Two Gossamer Wings

Detail of original engraving "The Hours&q...
Detail of original engraving “The Hours” by Francesco Bartolozzi showing gossamer wings on a nymph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The storm raged throughout the night,

The thunder was loud and the lightning was bright,

I slept in the basement to avoid the worst,

For I was of the opinion that hell had burst,

Straight line wind gusts of sixty or more,

Had blown a tree over and knocked open my door,

When morning dawned I cleared the debris,

And said a short prayer about the death of a tree,

The sun was shining and the sky was clear,

But I heard a sound that seemed very near,

At first I guessed it had to be a mouse,

But I knew for certain it was in my house,

A baseball bat was in my hand just to be sure,

For I remembered the tree had made my house less secure,

From room to room I searched for the sound,

I’d gone through most of the house and nothing was found,

“My bedroom!”  The thought jolted my mind,

I tightened my grip, not sure what I’d find,

The door was open and the lights were on,

The shape under the covers had to be someone,

As I got closer I slowly raised the bat,

I was slightly afraid, but don’t tell anyone that,

Carefully I pulled back the sheet and to my surprise,

A woman stared at me with two large luminous eyes,

Her skin was glowing and I could tell at a glance,

I’d never seen anyone like her, even by chance,

She was startled by my appearance, I tried to calm her fears,

It was at that moment I noticed her tall pointed ears,

Without any warning I kissed her ripe ruby lips,

Her eyes grew even larger when she felt my fingertips,

Pushing aside the covers she leaped up and hovered in the air,

Mesmerized by her beauty, I gasped to see her bare,

She wore no make-up, no bracelets or shiny rings,

But behind her back fluttered two gossamer wings,

An angel or fairy queen, I didn’t know for sure,

Because at that moment my thoughts were not pure,

As her mood changed, her color changed too,

I was glad to see she now had a warmer hue,

She was offering herself to one without wings,

Perhaps she knew I could do other things,

She smiled at me coyly and I almost burst,

My heart was pounding wildly, I was at my worst,

Her wings beat steadily as she stayed out of reach,

“If you want me, then it’s patience I’ll teach,”

We dined, danced, and talked for awhile,

Different worlds didn’t matter, I could tell by her smile,

Later in the night she fluffed up a nest,

I thought she was tired and needed her rest,

Instead she drew me close and wrapped her wings around,

She took me on a flight, somewhere heaven bound,

Her slow release kept me under her spell,

I didn’t know whether I’d reached heaven or hell,

That night she taught me much about certain things,

Inside I was flying even without gossamer wings,

She left late one night after a storm rolled in,

Desiring to be free and fly with the wind,

Now I stand in each storm waiting for her return,

My heart is empty without her and for her I yearn.



Now What?

Scroll of the Book of Proverbs
Scroll of the Book of Proverbs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to sit next to her,

But I was sure it wasn’t a great idea,

She interested and excited me,

Yet it was not meant to be,

I knew the mental state I was in,

She was pretty, intelligent, and wise,

I did not want to be rejected again,

Although it wouldn’t be a surprise,

I shook the dust off of my shoes,

And headed out of town,

I was sure that someone waited for me,

An angel would be found,

Strength and wisdom I needed for awhile,

For I was easily tempted as a lonely man,

I wanted someone to love each day,

Not for a one night stand,

A woman who laughed and smiled,

With space for me in her heart,

I even wanted more than that,

But I knew that’s where I’d start,

I thought life should be shared,

For a day, a year, or more,

For a Proverbs woman I’d wait in line,

Or go pleading at Heaven’s door,

I’d resist the sirens at Hell’s front gate,

For my sake I hoped it was true,

I was looking for a saint, not a sinner,

And that’s when I met you.



She Doesn’t See Me

Batting 2006
Batting 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With her large beautiful eyes,

She sees everything,

But she doesn’t see me,

She’s silently on the prowl,

Hoping this is her lucky night,

But she doesn’t see me,

She’s dressed for attracting attention,

She flashes a lot of skin,

I’m blinded by the glare,

But she doesn’t see me,

Batting her eyelashes at buff young men,

She’s lost her winning edge,

And that she cannot see,

But someone wants to dance,

And that someone happens to be me,

She thinks she’s desirable and a hot commodity,

And she says I’m too wrinkled and worn,

I’m on the record but no longer wanted,

My feelings are ripped and torn,

Left as unclaimed property,

And shoved to the side,

She’s forgotten that I love her,

Even while I’m crying inside.

Beware of the Hypnotist

Flickr - …trialsanderrors - You dreamt you wer...
Flickr - …trialsanderrors - You dreamt you were a hypnotist^ Stock poster, ca. 1900 (2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not usually a prude,

Although I’m rather quiet and shy,

What happened one night when out with friends,

Made me seem like a different guy,


I went up on stage with others of my group,

“Take a deep breath,” I heard someone say,

“Relax and enjoy what your mind lets you do,

Each of you will have fun today!”


I’m not sure how long I stayed,

But my mind was completely at ease,

One of my friends asked if I’d dance again,

“That was an awesome striptease,”


“That’s ridiculous,” I angrily said to her,

She grinned, “Oh, you don’t realize you were a hit,

But I know what I saw, and I saw enough,

I’ve got pictures on the cam to prove it,”


Those cam pictures looked a lot like me,

I was dancing amidst the raucous din,

Evidently I was having the time of my life,

But how could I show so much skin?


The hypnotist snapped her fingers,

I got dressed with pomp and style,

I fell back into a total trance,

Except for my great big smile,


If you should go downtown for fun,

And there’s a late, late, show,

Be prepared to divulge your secrets,

That only you should know….





Female black widow spider guarding an egg case...
Female black widow spider guarding an egg case - Species Latrodectus mactans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I had no choice,

Right from the very start,

She skipped the formalities,

And went right for my heart,


She created the illusion,

That she was tall and slim,

And her silken voice compelled me,

To obey her every whim,


She said I was one of several,

Who were written on her list,

She was determined to catch each one,

To see what she had missed,


I was tempted to flee and hide,

But she said all the right things,

My money flowed like water,

And disappeared along with a diamond ring,


I wondered if her men were all alike,

She said we were much the same,

I asked her why she was manipulating me,

She replied, “It’s part of the game,”


I thought I could read her signals,

But she was playing on my need,

My anxieties and discontent,

Took me wherever she wanted to lead,


Her spell was woven very tight,

I could not escape each deadly phrase,

Her other captives were equally servile,

They were all in a daze,


Stay away from the station at Newberry Park,

Even though a subtle voice calls,

For a temptress awaits in the dark,

You might be trapped within the walls,


There should have been an hourglass,

Painted with the deepest red,

Yet she didn’t display such a sign,

I think she kept it hidden instead,


You’ll be caught in her web of lies,

If you once hesitate,

For she is a black widow spider,

The kind that eats her mate.



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