The music begins and my tension fades.
I relax as we warm up for a strenuous routine.
My partner says, “This has to be a good practice.
We are still clumsy and we compete in two weeks.”
Our movements must be fluid and graceful,
Effortless and natural.
Two long steps, Slide, two quick steps.
Your hands hold me firmly as you guide me.
You lead and I follow.
You step. I step.
My steps at the beginning match yours,
Except that I’m in high heels and going backwards.
No words are necessary.
We communicate by touch and sight.
My confidence in you is well-founded.
Your confidence in me is invigorating.
There is no hesitation as we spin and twirl.
When we make love our movements are smooth and natural,
Following our guidelines for dancing.
There is no rush and my arousal is guiding us.
We move purposely, learning from each other.
My anticipation builds as you touch and caress,
Loving me with gentle consideration.
You move and I follow.

The trust you’ve earned lets me relax,
And I celebrate our love with abandon.
As I love, dance, communicate, and celebrate,
My love grows deeper each time.

Trust and Hope

Unreleased Bitterness
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When silence crept into the conversation,

She saw bitterness in his eyes,

When the truths she had claimed about herself,

Turned out to be just lies,

That’s when two broken people,

Decided to put their former lives behind,

And began building bridges made of trust and hope,

Choosing together to have a love that binds.

“Sweaty and Dirty” (Part Three)

Clockwork Heart
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Heart diagram with labels in English. Blue com...
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Relationships aren’t easy, but when your trust is strong,

Your love will outgrow your heart, you can’t go wrong,

Right now your heart is focused on your friend,

Take time to discover what you want, let your heart mend,

So far, I’ve not been impressed with how you’ve treated me,

When you’re ready to accept me as I am, then we’ll see,

I think your heart is too small within your chest,

I’ll be your friend and nothing more, I think that’s best,”

I left her in her doorway, her gaze fixed on my back,

She had things to think about, things she might lack,

A few weeks later her call woke me from dreams,

“Talk to me,” she said, “I need to face the truth it seems,”

“You told me the truth but I thought you were wrong,

I didn’t realize I was weak, and you were that strong,

I want to know you and not what you can become,

You made me see myself, how I treated you like scum,”

At first we talked and shared about superficial things,

As we relaxed we considered what the future might bring,

Yet as we talked I wondered if she would ever love me,

Would she share my dreams and forget her reverie?

That was the first night, there were several yet to come,

I wanted to love her, I truly tried, but my heart was numb,

 She gradually changed as she looked within her heart,

She loved me for me, but I didn’t know where to start,

I was still her friend, I thought that was for the best,

And I knew her heart had grown, deep within her chest,

I knew I liked her, even loved her, but I couldn’t trust,

Was her heart really open, had she cleared away the rust?

Three months had passed, it seemed an eternity,

We went out to dine, she had invited me,

She said, “My heart has grown, deep within my chest,

I can’t contain my love,” (and perhaps you know the rest),

It was difficult for her to hide her fright,

Her small voice quavered ever so slight,

When she asked, “Are my breasts too small?”

She was exposing thoughts, fears, her very all,

She had pulchritude, talent, and intelligence,

Everything I thought was of the essence,

Her eyes searched mine hoping to find,

That I had forgiven her and made up my mind,

If I loved her, she needed desperately to know,

More than a friendship, she wanted love to grow,

Who knows if I was thinking, but I took a chance,

I wanted a relationship with true romance,

She was a changed person, she loved me for me,

A deep love without conditions, all it could be,

She had finally decided she could settle for poor,

She didn’t know that she was really getting more,

I was hired by a company that was starting to grow,

Within a few years I became the CEO,

And Staci got someone who would treat her like a queen,

Forever and always, and the time in between.

Your Words Are Treasures

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It’s time to clear your mind of clutter,

Of harmful words that you might utter,

Clear the slate of words that sting,

Think of terms that love might bring,

When the air is filled with words of praise,

They warm the nights and soften the days,

Those words build relationships deep,

Forging bonds that your heart will keep,

A base composed of appreciation and trust,

With treasures that won’t break or rust,

Positive words will increase self-worth,

There is a shortage of those on earth,

Those sweet words that build self-esteem,

Are given to you when angels dream,

Your body language and tone of voice,

Can strike fear or give cause to rejoice,

Show mercy to others as given to you,

What goes around, comes around, you know that too,

Let terms of endearment sweeten your tongue,

Let your kindness be legendary, your praises sung,

If respect is given to both young and old,

Your hair might turn silver, but your heart will stay gold,

Encourage others to search for a star,

Give them a boost if they can’t reach that far,

And let them know your heart, tell them you care,

You’ll love them forever, and always be there.

New Year’s Resolutions (Part two)

Chinese New Year
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This year I’ll learn to trust and treat everyone as a friend,

A handshake and a well spoke word will mean truth again,

I won’t live a life gone by, stewing in my own pot,

Wallowing in self pity, at a time and place I’d rather not,

I’ll enjoy all the challenges that life always poses,

But never for a day or a minute, forget to smell the roses,

I’ll plan for the future and dream about what could be,

With my feet planted in the present to keep my sanity,

I’ll dance like nobody is looking, probably that’s best,

I may not win a dance contest, but I’ll show some zest,

Love with my whole heart, halfway will not do,

Holding part of myself back, is not fair to me or you,

I’ll treat everyone with respect, in each and every relation,

For without respect there will not be a solid foundation,

I’ll spotlight my strengths and focus on what I do well,

I want this year to be positive, on faults I will not dwell.

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