Press One

Centro de una margarita / Daisy center macro
Centro de una margarita / Daisy center macro (Photo credit: alfaneque)

Strange phone calls in the night,

Make me wonder if I’ve lived right,

Out of area numbers, who can it be,

Why, oh why, is someone calling me,

It’s automated, not a person at all,

So what’s the reason for this call,

I listen closely to see if it’s a game,

Someone is asking for me by name,

If you want Mary Belle, Press One,

If she is unavailable, then go to the next one,

My dates were always of mutual consent,

So why should I be concerned in any event,

If you would like Margarita, Press Two,

At midnight her eyes changed from green to blue,

She was not jealous but beautiful and serene,

When no other women were around to be seen,

No matter whether ladies were thick or thin,

I loved them all because they made me grin,

If you’d like to speak to Linda, Press Three,

Linda had her ways of pressing me,

When I moved, it broke her heart,

Our relationship was better when not apart,

If someone is lonely like me, Press Four,

You don’t have to be alone any more,

The night is too young to stay and wait,

We could connect before it’s late,

Phone calls remind me of lovers past,

And tell me that time is going too fast,

My fingers Press Five, then Press Six,

Over the years I pressed a variety, a beautiful mix,

The phone keeps ringing, Press This, Press That,

I grab my coat and then my hat,

I’m going out to find a friend,

So I can bring loneliness to an end,

Out into the darkness onward I go,

There’s a woman waiting somewhere I know,

I’ve pressed my luck a time or two,

Text me your number so I can press you.






Shredded Heart

Shredded Paper
Shredded Paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were kids living next door,

Life was fun and I couldn’t ask for more,

There were moments I think I loved you,

But I was a kid and didn’t know what to do,

Remember the hearts we cut out one day,

You shredded yours and said, “No way!”

It hurt to know that the hearts we shared,

Were easily shredded because no one cared,

What about the moments we spent in the mist,

Or the conversations we had before we kissed,

I was determined that our love would grow,

I wasn’t prepared to hear you say, “No!”

My eyes, my arms, and my heart, too,

Were all dedicated to loving you,

I was torn and shredded by your parting words,

There was nothing loving in what I heard,

Where was the phrase, “I’ll love you forever,”

Or “Our love is solid, it can never be severed,”

Even though my heart beats steady and true,

You’ve shredded the love that I gave to you.


It was the middle of July.  A cold front moved from the mountains and clouds settled over the orchards in the valley.  Rain fell intermittently.  Clark pulled his thin jacket tighter.  “We should be picking the peaches now.   I’m losing money each day the crew sits idle.”

 His friend nodded miserably and added, “This is not the first strange thing to happen.  Remember when the sky opened up and pulled Oscar away?  We all saw it. No one wants to talk about it.  They don’t even want to look up, afraid to get caught in the limitless abyss that opens if it catches you staring. There is something different about this rain, too.  It seems dull and lifeless, and yet, it’s waiting for something.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Clark said in a hushed voice.  “It can hear you.” 

“How can rain or the sky hear me?  Put a halt to such nonsense.  All of you are crazy.”

Clark stiffened.  “It usually happens on a bitterish day like today.  Someone sees it in a daydream and it comes to life.”

“That’s where you differ with me.  My reasoning is based on logic.  Yours is based on dreams and on perceptions.  If it can’t hear or see or breathe, it isn’t alive.”

Rain was falling again, intensely, tugging at Clark’s coat and hat. The rain softened and Clark felt it patting his head and back. Now it seemed to dance with joy.   The clouds pulled back, opening up the vast limitless darkness.  Starlight splashed over him, filling him with energy and hope.   He raised his head and shouted out, “People! Our orchards will be blessed.  A non-believer has been washed from our sight.  I had to turn him in for the betterment of mankind.  Now we are at peace with the universe.  Love, Live, Enjoy, and Appreciate everything like there’s no tomorrow.  Feel the rhythm of the universe. Our world is back to normal.”

Clark dared to glance up. A small blue-green planet rotated slowly around a star.  “Someday,” Clark thought, “I’d like to visit that planet.  I bet it’s different than ours.” He laughed at his own little joke.  How could things be different somewhere else?   He walked inside and hung up his coat and placed his two hats side by side, just as he always did.

Too Close to Her Heart

American Beauty (soundtrack)
American Beauty (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One rose stood out from among the rest,

It was clear that I loved her best,

An American Beauty beyond compare,

She was special so I gave her extra care,

Her petals were as smooth as silk,

Her coloring as deep and rich as milk,

I discovered her fragrance, her beauty, and her fame,

Rose was nonplussed when I called her by another name,

I held her close and vowed my love,

She murmured sweet words and glanced above,

She unsheathed her thorns and prepared for me,

Because she thought our love couldn’t be,

She was afraid to love right from the start,

Her thorns pricked me when I got close to her heart.


High School Album

Craziest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was looking through mom’s high school album,

Wondering why some people were so solemn and grim,

Those who were of the business mind,

Always stayed with their own kind,

Looking serious to improve their chances,

When majoring on other people’s finances,

“That girl was the prom queen and she is married to him,”

“That girl is the CEO of a company we both know,

I haven’t heard from her for awhile, but her company continues to grow,”

“That boy is the town bum, his investments were lost in a major scam,

He’s still polite and says, “Thank you ma’am,”

The rest of the class is the salt of the earth,

With hearts of gold to prove their worth,

That’s me, dancing out of sight,

Enjoying the coolness of the night,

My friends were watching my every step,

Leaving me alone but wanting to help,

And that boy sticking out his tongue,

He seemed like such a bother,

He was the craziest of all,

That boy is your father,”


I could identify him by his smile,

But I hadn’t seen him since his trial,

He looked a lot like the class bum,


“He is, dear, the very same one.”




The Final Choice

It's Your Choice
It’s Your Choice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a slumber I shook myself,

Decided it was only a dream gone bad,

Yet such was the state of my mind,

I realized I could be going mad,

I searched for implements of destruction,

To protect myself should warriors come,

Anything that could be a weapon,

Would now be their warm welcome,

But what could mortal weapons do,

Against angels and spirits that flew?


The chief of the red angels laughed at me,

For what could a mere mortal do,

Around me sides were drawn,

All waited for the war to ensue,

The red angel chief pulled me to her side,

Then to her firm full breasts,

“I will keep you safe from harm,

Because you’re my special guest,”

Then she circled before her troops,

They rose in a mighty swarm,

In a mad rush they headed towards the light,

Before guards could call out an alarm,

There was no time that passed,

Yet time would not sit still,

Warriors charged and warriors fled,

But none were wounded or killed,

In the twinkling of an eye,

There was a changing of the tide,

And the light grew ever brighter,

As mortals had a chance to decide,

Greed, lust, hatred, and death,

Were soon put on the run,

And all the troubles of the past,

Were finished, over, and done,

Love, compassion, patience, and peace,

Shone brighter than the stars,

And the chief slunk away into the dark,

The loser of the spirit wars,

The virtuous captain of the light,

Thanked his followers with a calm low voice,

A new order built on love, trust, and hope,

Was welcomed because of their choice.

Rent, Borrow, or Steal

The Art of the Steal (film)
The Art of the Steal (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met a man who had wise words to pass my way,

“Relationships are very special you’ll soon learn,

If you take care of your woman I can’t lead her astray,

She’ll stay true forever and her love you’ll earn,”


“I don’t need your material things,

I have enough of my own,

What I want is the love of a woman,

Perhaps you have one to loan,”


“If you have a habit of neglecting her,

She’s frustrated, lonely, and tired,

Give me some time alone with her,

I’ll send her back inspired,”


“Boldly I’ll go to make my play,

Quietly I’ll make my appeal,

It doesn’t really matter to me,

Whether I rent, borrow, or steal,”


“What if she’s in your way this very day,

And you’ve got things you want to do,

I could return her in really good shape,

After I borrow her a time or two,”


“Should you need help to pay some bills,

I could rent your woman to give me thrills,

But if I find she’s lonely as well,

I’ll turn her on until I’ve had my fill,


A woman ignored will find a new home,

I’ll steal her from you if you’re not alert,

I’ll rent her from you or you can give me a loan,

I don’t care if someone gets hurt,”


Off in the distance I could see his profile,

“Was he serious?” I thought as I hurried inside,

“Is it that easy to lose someone you love,

Why did he choose me for his wisdom to confide,”


I’m not sure if it was me he meant,

But I paid more attention as time went by,

I gave my woman tender loving care,

And, lo and behold, she’s still there,


I think that stranger might have been a fake,

Because a man wants a woman in whom he can confide,

Someone to love and give respect,

A woman to be proud of and keep by his side,


But this stranger had frightened me,

With stories he claimed were real,

So I was careful to protect my own beautiful woman,

From those who wanted to rent, borrow, or steal.



She Shuffles


She shuffles down the sidewalk,


Rumpled, tired, hungry, and worn,


Forgotten is her long ago life,


That began when she was born,




Others might claim they love her,


Her face is beautiful to see,


Yet alone and homeless on her own,


She might not agree with me,




She has intelligence and compassion,


Her heart touches each broken man,


She’s the universal, loving woman,


Doing the very best she can,




She comes in all shapes and sizes,


From woman to budding girl,


She tries to help others she finds,


She wants to make this a better world,




She lifts the spirit of mankind,


From those troubled to those without hope,


She could give up and join the rest,


And say she could not cope,




Yet each woman who fills the void,


And becomes more than the rest,


Is beautiful in my little world,


And I think I love her best,




As this one shuffles down the street,


I must do more than shrug,


I’ll see what I can do for her,


Just after I give her a hug.


















Separated by Hearts

Series of sketches showing various angry facia...
Series of sketches showing various angry facial expressions. (Photo credit: Villanova University Digital Library)

I listened and watched as the red angels,

Filled the air with cackles and shrieks,

Building up courage as they swooped and dove,

This was not the time for those who were weak,


Their senses were heightened as they prepared for war,

Tributes were given to blood sisters and brothers,

Blood sprinkled the clouds as they ripped and sliced,

To prove their worth they cut each other,


The chief hurled insults across the abyss,

“If you were smart, it wouldn’t come to this,

You could share the world and rule by my side,

Agree and be safe. Seal it with a kiss!”


Indignation or revulsion should greet such sweet insult,

When the brightest of the white angels headed this way,

His facial expression never changed,

And I tried to guess what he might say,


Red with passion the chief’s body glowed,

Her snarl was replaced by a smile,

“Come lie with me as you used to do,

I’ll light the desires you haven’t had for awhile,”


The bright one shrugged but didn’t move,

“It is in my heart that I’ve made my choice,

I will continue to be open and true,

Yet as I gaze upon your ripe warm body, I know I’ll miss you!”


Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him,

“I’ll make you wish you had never been born,

How dare you reject my heart,

And leave me a woman scorned.”


She Went Her Way

Annie & Susan Sorting Paintings
Annie & Susan Sorting Paintings (Photo credit: mygothlaundry)

There were a lot of harsh words,

We said to each other back then,

I hadn’t heard a woman speak like that,

Since I don’t remember when,


We tried to correct our bad deeds,

The ones we’d done to hurt each other,

We discovered our efforts didn’t work,

When we couldn’t forgive one another,


She went her way and I went mine,

When the war was over and all was done,

Two hard-headed, stubborn individuals,

Had lost too much and no victories won,


If I had treated her like a queen,

She’d still be by my side,

But that’s just between you and me,

That’s all to you I’ll confide,


She went her way and i went mine,

I was sorry to see her go,

My pride kept me from telling her,

So I guess she’ll never know,


As she went down that dusty road,

Along with her she took my heart,

I live here and she lives there,

And we’re still worlds apart.



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