A Collision Course

手紙 Tegami OHZORA PUBLISHING, Co.(2004/1) Origi...
手紙 Tegami OHZORA PUBLISHING, Co.(2004/1) Original story by Lucy Gordon "Farelli's Wife"(Harlequin Romance, 3561) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone said we were opposites,

And I say she got that right,

What started out as dating bliss,

Changed when I proposed one night,


It all started out so simple,

Neither did a background check,

Romantic love was all we knew,

Head over heels, what the heck,


Our worlds were on a collision course,

As we hurried our way through space,

No one warned us of trouble ahead,

As we continued our dangerous pace,


I grew up rough from the country,

She emerged dainty from the city,

I raised animals to be our food,

She thought I had no pity,


The sky and trees filled my world,

Along with critters of all kinds,

Of course she would faint away,

And think I’d lost my mind,


I enjoyed playing all sports,

She said she wasn’t into games,

When I mentioned famous people,

She said she couldn’t remember names,


I could never get lost or lose my way,

Whenever I was in the woods,

And she could get lost any day,

When she went shopping for goods,


We were different in other ways,

But the other was always to blame,

We even went to counseling,

But the result was still the same,


I tried my best to choose movies with her,

She claimed them in a loud voice,

Chick flicks, romance, but nothing deep,

She always got her choice,


Beneath my surface my beliefs were deep,

While hers were shallow and wide,

I kept mine mostly to myself,

While she couldn’t keep hers inside,



She liked bright lights and lots of noise,

I preferred dark nights and quiet,

She thought I was too laid back,

I thought she was too uptight,


I planted gardens and fruit trees,

She disliked all the time it took,

She thought I should be inside,

Showing her how to cook,


While I wrote stories in sci fi,

Her thing was Harlequin Romance,

I did the Texas two-step,

She wanted to do classical dance,


She wanted one child,

I had dreams of more,

Since we never could agree,

It almost came to war,


I liked thunderstorms and rainy days,

She enjoyed the broiling sun,

I worked daily both inside and out,

She tanned by the pool for fun,


I worked two jobs for fifteen years,

To keep my family fed,

And finally things were looking up,

As we slowly forged ahead,


But life was tough for both of us,

She grew weary of being alone,

The world was growing larger,

And she was in the twilight zone,


One day she decided to step out of her shell,

And said much to my grief,

“I need some spice in my life,

You’re ordinary, just like roast beef,”


As a writer, what could I say to that,

She was hurting deep inside,

Her friends had known long before,

For often she did confide,


My world changed quickly,

As it took a sudden turn,

I became a single parent of three,

Still with an income to earn,


I kept all the night lights on,

I thought she’d return one day,

But after five years I turned them off,

I had electricity bills to pay,


I’ve heard she’s a dancing queen,

As she flits and dips around town,

And I’m still just a common man,

With some inner turmoil I can’t put down,


I can’t explain to my kids even now,

Why she needed another plan,

I just go on living my life,

Doing the very best I can.



Favorites I Keep

Redbuds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The world opens up to show,

My favorite things,

Which can be enjoyed by paupers,

As well as wealthy kings,


They are not so secret,

But within, favorites I keep,

They can be easily aroused,

Whether I’m awake or asleep,


During stormy weather or fair,

They always bring a smile,

To my heart when I’m down,

They’ve kept me in awe for awhile,


I don’t share them all,

Not all of them are exposed to view,

But others can enjoy,

Some of my favorite things, too,


I didn’t enumerate or keep score,

Although in order the list is set,

I wrote them down,

Lest I forget,


It reminds me of childhood when,

The smell of fresh gingerbread,

Entices me to the kitchen,

Nothing needs to be said,


Spring brings a gentle view,

The first flowers of spring,

Mighty oaks standing tall,

Trees blossoming and greening,


Thick green grassy lawns,

Redbuds and dogwood,

Irises with broad beards,

Beautify my neighborhood,


Remembering and humming,

A happy song,

One that lingers in my head,

All day long,


The silence is broken,

After a swim in the pool,

When excited kids come home,

After a great day at school,


I’m reminded I need a nap,

With the purr of a cat,

Lying in the sunshine,

Contented and fat,


Water splashing in my kitchen sink,

A precious liquid and often the link,

To a shower after camping,

And a tall cool drink,


I watch with intense pleasure,

Water bubbling from fountains,

Sparkling with diamonds,

Cascading from mountains,


Burnt umber and scarlets,

The dazzling colors of fall,

Winter’s first blanket of snow,

Flying geese as they call,


Quiet things impress me,

Frost when it glistens,

A long soft kiss,

A friend who listens,


In the dark or in shadows,

Playing love’s sweet game,

Cuddling in the moonlight,

Whispering a name,


In the worlds I keep,

There is much to discover and see,

But my most favorite thing,

Is the love of a woman who truly loves me.



Save a Bag of Popcorn for Me

Popcorn icon
Popcorn icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She reminded me of popcorn,

Never knowing how to relax,

Jumping up and ready to go,

Moving to the max,


She could dance all night,

All eyes glued to her every move,

That’s the way it always was,

As she got into her groove,


I could see other men wanted her,

But I had no time for jealousy,

For no matter what anyone said or did,

She always went home with me,


She treated me like I was special,

I honored her as my queen,

I loved her on the weekends,

And all the days between,


She wasn’t a prima donna,

She was always at my side,

She was my best friend, lover, wife,

I could not disguise my pride,


A doctor broke the news one day,

She had a suspicious bump,

There was nothing to do but wait and see,

It turned out to be a cancerous lump,


The cancer had metastasized,

But we pretended she was free,

Until death claimed her one day,

And ripped my heart from me,


The only woman I ever loved,

Was taken too early from me,

I am left with empty arms,

And with only her memory,


Every time I hear that familiar pop,

And see popcorn start to jump,

I brush the tears from my eyes,

As I remember that awful bump,


Her final words before she left,

“I’ll love you, dear, for all eternity,

So enjoy life, whether short or long,

And save a bag of popcorn for me.”


Turning My Life Around

Self esteem
Self esteem (Photo credit: toastforbrekkie)

I wondered often if I was worth loving,

For my world seemed to turn out wrong,

All my efforts to claim happiness,

Were useless since I felt I didn’t belong,


Yet I knew my life counted for something,

Because my talents were unique,

But as long as I felt worthless,

Without love, life would be bleak,


You boasted about your successes,

And said I’d never be in the game,

I would never be as good as you,

I would always remain the same,


You told me I didn’t look well,

Even when I felt great,

I got tired of being put down,

It was time to set things straight,


You weren’t here to show me love,

And you weren’t ready to share,

Your negative attitude pulled me down,

And I didn’t believe you cared,


Being loved will build my self esteem,

And I need to have respect,

I want someone to show me love,

That’s the first thing I’ll expect,


Without love I might spend a lifetime,

Searching for the things I lack,

I’ll find the things that make me strong,

So I can get on a winning track,


For once I know what to do,

My life is upward bound,

I’m working hard to reach my goals,

I’m determined to turn life around,


I have a wealth of untapped potential,

There’s so much that I know,

My strengths will be productive,

I’ll use them as I grow,


My self esteem does not depend on you,

It’s what I make it to be,

I’ve decided to take charge of my life,

I won’t give up on me,


Each day I’ll put on my positive face,

Before I walk out the door,

I want the world to like what they see,

And have them asking for more,


Life is real and life is rough,

I’m determined to do things right,

All the hurdles I’ll come against,

I’ll cross them as I fight,


Positive thoughts will move me on,

Away from the deadly mire,

I’ll reach for goals on a higher plain,

Away from life’s consuming fire.


Take My Hand and We’ll Fly Today

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)”]A free-falling object achieves its terminal ve...We were falling from the sky,

That’s where we met, you and I,

Faster, faster, headfirst I went,

Without hesitating, until love was spent,

With you close by I didn’t care,

As we continued hurtling through the air,

Love was more than a scary ride,

We opened up with our hearts spread wide,

At first I was afraid and did not understand,

When you slowed and gently took my hand,

But your eyes found mine and then I knew,

You had fallen for me, too,

Terminal velocity, we loved at the same speed,

Sometimes I’d follow and sometimes I’d lead,

Our love was real but much too brief,

While the world rushed at us and caused us grief,

I could do nothing with the love I’d stored,

When you moved away and pulled the cord,

Farther and farther we drifted apart,

You left me alone with a broken heart,

Our love lasted while in the sky,

When we touched earth, love couldn’t fly,

Love met little resistance while in the air,

And I dared to think that you cared,

My heartbeat accelerated and I fell for you,

Yet I still wonder if you had fallen for me, too,

You might still be trying to control your fall,

But I’m urging you to heed love’s call,

Don’t let fear’s resistance keep you away,

Take my hand and we’ll fly today.

Love Needs Its Mystery

World! Wide! Love!
Image via Wikipedia

Poets have an inner eye and write what they see,

The images might be there but they don’t have to be,

Physical reality often means nothing to me,

For in the shadows a new world yawns,

Stretches, shakes, as a new day dawns,

A parallel world without wars or fears,

Founded on love where there’s no need for tears,

It’s there, existing, waiting for me it seems,

To stir my imagination whenever I dream,

In that world love is more than lust,

It’s a choice, an action, truth and trust,

Love in its fullness ready to share,

Bubbling over into my world and everywhere,

How can I open my world to let love pour in,

Why did love stop and can it happen again,

In the shadows the worlds could meet face to face,

Filling the darkness with love’s sweet embrace,

I’ll look to the other world to provide a spark,

When my world’s problems chase love from the dark,

And when science puts my love under a microscope,

Dissects it, inspects it, and neutralizes hope,

I’ll remind the world that love needs its mystery,

Where everything might be real but it doesn’t have to be.




After the Cooling Rain

English: The sun appears after a heavy rain in...
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Her temperature was rising,

As she remembered the night before,

His kisses had been scorching hot,

And melted her to the core,


Then rain clouds draped the earth,

And made her day seem grim,

A barrier that seemed impenetrable,

Keeping her from him,


But a cool breeze has been blowing,

After the summer rain,

She’s ready to seek the chill of night,

And heat things up again.

Me and My Honey

Little Honey
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He said, “The sun is shining and I’ve got a notion,

We’ll lie on a blanket and slap on some lotion,

We’ll pretend we’re at some fabulous beach,

I’ll rub you in places you can’t reach,

Winter is over and I’m raring to go,

I built up my energy while shoveling snow,

I got tired of the cold and being kept in,

I’m ready for fresh air and I want to see skin,”


She said, “Keep your eyes in their sockets and please don’t push,

I’m ready for spring and I don’t want to rush,

Spring is beautiful and I’m afraid I’ll miss much,

I don’t want you to bother me so please don’t touch,

The breeze is sighing as it twists through the trees,

I want to enjoy this afternoon so no heavy breathing please,

You’re being silly to be acting like this,

I know you’ll never be satisfied with just one kiss,”


He said, “I’ve spent most of my life in the fields and woods,

Farming, fishing, and hunting, learning life is good,

And after a day in the office my energy is spent,

I think I’ll go downtown, I need to vent,”


She said, “You’re going inside because I ruined your fun?

I thought it would be enough to just share the sun,

You came out here because you wanted to be near me,

Look around, there’s so much nature to see,”


She said, “It’s time for dinner, I’ll make you some food,”


He said, “I’m not hungry, I’m just not in the mood,”


She said, “Then I’ll go with you, I don’t want to be alone,”


He said, “Call one of your friends, you’re always on the phone,”


She said, “That was uncalled for, it was downright mean,

I think you’re the meanest man I’ve ever seen,”


He said, “You’re not the angel I asked for from up above,

You don’t treat me well and you don’t show love,”


Ah, newlyweds, we had so much to learn,

We started with love and had pride at every turn,

Now me and my honey know how to relate,

As long as I stay here and she stays in her state,

We’ll talk once in awhile on the telephone,

Because I get tired of this house and being alone,

Me and my honey just couldn’t stay together,

We just weren’t two birds of a feather,


She says she still cares about me,

I miss her too, but we can’t agree,

About how to get along in each other’s company,

And life goes on, both of us living in misery,

I can’t live with her and I can’t live without,

Is that what real love is all about?

There must be something I can do,

But at this moment in time I haven’t got a clue.




More Than a Barefoot Farmer

gardener's world 19
gardener's world 19 (Photo credit: Walwyn)

Every night he prepared the soil,

Until his work was done,

Planting potatoes by moonlight,

Pole beans in the sun,


When nights were long,

A casual man was he,

Dancing naked down the rows,

Natural as can be,


A lonely woman,

From her window perchance,

Saw his organic style,

It was love at first glance.

Take Her Heart and Lead

We Danced Anyway
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I remember well our first date,

Time inched along, I didn’t like to wait,

I can still picture her in frilly gown,

As I paused at the bottom of the stairs,

Waiting for her to come down,

To me she was simply beautiful,

I tried hard to remember she was my friend,

She twirled around, showing off her dress,

At first I was at a loss for words,

But I knew she was trying to impress,

“Tell me you like it,” she said with a smile,

What should I say about colors or style?

“Your dress is beautiful. It’s perfect for you”,

And I thought, “Anything would do,”

We had been friends for a long, long time,

I was always the one she talked to,

Whenever she had a new flavor of the week,

She didn’t seem interested in me,

But it was my advice she’d seek,

“You’re fickle,” I told her often,

Because none of her relationships would last,

She’d look at me oddly,

And insisted they went too fast,

But I believed then that she was waiting,

To fill an inner need,

She never told me she wanted a man,

Who would take her heart and lead,

Now in this moment I knew this might be my chance,

My heart had long thought she was perfect for romance,

Just outside her door I studied her face,

The moonlight displaying her beauty and grace,

A slight breeze played with wisps of her hair,

I could see all kinds of mystery there,

I opened my car’s door to let her in,

She seemed surprised,

But I could see she had a grin,

The evening seemed to fly right past,

As we laughed, talked, and dined,

When I suggested we also dance,

She accepted very fast,

She seemed puzzled as we waited on the dance floor,

She wasn’t sure what was in store,

I stood quietly for a moment,

Letting the music enter my feet, my hands, my body,

All as one,

We waltzed across the floor,

The fun had just begun,

The rhythms changed as couples danced,

Keeping to the time,

I noticed her breathing was just the same as mine,

Quick, quick, slow, slow,

We covered the floor with zest,

And she was laughing as we danced,

While pressed against my chest,

In the wee hours we went for coffee,

To talk as we’d never done,

And we were both surprised,

When the waitress said,

“Isn’t that a gorgeous sun?”

As I took her home she seemed concerned,

And I asked her what was wrong,

“I don’t want to lose your friendship,

But I’ve loved you all along,”

I was shocked but pleased,

And I confessed that she was the one,

Who set my heart aflame,

“We’ve been friends for a long time,

But I want you to have my name,”

That was the moment we became very best friends,

We shared troubles along with our fun,

She didn’t have to be anyone but herself,

She was my chosen one,

She wanted to be loved and cherished,

And that dream came true,

She was the one I adored,

My queen through and through,

And in turn I became her king,

That’s what love will do.










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