SWOOSH! Swoosh! The sound meant something but I couldn’t remember where I had heard it before. SWOOSH! SWOOSH! There it was again but this time I pressed against the wall. The sound was closer and I could feel a slight breeze. Earlier that evening six bored high school males were discussing what we could do for excitement. Bud spoke up. “Have any of you ever been really scared?” Of course we said not ever. Our manhood was at stake. Bud said, “I know where a ghost house is. If you are brave I can take you there. But beware. There will be no cowards.” He had made a challenge and we were honor bound to follow through. Bud and another boy led us into an old house. “Watch out for holes in the floor and ghosts in the ceiling.” We followed their flashlights for a few seconds until…suddenly they were gone! They had turned off their lights and left us in total darkness. I waited for my eyes to adjust. That’s when the sounds began. WHOOSH! WHOOSH! A few minutes went by and I clung to the wall. The flashlights were on again. Bud and the other boy were laughing at our discomfort. But in the middle of the room was a terrifying sight to remember forever. our friend, one of our own, stood blindly swinging a two by four. He was determined that neither ghosts nor humans would take him alive. We were lucky that no one stepped into his range. Out of fear he was blindly swinging his club. He could have seriously hurt any or all of us.

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