“Bankruptcy of the Heart”

Broken heart sewn back together
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Although you deceived and escaped with gain,

There was no way for me to avoid the pain,

 You claimed no guilt for my heart’s theft,

Yet I was emotionally spent and all bereft,

There should have been a siren to put out an alert,

I’m tired of being cheated, confused, and hurt,

I’m bankrupt and my poor heart is overdrawn,

I’ve loved unwisely, the conclusion is foregone,

You broke into my heart with honeyed deceit,

You withdrew my love and left me in defeat,

My love account depleted, my reputation shattered,

Then you were gone, nothing else really mattered,

Where can I go to find love to earn?

Will I fall for another who gives little in return?

I can’t trust my emotions for they can deceive,

Can I trust my thoughts? What can I truly believe?

Seven years of a broken heart till I trust once more,

Seven years of loneliness before I’m restored,

You were living high on love at the expense of me,

Even though you knew I loved you desperately,

Now in limbo because  love was all that mattered,

My love is depleted and my poor heart shattered,

You took all my love and left little in return,

Now I’m bankrupt and my heart is overdrawn.


Love for Arts
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From the depths, myself I ask,

“Are you really up for the task?”

And then prepare for a mighty job,

(I don’t want to sound like a slob),

You might think it extra nice,

If you could call SuperHeart for relationship advice,

I would write love letters on your behalf,

Wouldn’t that be a laugh?

But what could SuperHeart possibly do,

To explain “I love you”, but “I don’t ‘love’ you”?

As SuperHeart I could really wail,

If your relationship starts to fail,

How could you win in this game of chance?

How could I spark your dying romance?

Would SuperHeart remind you of important dates?

Or simply leave it all to fate? 

 Would you call on me when love is out of control?

Or let life go on as the days unfold?

What if you were way off base?

No, I wouldn’t come and take your place,

And if there was a pick-off play,

I wouldn’t step in and save the day,

I think the job is too hard for me,

SuperHeart will probably never be,

If love is neglected it’s sadly true,

It’ll take more than SuperHeart can do,

You must be alert to avoid love’s loss,

I’ll be blunt here to get my message across,

Love is worth all you put into the task,

Love with all your heart is all I ask,

And through the years you will find,

The world will love you and your loving mind.

“Where Are the Superheroes?”

Joker (comics)
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I’ve always enjoyed the superheroes,

Someone to come and save the day,

Whenever there was trouble brewing,

They knew what to do and what to say,

I admired them because they stood for justice,

They protected man, woman, and child,

Evil was always stopped and punished,

It was never allowed to just run wild,

But while a child the world was my own,

In my imagination I was big and strong,

Evil was given no chance to stick around,

 I could change anything that went wrong,

As I grew older I could see the world needed heroes,

For few walked among us helping the abused,

And sometimes, to make matters even worse,

The heroes were there among those accused,

I determined that I would do my very best,

And as a parent I was a superhero for just a while,

But only because my children believed in me,

I could wipe away tears and bring back a smile,

But I could not rescue them from the trauma of divorce,

Nor could I keep the outside world from coming in,

I tried, but the world had found my kryptonite,

And I was doomed to watch the Joker’s grin,

Discouragement, doubt, I was powerless in time’s grasp,

The glitter of the world took my children from my side,

I could not protect them and keep them from pain,

They were being pulled away from shore by an awful tide,

They made their mistakes but found their way back,

But they had changed as much as changed can be,

 No longer were they naïve and innocent,

It was even worse, they were more like me,

I’m not a superhero, that is plain to see,

Evil forces are there and I cannot hold them back,

I’ve found that I can’t even rescue myself,

Many times I’ve tried, but there are powers I lack,

I must confess I’m under stress, to see the world so torn,

Where are the superheroes that will show to save the day?

Are they just imaginary like those in my childhood world?

Or must we all be heroes to keep from falling under evil’s sway?

How Many Seeds in an Apple?

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...
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How many seeds are in an apple?

I can count them one by one,

If I start numbering at the beginning,

It shouldn’t be long before I’m done,

How many good deeds are in a person?

Much harder to tally, it’s true,

Since I can’t see inside your heart,

I’ll leave the reckoning up to you,

When the finite counting is over,

And it’s time for speculation instead,

I want you to go from what you know,

And extrapolate within your head,

How many apples are in a seed,

If that seed is allowed to grow?

Is there some way to predict the number,

Or is it ever possible to know?

What good things will spring forth,

If a good deed is allowed to grow?

Is there some way to predict the number,

Or is it ever possible to know?

What good you do for someone else,

Is more than just one deed,

That good will grow and multiply,

Just like an apple seed.

“To the Ready, Forward March!”

 “Grab your trombone and have some fun!

We can circle the square and stay in the sun,”

I feel like marching when my trombone plays,

Sometimes even on windy or rainy days,

Seventy-six trombones” is my favorite song,

Because it’s happy and boisterous as I march along,                                  

What better way to make everybody’s day,

Than to let them hear the trombones play,

The music and rhythm tickles me inside,

Especially when I’m marching with you in stride,

We’ll play “Stars and Stripes” as we begin,

And when we get to the park, where we end,

You can play “Fantasy” to show your skills,

While I get ready to give the audience thrills,

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about,

I’ll explain it to you and erase all doubt,

I’m more than a musician, I’m also a clown,

I enjoy hearing laughter all around,

Music and laughter are both good for the soul,

If your foot starts tapping, I’ve met my goal,

And if you laugh with me, you’ve made my day,

That’s all I need, that will be my pay,

If I distract someone and see a happy face,

The whole world will seem like a better place,

Grab your trombones, cornets, or your reeds,

We’ll march across the highway into the weeds,

“To the ready, Mark Time, and Forward March”

A lively cadence but without all the starch,

If laughter and music is quicker in pace,

The world will seem like a better place,

So let’s go marching with our trombones,

We’ll be royalty without our thrones,

We’ll go to the park where we’ll slide but not swing,

We’ll laugh at ourselves, and enjoy everything.

Jungle Law

I cling to my branch watching the trail below,

Hoping those hungry leopards don’t show,

I think one of them gobbled up pop,

Mom was next, the leopard wouldn’t stop,

I screamed for help but to no avail,

That’s one reason now I watch the trail,

I could be singing and dancing with glee,

But that certainly would make a target of me,

I’ve got chimpanzee friends in high places,

Ready to swing down if I see leopard faces,

In return I will keep a sharp eagle eye,

For any hungry looking animal passing by,

So while I watch the chimp children play,

We all feel more secure yet another day,

I’m at my post and I cannot sleep,

For I made promises I intend to keep,

I’ll scream out loud with a warning cry,

If something unusual catches my eye,

Those chimp children are all over the place,

So I’m especially alert for a leopard face,

Should I give a warning to the group,

They’d better go quickly to their troop,

There is safety in numbers with fang and claw,

For tragedy strikes quickly, it’s jungle law.

The “To Be Place”

When people hear my bass,

This becomes the “to be place”,

The deep rhythm pulls them in,

My fingers talk, everybody calls me friend,

Then a hot guitar on a warm night,

Gets them moving until their feet take flight,

Strummin’, slappin’, ever faster on my old bass,

Keep hearts pumping at my frenzied pace,

It’s happy music with a love beat too,

Watch out, people, it’ll get to you,

When fast flying fingers across the bridge go,

I’ll heat your blood and then suddenly go slow,

Give you a chance to catch your wind,

Then we’ll start all over again,

Get you moving till your feet take flight,

Then it’s over, and we’ll call it a night!

The Son Will Rise

Full sunrise
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I’ve never enjoyed the heat of day, and tried to avoid the light,

It was easier to take what I wanted, in the dead of night,

I slept through the dawning, I hated the bright sunrise,

Night’s cloak of darkness was safer, to use my deceit and lies,

Like the others, my hopes were on a ferocious king,

If the Romans were driven out, prosperity it would bring,

Then the world would notice, and make up for years of loss,

But now I’ve had time to think, while I’m hanging on a cross,

I was curious about the stories I’d heard,

So I followed this man who taught the word,

I joined a group who was eager to hear,

He spoke boldly about God, his father, without any fear,

But there was more to learn, to our surprise,

He performed miracles right before our eyes,

At a wedding in Cana, Jesus was asked to provide more wine,

Normally it took money and lots of time,

I thought that was a strange request,

But he obliged his mother after a slight protest,

I watched the servants filling six waterpots,

And saw the ruler’s expression at what they brought,

Jesus was a man of action when there was a need,

He drove the merchants from the temple when he saw their greed,

The Jews were angry and wanted to know why,

“This is my father’s house,” was his angry reply,

During this time it seemed the world had gone mad,

People were hoping for a leader, someone strong and bad,

Jesus was popular among the people and drew great crowds,

But he talked of peace and heaven, and warned of being proud,

John the Baptist declared that Jesus was the one,

Who was sent by the Father, to die as his son,

I was seeing many miracles, yet I dared not believe,

For the crimes I had committed, great punishment I should receive,

I didn’t always follow Jesus, sometimes I stayed in town,

I could steal the most when Jesus wasn’t around,

Because I usually stole at night, I rarely saw the sun,

It was not until people began to wake, that my work was done,

I didn’t agree with Judas that Jesus should be turned in,

Despite my disbelief he was the Christ, I considered him my friend,

I was careless and got caught, stealing during the day,

Thrown into prison and left waiting, while Jesus was away,

There was news of the arrival of a new-found king,

It had to be Jesus, for I heard the hosannas ring,

He would overcome the Romans, with God at his side,

I wish I could have seen him then, but I was locked inside,

“Don’t worry,” said another thief, who was there with me,

“According to Judas, Jesus will hang for all to see,”

“That can’t be true, he’s done no wrong,” I said in dismay,

“We deserve what we got, we know crime doesn’t pay,”

In my dreams I saw my life, and I didn’t like what I could see,

I would taste the bitter cup of death, hanging on a tree,

I was nailed to a cross, along with the other thief,

 Another cross went up, I could feel the sorrow and grief,

I believe that Jesus was born to bring truth and grace,

Barabbas should have died, but Jesus took his place,

“Jesus, I deserve to die for the things I have done,

Lord, remember me when your kingdom comes,”

Tomorrow is another day, but I won’t see the rising sun,

I expect before the break of day, my life will be done,

Before I became a witness to the light,

I was a common thief who stole in the night,

At that time I didn’t understand the reason why,

An innocent man was condemned to die,

I’ve always known I’d die someday in terrible agony,

But I believe the Son will rise, in spite of you and me.

The Mighty Oak and the Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspens Populus tremuloides, Little Cot...
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Two towering trees, their branches interlaced,

Lovingly caressed as the wind continually paced,

The wind carried their whispers to and fro,

They were rooted while the wind could go,

The two had been together since long ago,

When the young oak noticed the aspen starting to grow,

He being more gnarled and taller, was gruff,

She being slimmer and delicate, was still tough,

Despite wooden hearts, they developed rapport,

And soon their feelings progressed even more,

They were happy their memories were shared,

To each other their hopes and dreams were bared,

He loved the way her leaves fluttered in the breeze,

She loved his strength and the way he could squeeze,

Through the years they saw a progression of change,

With a variety of people, mean, good, and strange,

The Indians came and respected the land,

They honored the trees and let them stand,

They could picture their ancestors peering out,

Hunting the forest and walking about,

Then a newer group arrived one day,

Who cut down and burned away,

Most of the great forests and trees,

Creating farmlands as far as they could see,

Leaving only a few trees in small groves,

And even those were good for stoves,

These two trees, once fresh and young,

Watched helplessly as the axes rung,

 They were left because they were so mismatched,

They were glad since they were so attached,

Now they stood guard at this secluded spot,

Sentinels against the sky, whether cold or hot,

Visitors were usually welcomed with open arms,

The trees had years to develop their charms,

Urging some of their guests to rest and dally,

To observe nature and let their strength rally,

Spend the night out under the stars,

Singing campfire songs and playing guitars,

On their way home those same guests would stop,

Visit awhile and their stories they’d swap,

Those guests wanted to know the history of the trees,

Would there be answers if they said please?

How long had these trees been there?

Had the trees witnessed enough to compare?

There were other visitors though,

Who thought the forest was just so-so,

They were rude and eager to make their mark,

Carving their names into the bark,

Breaking off all the lower limbs,

Just being destructive at a whim,

 Littering the area with all kinds of trash,

Eggs in nests they would always smash,

Ruining in a day what had taken so long to create,

Beauty of any kind they would desecrate,

The trees moaned and groaned in protest,

Wondering how to get rid of these awful pests,

The hostile visitors said it was but the wind,

Ordering the old trees to be silent again,

Havoc and mayhem ruled the day,

As the unruly visitors had their way,

The oak and the aspen were carved and scorched,

And both came close to being torched,

When the group left, the trees breathed in relief,

Hoping they’d never return to give them grief,

That group was gone but more would take their place,

It was usually that way with the human race,

But they trees withstood the onslaught with aplomb,

Always dignified, peaceful, and calm,

The valley eventually became a national preserve,

And both trees volunteered to serve,

For their heartwood was still strong,

Retirement for them was simply wrong,

A few years later a mighty storm struck,

Their roots held desperately, but not their luck,

Both trees crashed heavily to the ground,

People from everywhere, miles around,

Came to see the giants as they lay,

For there was more than two trees on display,

There was something unusual, something strange,

The way the trees had fallen out of range,

Directly into the wind they had spun,

Away from people, no harm was done,

They had crushed no one, no child or mother,

They had fallen instead into the arms of each other,

Around each trunk, seedlings appeared overnight,

Smiling and greeting everyone in sight,

Some seedlings were transported to faraway places,

It is said that people who see them have happy faces,

The oak and the aspen still live in legend and tales,

 Showing kindness, compassion, and a love that prevails,

The new trees will bring magic and couples will discover,

The traits of the giants in the hearts of their lovers.

You Weren’t On My Schedule

Russian Orthodox Easter ceremony in Lvov (West...
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I passed you today as I took my morning walk,

You looked cold and hungry but I didn’t want to talk,

I was looking up, you were looking down,

I was wearing a smile, you were wearing a frown,

I didn’t take the time to ask you what was wrong,

I was In the middle of humming a very special song,

I couldn’t be interrupted, for I had too much to do,

But I promised to ask sometime what was bothering you,

No, not next week, for there are things I have booked,

I checked my schedule in case anything’s been overlooked,

“How are you?”, “I’m fine,” but I really didn’t have time to chat,

I had people to see and things to do, you know, this and that,

I was eager to share my world with someone, but no, not now,

You took away my joy because you were in my way somehow,

You looked awful, perhaps struggling to find something to say,

But when tears rolled down your cheeks, you nearly ruined my day,

“Good grief!” I muttered, but I know I wasn’t being rude,

I chose to be patient because I wanted to keep my good mood,

 “Shape up, I don’t have time for this,” I snapped in dismay,

“Oh, my!”  You were looking sad and putting on a display,

“I don’t care what your problem is, you’ll just have to wait,”

“I’ve got to go and smile at folks, and now you’ve made me late!”

I rushed away, leaving you behind, despair plainly on your face,

I was hoping you’d find someplace else, be gone without a trace,

When I returned you weren’t there, much to my relief,

I didn’t want to see you again or put up with your grief,

 Life is short and there was so much I still needed to do,

Did you expect me to waste my time, on someone like you?

Outside the sun is bright, what a beautiful Easter day,

Yet inside my joy is false, I feel shame for my deceptive ways,

When you were hungry and in pain, I wasn’t there for you,

I was thinking just about myself, and all the things to do,

I cheated you by turning away, I should have listened with my heart,

Yesterday won’t come again, so I’m asking for a brand new start,

I really want to love others more, wherever they might be,

The best way that I know how, is to begin with you and me.

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