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(A Positive Man Meets a
Negative Woman)

My view of
the world changed,

When I
learned to really believe,

In the
electrical field around me,

And the messages
I could send and receive,


The women
were always attracted,

They couldn’t
resist my magnetic pull,

I had an
ample supply of protons,

So my
waiting arms stayed full,


With friends
I attended a wedding reception,

I stayed
neutral at the start,

But I became
more and more positive,

I’d never
give away my heart,


I was
friendly and constantly smiling,

My positive
vibes were over the top,

But when the
hair on my neck started rising,

I thought my heart might stop,


Sparks were
flying everywhere,

The very moment
she entered the door,

High voltage
she was generating,

As she
swished across the floor,


She brought
in a negative attitude,

Life had
been especially rough that day,

She was
ready to cause a little friction,

She had definitely been rubbed the wrong way,


I left
behind positive footprints,

As I crossed
the floor to see,

Who this
negative lady really was,

And what she
would mean to me,


I was met
with a little resistance,

Her static
gave me a quick shot,

The charge
we shared was imbalanced,

Though I thought
she was extremely hot,


Normally the
positives cancel out,

The negatives
in my way,

But she was
certainly not neutral,

And she didn’t
ask me to stay,


My words
continued to be soothing,

And I finally
convinced her to dance,

My protons
were definitely working,

And improving
my one true chance,


Two nervous
systems were connecting,

As we two-stepped
around the floor,

We generated
a lot of electricity,

But nothing
that could be stored,


The night
was over much too soon,

My heart had
grown too large,

Her electrons
continued to flow,

But I had
lost my charge,


She disappeared
quickly into the night,

But her
current had made its mark,

My heart
would never be the same,

It had been
singed by her sparks,


She left
behind an electrified scene,

And a note
to call her soon,

There’s still
a chance for true romance,

Sharing electrons
under the moon.


Soul Catcher!

The Seduction (1982 film)
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It was an
evening ritual,

One that was

One that
made her senses reel,

She was
ready when her phone rang,

Strident and
demanding, loudly it sang,

He whispered,
“Answer it.  It’s just me,”

She did not want
to recognize his voice,

But the
second time he whispered,

She had no

“Answer it.  Pick up your phone,

I won’t tell
anyone you’re all alone,”

“Who is this?”
she said loudly,

But he said
nothing, for his power,

Would be
gone that very hour,

If he let
her control his name,

He continued
with his game,

someone if you will,

I’ll just
watch and get my thrill,

I’m not flesh
and blood like you,

But I enjoy
all the things you do,”

At first it
was a thought, then her dreams,

He tore her
future apart, seam by seam,

At first the
night life was fun and energizing,

Then all the
pleasures became paralyzing,

They were
like a stream,

Then a

For she was
not struggling,

Against flesh
and blood,

He was
constantly urging,

her weakness,

here, creeping there,

away a lock of hair,

Once she had
seen through his disguise,

Seen his
fiery, glaring eyes,

With her
peripheral vision she knew,

He was
watching her too,

illusion,” that’s all,

“There are
no demons that tall,”

A figment of
her imagination,

And thus it
went, day in and day out,

In the
evenings and dark of night,

He carefully
kept her in his sight,

When she was
relaxed with her guard down,

He was
watching and waiting,

Not for her
flesh that made her whole,

He was
waiting to catch her soul.



Forever Changed

Kristy and the Hibiscus
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Our relationship
is in a world of change,

I’m ready to
expand my emotional range,

We should
set goals as we begin,

And change
the rules so both can win,


I know I’m
not patient, I’m one of a kind,

We did things
my way, if you didn’t mind,

When we were
dating and you were the host,

We often did
things you enjoyed the most,


Our worlds
were different, yet neither was proud,

One was an
only child, one was part of a crowd,

Our complex
differences worked because you completed me,

And the
communication we shared was always meant to be,


It seems we
fought over nothing, yet each held his ground,

If I won I
was still losing, I didn’t want to go another round,

Because I
loved who you were and you were a part of me,

When we
inflicted deep wounds we were tearing apart the we,


I promise I’ll
intentionally love you more than before,

Because I
believe that our relationship can be restored,

I think we
should work things out and not hesitate,

Easing the
tension between us would be great,


We don’t
want our wounded hearts to fester and ache,

We will work
together for our relationship’s sake,

potential that’s in us has a chance of dying,

Each time we
back down without even trying,


If we
embrace our fear and meet it head-on,

We’ll both
find out how to really love someone,

If we open
up our hearts and tear down the walls,

We’ll be
forever changed and have it all,


I want to renew
our love because I chose you,

I’ll work
harder knowing you chose me too,

reconcile and make our relationship great,

For the rest
of our lives let’s love and celebrate!



The Red Suitcase Adventures (Part 3)

Yes concert, Indianapolis
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By night I
was used to the train and its noises,

And after
the day’s excitement I wanted to rest,

I nibbled on crackers and jerky, read for awhile,

Obtained a
blanket and prepared my nest,


I was asleep
when the train came to a halt,

lights flickered and I awoke with a start,

A rumor
spread like wildfire, “An animal had been hit,

The carcass
was dragged off, replaced some train parts,”


While we
were still pondering, the train slowly came to life,

I spoke to the
engineer before I headed back to bed,

“What did we
hit?” I questioned, “It sure caused a stir,”

“I thought I
saw a woman, swinging something red,”


He wanted to
talk, especially since I thought he was sane,

The train
had hit something, or someone was playing a game,

He wanted to
know if anyone was missing from my car,

And if I
did, would I please find out her name?


“Each body
was accounted for,” I replied, “I counted them myself,”

“Martha,” I
whispered softly, “this is not the time to play,

Not only do we
have places to go, but love is at stake,

Jon is
missing his love letter and he needs it today,”

I think
Martha had been listening ,

Because at
six an attendant showed up,

Sir, would
you get your friend and follow me?

We found a
red suitcase next to a steaming coffee cup,”


Jon was not
easily awakened from his deep sleep,

Grumbled and
said he was allergic to sunlight,

“Come back
and talk to me,” he said crossly,

“When there
are neons and night,”


“Lead the
way,” I said, “Jon will follow along,”

three cars to an opened door,

suitcases were stacked along one side,

“Is this red
one the one you’re looking for?”


Jon lifted
it and proclaimed, “Yes, it’s mine,”

He walked
past the attendant without another word,

I slipped a
handsome tip into a waiting hand,

unruly words were heard,


Jon headed
to the lounge and opened the suitcase,

He tossed
clothes left and right,

He pulled
out an envelope and held it high,

He handed it
to me.  “Here, you’ve got better light,”


He didn’t
want me to know his fear,

He wasn’t
ready for the cost,

If his worst
dream came true,

And she
simply told him to get lost,


I opened the
letter, letting the tension build,

Jon urged me
to hurry, he wanted to know,

First I saw
the delicately drawn hearts,

So I knew
and I deliberately read slow,


“Dear Jon, I’m
tired of waiting for you,

But if your
music rocks your world,

Then waiting
is what I’ll do,

But better
yet, give my way a whirl,


I’m flying to
L.A. so I can be with you,

If you
really love me with all your heart,

I’ll embrace
your life of music,

And I’ll be
there from the start,”




Jon’s love
life was in order,

He could
settle in and get some rest,

Tomorrow we
would be in town,

He had to be
at his best,


My suitcase
contained the clothes,

That I’d
need to walk about town,

I went to
the baggage compartment,

Now mine was
nowhere to be found,

(To be

More Than Love at First Sight

Cover of "Love at First Sight"
Cover of Love at First Sight

I said, “I
fell in love with you at first sight,”

You said, “Oh,
it was a crazy night,”

I said, “The
moon was beautiful and bright,

But I couldn’t see anything but you,”


You said, “I
don’t think that was true,

You came in with
someone dressed in blue,”

I said, “I’ll
have to admit once more you’re right,

Let’s just
forget about love at first sight,”


It was not
as important as I thought it would be,

It was a
step in the right direction, don’t you agree?

We were
newlyweds ready to begin,

Confident we
could change the world, again and again,


But it was the
second step, or maybe it was three or four,

When we
connected deeply, right at heart’s door,

Steps five
or six, we really began to communicate,

Every day I
grew more in love, it was such a happy state,


Knowing your
love for me was also deep,

Made it so
easy to have a restful sleep,

Love at
first sight seemed unreal and so long ago,

As life
expanded our love continued to grow,


We were stepping
into our future, two of a kind,

I was so
crazy about you as if I’d lost my mind,

Years went
by so quickly with you at my side,

And I still
thought of you as my beautiful bride,


When you
were stricken with that terrible disease,

I had to
tell you “I love you” to put your mind at ease,

I still
loved you when your hair began to fall,

It didn’t
change the way I felt, no, not at all,


The moon outside
is breathtaking and luminous tonight,

But you’re
lying here cold in the middle of the night,

Your frail
body is still beautiful to my sight,

I’ll lie
beside you until morning’s early light,


tears and laughter we shared,

The ways we showed
each other we cared,

How we
worked through our problems every day,

Learned to
forgive and to often pray,


We didn’t
let disagreements go on long,

As we trusted
each other we were twice as strong,

I didn’t
really understand love at first sight,

We took our
turns at being wrong and right,


Now you’ve
left this earth on your final flight,

And my heart
is filled with love at last sight.




The Red Suitcase Adventures (Part 2)

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The Santa Fe
across the desert rolled on,

I carried my lunch to the observation car,

antelope and deer graze,

Wondered how pioneers could travel so far,


Later in the
day I returned to my chair,

I wanted a
nap because I was beat,

But one of
the young men waited,

His face
showing frustration and defeat,


“My name is
Jon.  I’m coming apart at the seams,

My girlfriend
says since I’ve been with the band,

She’s been
left alone too much,

She’s moving
out and hopes I’ll understand,”


“She claimed
she left a note in my suitcase,

Explaining that she loved me but didn’t “love” me,

She said
someday we would meet again,

For now I’d
have to wait and see,”


Jon was
suffering or he wouldn’t be sharing his story,

I listened,
really listened, for I made a promise to hear,

What people
were concerned about on their trip,

But what
convinced me to listen was Jon’s tear,


‘I’ve looked
all over but my suitcase is gone,

I need that
letter if I’m to stay sane,

else can be replaced,

I can’t
concentrate and it’s giving me pain,”


We searched
the baggage compartments,

And everywhere
our attendant led,

I was
reluctant to tell Jon,

I had seen
several suitcases that were red,


Finally after
some urging the attendant said,

“An elderly
gentleman left the train early today,

He carried
two suitcases, and one was red,

One appeared
heavy, the red one almost didn’t weigh,”


I returned
to my seat and read awhile,

Then I
watched the landscape fly by,

I mused
about how lives can be different,

Yet loneliness
and despair can touch us until we die,


I had
suffered through previous broken relationships,

lessons much too late,

I knew I had
to help Jon find his suitcase,

He was too
young to leave it to fate,


I was on a
train trying to discover me,

Jon was on a
mission to find fortune and fame,

And Martha was
still earthbound and having fun,

and mischief, it was all just a game.

(To be



Break the Chains!

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relationship would you want changed?

holding you back?

Break the

Are there
remnants of love that still remain?

It’s never
too late to try,

Break the

Is your
relationship riddled with wounds and pain?

Are you
willing to give up pride,

To break the

Regrets and
needs are staking their claim,

important is it,

To break the

relationship can be as soothing as rain,

With a love
that grows deeper,

And will
always remain,

with words clear and plain,

Share your
love completely,

And break
the chains!

Dragged Away

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Tonight when I put on my coat,

I found a note written long ago,

It was just four short lines,

Pointing out my neglect,

I’m sorry I didn’t give it to you,

But now I see,

I should have directed it at me!


The Note:

“I meant to be there for you,

I meant to listen with all my might,

But a cell phone demanded my attention,

And work dragged me away into the night,”


All my excuses meant nothing,

Because you were not the center of my life,

I was distracted by the world around me,

And I blamed you for all our strife,


When we first met you wanted to know I was there,

You would caress my face and demand I look at you,

And if I looked in your eyes you knew I cared,

You wanted me to be there in mind and spirit,

Not too busy to see or hear you,

Not dragged away by all the distractions,

You wanted to share with me the things you do,


The moments together I learned to embrace,

Because there was so much I would have missed,

If I had not listened face to face,

I didn’t put you off and say I’ll listen someday,

I didn’t want to live with regrets,


But little by little I was distracted by choice,

I forgot the importance of your voice,

There were days I forgot to listen to you,

I let my attention get dragged away by work,

Pulled away by responsibilities,

Or let my worries and fears lurk,

I was ashamed when I read my own note,

I realized I hadn’t put you first,

Yet you’ve treated me with respect, not worse,


When you said you would listen always,

You touched my heart,

For I have slacked and haven’t done my part,

Soon we’ll be in those days,

When I’ll want you to listen to me,

Or hear me complain in the night,

But for now I’ll listen with all my might,

And with my heart I’ll hear,

All the things you hold dear.


Trapped Inside

True Love Couple
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I don’t know
how to say what I feel,

I’ve been
alone way too long,

But when you
are near,

The world
seems more clear,

I forget all the things that went wrong,


You’ll never
know I’ve changed my view,

Unless I
share my heart,

You’ll see
my pride fall,

As I tear
down the wall,

And change
things that drove us apart,


I’m afraid that you’ll say it’s too late,

That love
has shriveled and died,

If my worst
fears are true,

And I’ve
really lost you,

Then my love
will be trapped inside,


If I stammer
and stall, break down and cry,

Look at the
words waiting in my eyes,

What you
really mean to me,

Will be easy
for you to see,

There will
not be a place for lies,


What have I
done to make you cry?

You say they’re
tears of happiness,

Your arms
are opened wide,

I’ve finally
swallowed my pride,

waited so long for this,


The world is
not always about me,

Please be
patient as I grow,

I’ll learn
to listen and confide,

I don’t want
my love trapped inside,

I want a
river of love to flow,


I’m glad I
had a second chance,

To tell you
how much I care,

My heart
knows it is true,

Just how
much I missed you,

And I’ll
love you forever, I swear.



The Red Suitcase Adventures

A view from the south of the pier at Manhattan...
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was ready, my suitcases packed,

My itinerary
and tickets in hand,

This was to
be more than a visit to see friends,

It was an
adventure, you understand?


The train
station was beautiful even at night,

Clean restrooms,
high ceilings, tiled floors,

Indoor restaurants,
this was high style,

I couldn’t
ask for anything more,


changes and bus accommodations,

It looked
complicated but something I could do,

I would take
one destination at a time,

gradually work my way through,


I must have
appeared slightly confused,

For an
attendant asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m from
the Midwest and I want to be warm,

In California
will it still be snowing?”


“Go to the
last car,” she said with a laugh,

“I think you’ll
be warm enough,

When the
Express gets us close to the coast,

You won’t
find the weather so rough,”


I threw my red
suitcase into the luggage bin,

Next to a
dozen or more,

They all
looked very similar,

But there
was no other place it could be stored,


I climbed
the narrow stairs and took my seat,

And placed
my overnight bag overhead,

I wondered
if the travelers wanted to talk,

But they
turned aside instead,


As the Santa
Fe pulled away from the station,

excitement was difficult to keep in,

But most of
the passengers had gone to sleep,

I decided to
read, and tomorrow I’d sleep in,


The bouncing
of the train, the tell-tell noise,

Each part of
the experience soon became the whole,

I dozed in a
semi-frozen state,

But I could
not ignore the cold,


By 6 a.m.
many of the passengers headed for the lounge,

Hot coffee was
foremost in their minds,

They were
oblivious to the landscape,

Endless and
uninhabited, it was one of a kind,


There was
too much noise, how could I rest,

Yet across
the aisle from me, two young men slept,

Each curled
up in a blanket snoring with zest,

And behind
them was an elderly man, who wept,


wrong?” I queried, “What can I do?”

He looked at
me squarely and wiped away his tears,

“When my
wife died of cancer five years ago,

I promised
her I’d travel each and every year,”


“Sometimes I
fly, sometimes I take the train,

But I always go to her favorite places,

And out of
nowhere there are people,

Who have
very familiar faces,”


always travels with me,

Even if she’s
just here in my mind,

We spent
fifty years together,

And she
still is the best friend I could find,”


Wiping away
tears he said,

“I must have
gotten something in my eyes,”

He was
embarrassed by his sudden emotions,

Refusing to
admit that sometimes he cries,


My attention
turned to the two young men,

“Where are
you going and where have you been?”

“We’re headed to L.A. for a ‘Battle of the

If we show
our talents we’re sure we’ll win!”


“We were in
Madison three nights ago,

A producer asked
us to play at Manhattan Beach,

It was
across the country and days to arrive,

But we decided
it was not out of our reach,”


One broken older
man with a spirit guide,

A band
searching for money and fame,

And me
looking for adventure and writing it down,

This trip
would be exciting, like a reality game!

(To be



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