Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman
The Invisible Woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have been married for twenty years,

Most of the years were  good,

But the last five were lonely,

Filled with silence not quite understood,


Look away when you pass her,

Avoid seeing her bloodshot eyes,

Swollen with streaks of red,

From all the times she cries,


Act like she’s completely invisible,

Ignore the gestures she makes,

She’s still a forgotten woman,

But few complaints she makes,


Close connections with her husband,

Spiraled slowly out of control,

All she wants is to love and be loved,

Instead she’s feeling her life unroll,


He’s not the man she once married,

She knows how much he’s changed,

She closes her eyes and guards her heart,

While surrounded by a world deranged,


She’s invisible to the one she cares for most,

But he’s too busy to listen or see,

She longs for intimate conversation,

And life like it used to be,


She’s one of the walking wounded,

At home she has no voice,

Talk to her, don’t ignore her pain,

It’s time to make a choice,


She’s one of the invisible ones around you,

You cross paths with each day,

You can inspire hope and give new life,

With each kind word you say,


Share your words again and again,

With her when you happen to meet,

The invisible woman will smile once more,

And go dancing down your street.


Wollen Sie?

The question was in her eyes,

I did not answer because I was not so wise,

Why couldn’t she see,

How much it hurt,

That she’d rejected me,

Then I was gone,

My love pulled back in a flash,

No ifs, and, or buts,

Not even a tiny dash,

Wollen Sie,

What would I like,

Her question was not so clear,

She was the center of all I held dear,

I choked and pulled my thoughts back,

I let unused words of love stack,

My clenched teeth became protective walls,

And when love called,

I ignored love’s protective stance,

No longer did I see her flirtatious glance,

Wollen Sie, Wollen Sie,

What would I like,

I took my manly pride,

And found a safe place to hide.



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