Poets Are Like the Bees

Our world is full of flowers,

And poets are like the bees,

Pollinating the world with words,

Stirring the social breeze,

Orienting to the sun we fly,

We carry truths near and away,

Returning laden with nuggets of gold,

Gleaned from what people say,

Thus we enrich each teeming city,

As we chase the darkness with light,

And rid ourselves of fears and chains,

With each cleansing flight,

Our dreams are filled with hope,

As we swarm to new ideals,

Working to comfort wounded hearts,

Tirelessly sharing what we feel.




One Step, Two Steps, a Laugh or More

Through my eyes light pours in,

Bringing warmth and energy to my world within,

From the time I’m awake until I sleep,

Light drives out any darkness I keep,

The light splashes into areas where I think,

My mood changes and I’m no longer on the brink,

“Hello!” I shout, but the world does not respond,

Its focus is on issues far beyond,

My enthusiasm does not waver,

“Hello!” I shout again, “Enjoy your day!”

I bounce through morning with light showing me the way,

But my energy wanes with the fading light,

As my psyche prepares for the upcoming night,

Later while the moon glides across the sky,

Only small amounts of light enter my eye,

And the darkness inside spreads,

Arousing my primal desires,

Smoldering embers become raging fires,

In the corners shadows dance,

Feverishly, wantonly, as in a trance,

Until I shake away the shackles I know,

And loose this energy and let it flow,

I’m looking for love and passion’s heat,

This feeling of loneliness I want to defeat,

I fret and hunger for someone to hold,

My fears are gone and I dare to be bold,

Sounds of the night urge me on,

While neon lights pull me along,

In a bar a woman is crying and left all alone,

She tells me her troubles, I tell her my own,

We talk for awhile and find we relate,

She matches me perfectly, this must be fate,

Dancing in dim light with heat seeking heat,

My thoughts grow wilder, listening to the beat,

One step, two steps, a few dances or more,

Then together we waltz out the door,

Darkness surrounds us as we continue to play,

Needs are filled and melt away,

When night runs from the rising sun,

I rub my eyes and think, “What have I done?

I’ve just shared some time and space,

With a stranger I’m not ready to face,”

“Call me,” she says with a smile,

“Of course,” I answer, but I mean after awhile,

“No commitments,” I think as she hugs me once more,

“I’ll call you tonight,” I stated as I start for the door,

“I want to see you again,” I heard my voice say,

My mind is determined but my heart betrays,

Sunlight washes over me and I feel clean,

My thoughts return to last night’s cozy scene,

My heart beats faster when I remember her smile,

Her touch was gentle even while she was wild,

Already my wants are beginning to grow,

“She’s what I need,” and my heart replies, “I know,”

Love and companionship are what I lack,

And my intentions were I’d never be back,

But within minutes I’m pounding on her door,

I’ve never lost my heart so quickly before,

Her eyes are filled with love as she lets me in,

And this is where our new life begins,

She and I together, as two become one,

Dancing and laughing, enjoying the sun,

And through our eyes love pours in,

Bringing warmth and happiness to our world within.



Love For Sale

Certainly my love is for sale,

Although I haven’t set the price,

A small fee will put my love on hold,

A few kisses would suffice,


I’ll offer my love for a price reduced,

Ten percent off would be the teaser,

But my love for one, the lucky one,

Is guaranteed to be a pleaser,


Thirty percent off is a chance I’ll take,

For someone looking for a prize,

My love will flow like a brook,

Hey, check out my great eyes,


Half off, oh, give me a break,

Not even one hug or kiss,

My love will not be on the market long,

If I can’t profit in this,


Your offer is way too low,

It’s time for me to set sail,

I’ve not done well in selling my love,

And I guess I’m doomed to fail,


What? Give my love away,

Without any cost at all?

My heart hasn’t agreed to that,

Not that I recall,


Okay, I’ve come to terms,

We’ll trade our hearts for free,

This will benefit you right now,

And somehow will benefit me,


My efforts to sell my love have failed,

My negotiations have gone awry,

But since I gave my love away,

I can suddenly reach the sky,


No signs are up, no love is for sale,

No need for anyone to inquire,

Because once I gave my love away,

She set my heart on fire,


Nope, no fire sale today,

I’m happy being warm as toast,

I love her mind, her eyes, her smile,

But it’s her heart I love the most.







In the Dead of Winter Springs Hope

The cold winter winds came in gusts,

Each seemingly stronger than the one before,

Eric’s thin coat was pulled as tight as it could be,

But it was no match for the icy fingers that tore,


Yes, simply tore into him the moment he left,

The wind showed no mercy, just like the judge,

Who kicked Eric out of his house, his protection,

Eric could have refused to budge,


It was a financial winter but his funds had been invested,

Eric was prepared but it was worse than he feared,

Investors and scammers slipped away with his funds,

His assets were frozen and then disappeared,


The rich were getting richer, the poor begged for food,

Why should Eric fight anymore for his rights,

While lawyers working for rich men tore into him,

With their icy words they gave him sleepless nights,


Through the winter wonderland he now trudged,

Leaving a trail through the gathering snow,

Wondering how he had lost control of his life,

What would become of him, he did not know,


There was nothing Eric could do in times like these,

When his world was turned upside down,

His job was gone, his family had departed,

Foreclosures and hardships were everywhere in town,


The wind laughed derisively knowing Eric would not last,

Pushing him this way and that until in a heap,

He collapsed, making a thump against a door,

Rousing a widow who was trying to sleep,


She overcame her fright and opened the door,

Discovered a man and she was filled with dread,

She pulled him into the warmth of her home,

Overjoyed when she found he was not dead,


The next few days as his life hung in the balance,

The widow was determined that he would not die,

Through feverish dreams she stayed with him,

While he fought the demons he wanted to defy,


He was sliding down into winter’s cold sleep,

When she lay upon him her full body length,

A warmth he remembered that made life worthwhile,

The warmth of her body brought him strength,


In those moments his life began to change,

From silent depths, from despair to desire,

She brought him through an emotional range,

And within the ice started a raging fire,


She wanted him to love and live again,

And to awaken to a fresh new start,

Winter’s cold wind gave way to spring,

As flowers bloomed so did his heart,


The world around still needed repairs,

But Wall Street was recovering and going strong,

The widow’s house became a refuge,

For others were escaping from a world gone wrong,


They helped all that were driven their way,

Began a new society built on love, not wealth,

Where people found new happiness,

And recovered their mental health,


Even when the world and winter’s cold icy blasts,

Tried to destroy all within their respective scopes,

The power of love was so much stronger still,

Able to conquer all fears and bring new hopes,


The power of one made a difference,

Just one woman taking a chance,

Who opened her door to a stranger,

And opened her heart to change and romance.




Wasted Time

Wasted Time

“Time,” she said, “is a one way door,

My days are numbered,

And I don’t get more,”


“You’ve got it wrong,” he replied,

“Time is more than that,

Time can be wasted,

And like money easily spent,

Second by second to the very last cent,”


She said, “I’ve got to make my time count,

If time slips by and I’ve nothing to show,

There are no second chances in time’s flow,”


“Wait one minute,” he said in return,

“Time comes in segments, like time to cook,

Or I can call a time out, it’s in the book,”


“No,” she said, “time is like watching a parade,

You can see one entry starting and then it’s past,

However long it goes, its time doesn’t last,”


“You haven’t watched much sports,

That is plain to see,

Halftime, overtime, both are important to me,

Time can be managed to slow time down,

Surely there are extra seconds that can be found,”


“Time,” she said, “is past, present, or future,

That’s all there is, of that I’m sure,”


“I think you’re wrong,” he said,

“There’s so much more,

Time is even worth fighting for,

Listen to me while I go through my list,

I’m sure there are times you might have missed,

There’s a time to die, a time to live,

A time to take, a time to give,

Time stands still yet never stops,

Like Times Square when the ball drops,

There’s quality time and just hanging out,

There are time machines holding time in doubt,”


“This discussion has lost its direction and force,

And I think you’re quite crazy, of course,”


He said, “It’s about time you decided to quit,

I’m still thinking there’s more to it,

Daytime, nighttime, time on hold,

Is there anything more you need to be told?”


She was ready to go in because it was late,

Too much time had been used up on this date,


He asked, “Don’t we have time for a kiss or two?”

She answered, “There’s not enough time,

Because I was listening to you,”


While he was talking time didn’t wait,

Time ticked away and sealed his fate.




When the Wall Fell

I cheered when the wall came down,

Thinking darkness and secrecies of mankind,

Would be opened and exposed,

And love and hope I would find,


When people of other countries rebelled,

Speaking up against injustice and tyranny,

With sit-ins and rallies, they refused to leave,

Until voices were heard and they were free,


But militant groups raised their guns,

Determined their type of order must prevail,

Pushing dissidents from roads and parks,

Insisting that peaceful protestors must fail,


The internet buzzed as countries fell one by one,

As people shed their blood for freedom won,

Yet tyranny would not easily back down,

For power and wealth are rarely done,


From various news sources we saw police,

In scenes reminiscent of Kent State,

Pepper spray and bash some heads,

Creating again deep strands of hate,


A politician uttered comments of glee,

“If they just do what they’re told,

They’ll always be free,”


Not understanding the truths that are sought,

Of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

Eloquently stated by our founding fathers,

Peace cannot be forced under brutal duress,


Their blood stains the peaceful ground,

As people stand against those who oppress,

As waves of protest go from town to town,

Facing those who are trying to suppress,


When any of those selected to protect and serve,

Become the abusers of our society,

Then we become more like the rest of the world,

Fighting our own brand of tyranny,


Our domestic tranquility must not be induced by fear,

Nor should the general welfare fall under the heel,

Of any group with power or status who would dare steer,

Away from peace and make our blessings of liberty less real.



“I Was All She Needed”

“Tell me your story,” I said to him,

“Perhaps I can help your case,”

His voice shook as he began,

“Five years are hard to replace,


I shouldn’t be here, she’s to blame,

It was her fault, you know,

She made me mad and I lost my cool,

Even though I loved her so,


I knew she was my true love,

From the very first moment we met,

She was different than the others,

And not the kind I’d forget,


Her laughter was the kind that haunted,

Her voice found its way into my heart,

She made an impression from the beginning,

I vowed silently that we’d never part,


Her smile was meant for me alone,

She chose me that first day,

Of course she never said that,

I just knew she wanted it that way,


She peeled away my protective layers,

Her thoughts touched my inner core,

She permeated my entire being,

And left me wanting more,


She had no need for others,

There was no one else but me,

She learned to keep me company,

And show her loyalty,


I treated her very special,

With gifts to prove she was mine,

As long as she knew I was in control,

She could earn some free time,


She allowed her friends to disrespect me,

I could see it in their glares,

They tried to get her away from me,

They didn’t know I was aware,


I told her friends to leave my house,

In spite of her tearful pleas,

I didn’t like the way she talked to me,

She had to apologize on hands and knees,


I didn’t mean to beat her,

It was her fault, you know,

But she said she would leave me,

Even though I loved her so,


My tears fell in torrents,

My heart shriveled up in shame,

If she had done what she was told,

There would be no reason for blame,


The world is barren without her,

I can’t get her out of my head,

If she had cared as much about love,

I wouldn’t have shot her dead,


I still have hopes of finding love,

Several women have been writing to me,

I’ll show them what’s best for them,

As soon as I leave the penitentiary,


Each promised to give unconditional love,

Along with their undying loyalty,

That’s all I ever demanded from anyone,

And, there’ll be no one else but me,”


I learned a lot listening to him,

About his life and why he was there,

It wasn’t his fault why he was locked up,

But society just didn’t care.