She’s the World to Me

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My world is beautiful and wonderful,

I want to caress her fragile skin,

She’s my world on many levels,

I want to feel her heat within,

The atmosphere is her glory,

As it drapes around her crown,

Her cheeks blush with excitement,

As I love her up and down,

I can’t live without her,

She’s more than I’ll ever need,

She’s always there to greet me,

And there I’ll plant my seed,

When I see her glory around me,

I burst with manly pride,

She’ll be protected always by my love,

Which I’ll keep for her inside.

They Danced

Her heart jumped each time,

He sang to her that verse,

“I need you now,”

And what was even worse,

When he wrinkled his brow,

Her knees grew weak,

And she needed him too,

His dark eyes put her in a trance,

And while the whole world,

Filled spaces around them and swirled,

They danced.

Wild Heart

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Wild heart,
she danced with abandon,

Her feet, wild
feet, rarely touched the ground,

I watched
her dance with another,

In the
corner I gasped but barely made a sound,

What brought
her to me I do not know,

My heart had
long stood still,

Her eyes
caught mine and she smiled,

And I was
hers, captured against my will,

Wild she was
as she loved the world,

And the
world loved her as well,

She danced with
her heart and soul,

A wild woman
I could tell,

Futile it
was to remain and stare,

So I warned
my clumsy feet,

“Act like
you know what you’re doing,

There’s a
lady I’d like to greet,”

My eyes, my
heart, were leading the way,

I stumbled
up to her side,

“Would you,
I mean, please dance with me,”

She turned
me down and wounded my manly pride,

How long I
stayed I can’t recall,

I could see
she wasn’t ready to leave,

What a night
this was turning out to be,

She was
practicing how to deceive,

babysitter went home and I told the kids,

“Your mother
has dancing in her blood,

She’s not
coming home, we’re all alone,

I’d change
it if I could,”

They didn’t
understand how things could change,

As quickly
as some clouds turn wild,

out there the sun will shine,

And people will
talk without guile,

But when darkness
falls and the music calls,

Some of them
will turn wild.



My Community is the World

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Within my
community I live,

Focusing on what I can give,

In the company
of friends I seek,

pretense I’ll help the weak

Being a
friend to all I know,

You could probably
see that though,

My thoughts
on those hurting often dwell,

As I try to
care for others well,

My struggle
to help is not a trend,

I try to
encourage all my friends,

I want to
hang out with those like me,

And touch
the lives of all I see,

I want to
have friends across the earth,

For they have
stirred my heart since birth,

Now my heart
no boundary knows,

As my circle
of friends grows,

Because my relational
borders do not exist,

All the
friends I would have missed,

Are drawn to
friendship’s warm embrace,

I encounter those
with vulnerable hearts face to face,

continual upheavals will not pass me by,

But with the
help of friends from low or high,

I’ll join
with others and lend a hand,

Giving of
myself across the land,

Working and
caring like sister and brother,

strengths and weaknesses with each other,

and seeing with open hearts,

Keeping ego
and pride worlds apart,

With respect
and dignity treat all the same,

hopes and knowing each name,

Listening to
dreams that need to be replaced,

Sharing fears
and worries that should be faced,

Building a
future together within our space,

Being part
of a community without end,

Changing the
world so that all are friends.





I’ll Love My Neighbor, My Community, and My World

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I’ll Love My Neighbor, My Community, and My World

When I was a child I felt secure in my mother’s arms,

I didn’t worry whether she would keep me from harm,

My world was limited because my vision was small,

But my understanding of relationships grew tall,

My nights were filled with moonlight and dreams,

Dreams of people who were part of a living stream,

Thus I began my quest to learn who they were,

And find where I would fit within this endless blur,

The search to belong became my secret song,

I wanted real relationships with the bonds strong,

Real questions that had meaning I wanted to ask,

To know my neighbors, was that too big of a task?

I wanted to exchange truth, not cause anyone strife,

Not to tell me they’re okay, then take their own life,

I wanted a community that found common ground,

Where people of all kinds were happy to be found,

My house would be open to all who passed through,

Not just for old friends, but even the new,

Failures of yesterday would become foundations for today,

Each mistake used to motivate to find a better way,

Relationships building up each other, with mercy and respect,

The rewards would keep returning, more than I expect,

I love my neighbors, my community, and my world too,

I would like to start somewhere, so what can I do?

No one was meant to be alone, whatever may befall,

You’re invited to my house, whether you’re different or not at all,

I’ll do what I can to share my life and maybe so will you,

We’ll build bridges across our differences and see what will ensue,

For all the world to see, our friendship would be on display,

If it’s all the same to you, there’s no reason to delay,

I’ll care for my neighbor like myself, compassionate and loving too,

I’ll seek good whenever I can, and that’s all I’ll ask of you.

Broken People

Broken People

Broken people will change the world,

I’ve heard some sages say,

If that’s the truth, the gospel truth,

Then I’m here to lead the way,

My own broken past is there to see,

Strangers lifted me when I stumbled and fell,

They saw something worthwhile in me,

 The unfulfilled dreams within my well,

Feelings that were locked within my soul,

Untouched by outsiders who knew me not,

Unless they really listened to my goal,

Careful to discover what my dreams sought,

I made many trips in my sordid life,

Carrying dreams and hope to weak and poor,

And whenever I saw the results of strife,

My heart was hurt, deeply to the core,

Along the way I discovered my own weak spots,

About the motives I believed so true and good,

They were wrapped around my egotistical thoughts,

And the good I did was vastly misunderstood,

I was a broken person, trying to relate,

Making mistakes on the side trips I took,

But like a modern Robin Hood, I tempted fate,

And took things, by hook or by crook,

I changed my life, I changed my name,

Upon my shoulders I carried earth’s weight,

I fit in with society and played the game,

But I was a broken person, I learned too late,

I wanted to go unnoticed, but already I had fame,

Captured and jailed for things I had done,

My own broken past had caught me at last,

When my trial was over, no victories were won,

The evils I had done, would the good surpass,

But out of the shadows people began to appear,

Explaining how I had showed them how to cope,

Started them anew and took away their fear,

My broken life had given them reasons to hope,

In me they discovered someone who cared,

I told them, “I’ll walk with you, I’ll show you the way,

There are treasures in this world to be shared,

But you have to believe in yourself, day after day,”

That had been easy for me to say back then,

Being broken and changing, others could relate,

Now I’ll need to eat my words, thick or thin,

I think I can change again, I’ll set the date,

My mistakes will be paid, I’ll let my love shine,

I want to be honest, so I’ll share my history,

And I’ll try to reach others who need a lifeline,

Something good will come out of this, wait and see.

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