Me, My Wife, and the Other Guy

My Wife
My Wife (Photo credit: Abulic Monkey)


Me, My Wife, and the Other Guy


We sat at a table, the three of us,


Me, my wife, and the other guy,


Conversation flowed for awhile,


But neither could look me in the eye.


The place I sat was bypassed,


As words zipped and darted,


Like little birds flying to nests.


From time to time they would


Stop to consider and take a rest.


Both were annoyed that I remained,


And could find nothing else to do.


Joining in was out of the question,


Therefore I could do nothing but stew.


Her eyes bubbled over with images of him,


While his eyes were hooded and cold.


He wanted to do more than talk,


He waited to be reckless and bold.


Calmly I lifted my empty glass


And pretended to take a sip of my juice.


One false word, one slight misstep,


And surely all hell would break loose.


I studied the two in their interlocking worlds,


And decided I didn’t want to be there.


Fifteen years of married bliss,


And now she no longer cared.


Out the door and into the night,


Although I had no real place to go,


My heart was aching, my marriage breaking,


Life had dealt me a terrible blow.


With each heavy step from my house,


I reassured my shredded heart.


The future was cloudy and unknown,


But it was time for a brand new start.


I contained my anger and let it go


Without even raising my voice,


They had each other and I walked away.


For me it was the wisest choice.











“Choose Me, Too!”

Choose Love
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I don’t want to look into your liquid eyes,

I might fall in,

I don’t want to hold you all night,

But I’m ready to begin,

This night is perfect for loving you,

I know it’s true,

We’re more than great friends,

You know it too,

Your life has become intertwined with mine,

Up the beanstalk,

And to the stars we’ve climbed,

And it’s love we talk,

As we gather celestial rosebuds,

On our heavenly walk,

In my dreams I know I want to live with you,

My whole life through,

In my heart I’ve created a kingdom,

Just for you,

Our love will endure forever,

You know it’s true,

Choose me, too!”

My Love Will Always Be Around

My lonely heart told me love had gone,

I heard that via word of mouth,

Yet my heart refused to be alone,

It sent misery on a road heading south,


I waited until my head was clear,

Looking for a beautiful view,

My heart was behind walls and out of touch,

Until finally I saw you,


Even when day gave way to night,

I refused to give up and just hung around,

I wanted to remain tender and do things right,

I dug in and refused to give ground,


My love grows stronger day by day,

I want you to be my very best friend,

I want you around whether work or play,

And by my side until time does end,


My love is constant and cannot be driven away,

It is as persistent as a love sick hound,

Open your heart and let my love stay,

Our hearts will forever be bound.





Rating Her Love by Percent

Minute Maid Park
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  • 0%There’s certainly no love, there’s no interest,

            There’s really not much you can say,

            You don’t need to resist, you don’t even exist,

            She is queen of everything she might survey,

            So step aside and get out of her way,

10%    There’s no excitement, too much is the same,

            You’re not even in the same ball park,

            You still lack confidence in your game,

            You won’t draw her interest with any remark,

            The ashes are dead, there’s still no spark,

20%    You’re hoping she’s noticed as you look her way,

            She appears a little nervous, maybe intrigued,

           But you know you can’t continue this endless ballet,

          All your efforts will leave you fatigued,

           She’s definitely out of your league,

30%   Her friends think your comments are funny for sure,

            You have her attention but there’s little chance,

            Because she thinks your behavior is immature,

            She won’t give you a second glance,

            The odds are against a roaring romance,

40%    Watching  you all evening, with a smile she taunts,

            She’s attracted and flirting, a romantic match,

            But she’s not sure you’re what she wants,

            So for awhile she’ll find reasons to detach,

            She’s still hoping there’s a better catch,

50%    She’s comfortable with a friend tried and true,

            She doesn’t want to do you any harm,

            But there’s little physical chemistry between you,

            She sees no signs of love she needs to disarm,

            You’re definitely not setting off any fire alarm,

60%    You might be her favorite, then again you might not,

            There are other good men hanging around,

            As a fixer-upper there’s potential you’ve got,

            But she really wants someone more uptown,

            And she doesn’t want to let you down,

70%    Don’t say love unless you mean what you say,

            This could escalate if you look into her eyes,

            She’s getting serious, she’ll want you to stay,

            If you listen to her feelings you’re very wise,

            You’ll keep her off balance and she’ll get butterflies,

80%    She can’t keep you out of her heart and mind,

            She dreams about you and wants to make the leap,

            She shares from her past hoping you’ll also be inclined,

            If you communicate well, off her feet you’ll sweep,

            She loves you, appreciates you, you’re the one she’ll keep,

90%    She admires your smile, leadership qualities and mien,

            She’s open and frank, she likes your independence,

            She reveals things from her past that need to be clean,

            Secrets make her tense,  she’s let down her defense,

            She dreams of the future and a house with a white picket fence,

100% She wants to make a difference as you weave new strands,

            She gives herself absolutely, unconditionally, body and heart,

            She shows respect and trust, and loves without demands,

            Confident in your love she can concentrate on her new start,

            Nesting, building a new life together, her family a work of art.

Love, Eva, One Identified Male, and Me

Special Response Team of the US Mint Police
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Eva said she would be waiting if I came by her house,

She was there on the porch, wearing jeans and a blouse,

Looking casual with her pants tucked into her boots,

Over one shoulder was draped her swimming suit,

Although I wondered about that, I still had my smirk,

I was excited and impatient, just off of work,

We had talked about swimming at our last dance,

What we would do also if we got the chance,

Our bodies said a thousand things without talking,

As we floated across the floor, barely walking,

I felt that sexual itch as she moved with sinuous grace,

Although my steps quickened, Eva kept up with my pace,

I did not want the dance to stop, or to ever let her go,

But she returned to her partner, despite her fevered glow,

If only she had been with me we’d never have to part,

She was a breath of fresh air, into my lonely heart,

She bumped into me once as she went to fix her hair,

And in my pocket I discovered a note she had placed there,

Eva’s phone number, her address, a place we could meet,

All the important things so we could later greet,

When I called we soon became fast friends,

We were soul-mates, sharing even the latest trends,

We had much in common, but I wondered about her man,

“I can’t tell him yet,” she said, “Please try to understand,

I want to be with you,” she paused, “but he’ll never set me free,

I’m not sure just what he’ll do, but he’ll never let you have me,”

Such ominous words Eva said and then cried that night,

But fearing to love is like fearing to breathe, “I’m ready to fight,

You are the one I want,” I said hoarsely, “But tonight,

I want to love you, kiss you, and make you truly mine,”

“See me tomorrow,” she said, “when you first get off work,

I know a place we can be alone, and no one else can lurk,”

We would talk by the river, with the moon as our guard,

Lock up our common sense, and then our clothes discard,

Turn our imaginations loose and let our love run free,

We would love until the morrow, under the tall oak tree,

Now I could see her waiting but pacing back and forth,

I was coming from the south but she kept glancing north,

In front of her yard a car came to a slow stop,

She stared but there was no time to move or drop,

I saw a gun appear and then the sudden flash,

A window shattered, another one suddenly crashed,

I couldn’t just wait until the man had emptied his gun,

Love sparks courage, to me the war had just begun,

I aimed my car, pushed the pedal, and felt a satisfying crash,

I was going for the gun but into me someone did smash,

The police arrived a little too late for this important date,

Quickly I was on the ground, handcuffed, ready for my fate,

A SWAT team had been two streets over, finishing up a drug raid,

They were not in a mood to listen, their minds already made,

I was out of control, according to what the police had seen,

Then Eva arrived and saw me, and tried to explain the scene,

The three of us were taken downtown to sort out this mess,

Trying to determine who was wrong, at first was anybody’s guess,

Gradually reports came in from detectives who verified her tale,

Finally I was out, but also released was one identified male,

In the custody of his lawyer, who was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg,

The lawyer knew judges and got what he wanted without having to beg,

But I had been touched by love, for me it was a permanent bond,

I went back to Eva’s house, wanting her, needing her to respond,

I knocked once, twice, but she refused to open the door,

“I love you, I truly do,” she said loudly, “but I think I love him more,

I know he’s a little misguided, but he loves me just the same,

He wouldn’t have missed if he didn’t love me, to him it’s just a game.”

Confused and disheartened, I could no longer be part of this strife,

I was still in love with Eva, but I had to get on with my life,

Part of my heart belongs to her, but I’m alive to tell this tale,

The two of us couldn’t fit in her heart, me and one identified male.

Run Where The Flowers Grow

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I couldn’t believe my eyes,

Dad had brought home a surprise,

A black and white cocker spaniel,

Just a puppy, but she meant the world to me,

She was happy, playful, and made me smile,

Lady came when I called her, eager to please,

We were two friends, always at ease,

The two of us discovered the world anew,

Bonded by our hearts, our friendship grew,

Sniffing flowers, chasing birds,

I read stories and she listened to every word,

When she was two she followed me down,

 The dirt roads to the grocery store in our town,

We encountered few cars that hot summer day,

 Crossing the two lane county road on our way,

Before I got groceries the owner and I had a debate,

 But he said, “No dogs allowed. She’ll have to wait,”

When I looked for her, she had crossed the street,

Busily sniffing flowers, or looking for bugs to eat,

My first thought was, “She shouldn’t be over there.”

 Without thinking, I whistled, loud and clear,

The shrill sound hanging expectantly in the air,

It was then that I saw a speeding car,

And realized that it wasn’t very far,

At the same time I saw Lady raise her head,

And obediently towards me she sped,

Smiling with every stride,

“Stop, Lady, stop!” I wish I’d cried,

But I was frozen, watching this nightmarish scene,

The car and Lady, the gap closing in between,

There was a loud “Whump!”

Time stopped and I had no need for air,

The car had hit Lady and the driver seemed unaware,

He slowed, then sped up, I knew he didn’t care,

I ran to her and dropped to my knees,

 “Lady, get up! I’m sorry, please,”

But I held a lifeless form tight,

Wishing with all my might,

That this was just a bad dream in the night,

I walked home in a trance,

Angry at myself for what I had done,

“Why did I whistle without a glance?

Why had I done this to my friend?”

Blaming myself over and over again,

 Tears streaming down my face,

Somehow managing to carry her to our place,

Where Mom took the groceries,

Telling me to hold Lady for a few minutes more,

Until I collapsed spiritless on the floor,

The next day a private ceremony with a prayer,

Only family was invited there,

My heart pounded and my head hurt,

And with each shovelful of dirt,

I thought I could hear a whistle blow,

Before I left, I leaned down and whispered softly,

“Run, Lady, run, where the flowers grow.”

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