t told her how much I loved her,


Yet I knew I was a lucky guy.




I was ready to go home and decide what to do.


I needed some time to think.


I heard a voice calling my name,


Then, “Cowboy, can I buy you a drink?”




I’ve never seen a face more beautiful.


She had returned and was smiling at me.


Now I’m a reformed and loving man.


I’m sure that’s the way it should be.




That’s my Christmas story,


I hope you take a moment to pause.


If she hadn’t returned there wouldn’t be Christmas.


If you don’t believe what I told you,


Just ask my wife, Mrs. Claus.








Learning to Take Charge

Ice cream at Expo 2010

Ice cream at Expo 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Learning to Take Charge


“I want some ice cream,” the little girl said.


“No, it’s late and time for bed.”


“Can I watch t.v. for a little while?”


“O.k.,” said mom, “because you asked with a smile.”


The girl sat on the floor waiting for the news to end.


Dad sat down and waited for his program to begin.


“Why are you still up?” he asked the apple of his eye.


“Mom said I could watch a show or two,


But now that you’re here, I guess it’s up to you.”


“Could I have ice cream?” the little girl said.


“Sure, since you’re up.  Then it’s straight to bed.”


Mom returns after a long hot shower.


“Why is she up,” mom snaps, “at this late hour?”


There is little worse than righteous condemnation,


Especially since both contributed to the situation.


They go to battle because their rules aren’t applied.


The little girl learns to manipulate as time goes by.


Their friends choose sides and blame the father or the mother,


While the little girl plays one against the other.


She’ll be in charge when she becomes a teen,


But someday she’ll discover she’s not a real queen.




Nothing More

English: Wind Turbines located outside of Palm...

English: Wind Turbines located outside of Palm Springs, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Nothing More


Who is that walking past my door?


It is the wind and nothing more.


For a moment a shadow hesitates,


Then it goes on and through the gate.


Who is whispering outside this wall?


I’m sure if I looked I’d see nothing at all.


Is there a person playing a mean trick?


Doesn’t he know I could be really sick?


I’m holding my breath within this cell.


The shadow is back and I know him well.


Around this bed my friends gather and talk.


They remember how we used to walk.


All voices hush as someone passes the door.


I thought, It is the wind and nothing more.


My friends are leaving with tears in their eyes.


I’m puzzled and ask, “What’s the matter, guys?”


But they ignore me as they go out the door.


One said, “It is the wind and nothing more.”


I don’t understand this turn of events.


I’ve tried to comprehend but it doesn’t make sense.


I turn to my new friend as we go out the door.


I ask, “Is it really the wind and nothing more?”


“Your friends are mistakenly blaming the wind.


But their way of thinking will come to an end.


Some will greet me as I enter their room.


Others will panic at my voice of doom.


You heard me walking past your door.


I enter with the wind, but I’m much, much more.




Lucky Indeed

Is it Your Lucky Day

Is it Your Lucky Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lucky Indeed


I thought I was a hammer made of steel,


But she softened my heart and made me feel,


I was a restless knight riding a spirited steed,


But she quenched my fires and fulfilled my needs.




Gentle as the mist drifting in from the sea,


Uncontrollable as a flooding river, she’s wild and free,


Cleansing as the rain, freefalling from the sky,


She’s constantly changing; I’m a lucky guy.




Warm as the sunshine splashing across the land,


Teasing with kisses, the kind I understand,


Calm even in a storm, helping those in need,


She’s right there beside me; I’m lucky indeed.




Straight as a road that guides me on my way,


She is the love I’ve been seeking until today,


Bringing a fire that rages deep inside,


I am a lucky man and very satisfied.







Baby Bee’s Night Before Christmas (Children’s Version)

A child wearing a bee costume.

A child wearing a bee costume. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Baby Bee’s Christmas


The hive was snug from the lid to the base.


The entrance was wide open for Santa, (just in case).


All the cracks had been sealed to shut out the cold.


Baby Bee was sleeping and good as gold.


The queen had inspected each and every frame,


Then she lined up her children and addressed them by name.


The youngest ones she checked closely and their noses she wiped.


“Is everything ready for Christmas?” she piped.


“If the decorations are finished, leave on a small light.


Santa Bee will be arriving sometime tonight.”


She ordered a plate of honey and pollen so Santa could be fed.


Then she hugged all her babies and tucked them in bed.


All were sleeping soundly when they heard such a clatter.


Santa Bee had arrived in the midst of a swarm.


His cheeks were all red and he looked very warm.


Dispensing gifts from his sleigh as he raced through the hive,


He was interrupted by a question, “Mr. Santa, can I drive?”


The other bees were shocked that Baby Bee would ask.


Santa Bee chuckled and let her help with his task.


All around the world this magical swarm flew.


Bringing sweet gifts to everyone they knew.


As they left each hive and while they were still in sight,


Baby Bee would shout, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”