You Took My Breath Away

Lover I Don't Have to Love

Lover I Don’t Have to Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You Took My Breath Away

You were not the most beautiful girl there,

But your eyes were expressive and deep.

I did not hang on every word you spoke,

But inside I made promises to keep.

Somehow in those first magic moments

My world stopped and you took my breath away.

Your eyes, your hair, your sparkling smile,

Each silently dared me to dance and stay.

In your presence the crowd no longer existed.

You had changed my point of view.

I turned around and blinked my eyes

But all I could see was you.

No longer alone even in my dreams

You were always by my side.

Together we shared our new world,

Your love filled me with pride.

Your mind was on something else,

But not on our love each day.

I thought we’d love forever,

Long after we turned old and gray.

You smiled and said you felt great,

And you insisted you always will,

You looked so serene and so sure,

It’s strange your heart stopped still.

Each day you took my breath away,

But you never shared your pain.

And I still love you with all I have,

But I may never breathe again.

by Dan Roberson


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