The Love I Left Behind

Author: Bagande
Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My heart built walls because I could not trust.


With no one to care for my heart could rust.


I challenged my heart to venture out again.


Because of deep wounds, it was reluctant to begin.


I was helpless at first, but my love ran deep.


Soon I was searching for a lover’s heart to keep.


But walls separated us and soon I hastened on my way,


Looking for a new relationship to fill my day.


I searched desperately, yet I could not settle down.


A perfect woman was elusive and never could be found.


I became a victim of my own love/hate wars.


Bouncing from love to hate, I blamed failure on the stars.


But surviving was not living, I needed one true love.


I looked for guidance from Venus and Cupid above.


Dreams were all I had, though troubled from the start.


But I did not give up my search, orders came from my heart.


One last try, I decided, before my search was through.


That was when I got lucky, because love brought me to you.


Later I was chosen to lead the annual Valentine parade downtown.


I protested I was unworthy, for love had been hard to pin down.


Friends mentioned I had struggled while remaining gracious and kind.


Losing in love several times, I had scattered love and beauty behind.


I saw relationships blooming profusely all along my crooked way.


Then I realized love conquered all, and found the better way.






Our Valentine Tree

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960
Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our Valentine Tree


We fell in love on Valentine’s Day.


The minute you laughed I knew.


I was destined to be yours, my love,


And I would be blessed with you.




We planted our special tree that year.


We cleared away the snow.


You insisted our love would always be strong


And you wanted the whole world to know.




You’re in my thoughts again, my love,


I imagine you under our tree.


Remember all the pledges we made,


And the passion between you and me?




The years passed by rather fast,


Then our kids were grown and gone.


We were there in our empty house,


Still together but each all alone.




My heart grew hard and I forgot our tree,


I insisted it blocked my view.


I was determined to chop it down,


Without even telling you.




It was early morning on Valentine’s Eve,


When I approached our special tree.


I was shocked and pleased with what I saw,


Then ashamed of the heart in me.




Instead of the tree being stark and bare,


Pink and red covered the tree.


Valentines and notes from all our years,


Proclaimed your love for me.






My love had been erratic.


There was little that I could boast.


But you were there as you always were,


Just when I needed you most.


My dreams and heart were renewed, my love,


By the valentines that covered our tree.


There was only one thing I could say,


“I’m glad you married me!”




I miss all you gave, my love,


And the tenderness you showed to me.


I want our love to be clear each year,


As I hang valentines on our tree.








“Show Me the Shoes!”

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960
Image via Wikipedia

She curled up next to me,

All soft and deliciously warm,

That was different than usual,

And set off my alarms,


She said, “I’ll make myself comfortable,

I need to unwind,”

I eyed her suspiciously,

Had she lost her mind?


“Would you like a back rub,

Or a nice tall drink?”

“What kind of trouble am I in?”

I started to think,


Everything was too perfect,

With Valentine’s Day approaching soon,

My thoughts should have been about love,

Flowers, violins, and a romantic moon,


“Your gown looks mighty thin,

I don’t want you to catch a cold,”

Was I forgetting something?

I was trying to be good as gold,


“Oh, oh,” I thought, “I did it this time,”

When her eyes filled up with tears,

She must know I spent time with the boys,

And we drank too many beers,


“Dear, I’m sorry,” I started to say,

But she confessed before I did,

I listened once without interrupting,

To the secret that she hid,


“Yesterday I went shopping,

And bought the most beautiful shoes,

I thought you might get mad at me,

“You know, blow a fuse,”


But if you were already angry,

I’d buy some brand new clothes,

I told my friends that you did,

I said these were the ones you chose,


My girlfriends celebrated with me,

About what a generous man you are,

Things got a little crazy,

That’s when I wrecked the car,


I looked at her with my silly grin,

And said, “What’s this world coming to?

Yesterday was one of those days,

When one of those cold winds blew,”


When I reached over and turned out the light,

She said quietly, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

I said, “Look in the cabinet for your Valentine’s card,

And also you’ll find a special ring,”


“I know it’s early to celebrate Valentine’s Day,

It’s not the car, but you I choose,

So put on some clothes,

And show me the shoes!”


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