Over the Mountain

Close up of a grizzly bear cub at the Kodiak N...
Close up of a grizzly bear cub at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I came over the mountain rise,

Two bear cubs blocked my way,

They were cute but raised my concern,

I asked, “Where is your mother today?”


A tremendous roar filled the air,

Expressing her desire to kill,

That’s why I’m standing here,

And she’s on yonder hill,


I didn’t realize I could run so fast,

Nothing could slow me down,

All I know is she finally gave up,

And my feet were homeward bound,


If you’re ever on Paradise ridge,

And cubs are busy at play,

Do all you can to avoid the bears,

And please stay out of my way.

A Lot in Common

A square fell in love with a circle,

Their areas were much the same,

But they didn’t quite fit together,

She thought he was playing a game,


He thought she was perfect in every way,

Although conversations never seemed to end,

His life had been filled with corners,

He was still rigid and refused to bend,


They had a lot in common,

And they often shared a task,

But she refused to give up Pi or the radius guy,

She said that was too much to ask,


She had dreams of a world unseen,

While he took a more narrow view,

It was an ill-fated love that didn’t mesh,

So what could either of them do?

The Battle Begins

Angel 013
Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

Red angel wings were spread before me,

As far as I could see,

They were as red as sacred blood,

In an instant I understood,

What they were preparing for,

As they waited, score by score,

With talons sharpened and eyes of fire,

This hardened group would fight and never tire,

If I asked about the enemy they would grin,

For the enemy they fought took the war within,

From the east a small light glowed,

And as I watched it began to grow,

Angels with wings of pearly white,

Gathered the surrounding wisps of light,

I could feel the resulting vibrations of power,

And guessed the battle would begin this hour,

The chief red angel had a snarl on her lips,

And kept a few weapons at her fingertips,

Today the battle would decide my fate,

I pull my cloak tightly about me, it is getting late.

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