Life is a temporary stop in our journey through the heavens.  We will have time to visit without feeling rushed. We will  sing or dance or do all the things we imagined we could do.

Time is a variable. Each plant and each animal has its own time line. My space is located within the space allocated to humans.

I am a transient passing through worlds parallel, overlapping, and superimposed but to me there is only one lifetime I can live. I tried to explain all that to Albert but he was having trouble understanding all of the concepts.  Finally I said, “Albert, time is relative.”

We took a train trip and I explained the difference between riding in the train and watching the train go by. It took a while but gradually he began to understand.  I think he might be able to explain several theories if he pays attention but he is still fuzzy about the speed of light and how light can be bent and go even faster.  I’ll explain it again next week. I’d hate for him to give up when he’s this close. On the other hand, he could learn to be a poet and become famous. No one ever gets famous learning obscure mathematical theories. And maybe Albert could be a politician. No one ever knows what they’re talking about.  (or cares)

June 21, 2017

Returning Home


Fear & Anticipation
Fear & Anticipation (Photo credit: hartlandmartin)


Returning home


With trepidation I set out across country, driving towards the sunset.  After months of wrestling over what to do, my destination was set, my mind made up, and now I was on my way.  One hour passed and already I was waffling. “What if I can’t do this?  I’m not ready for such an undertaking.  I should wait until my life improves.”


I stopped for coffee and took a few deep breaths.  “I can do this.  One mile at a time, one city at a time, and one day at a time and I’ll be there before my mind rebels again.”


Into the dark forbidding night,


I worried and fretted as I took flight,


Taking charge of a new life direction,


Heading for my faraway destination,


Discovering old fears in life’s seams,


Finding new fears in all my dreams,


Returning to my hometown,


Facing the emptiness deep down,


Nothing before me, everything behind,


As I traveled what would I find?


Mile after mile the night called,


And with morning’s light I was appalled,


Everything was arid as far as I could see,


This was not the place for me,


I had left the forests in my hectic pace,


Now rocks and sand were in my face,


Still I was determined I had the power,


To continue traveling hour after hour,


Yet as I left my old world behind,


I became eager to see what I might find,


All the resources I had at hand,


Became power under my command,


My confidence grew as the miles flew by,


Life was insisting on yet another try,


My fears were gone and my strength reborn,


I was no longer tired and mentally worn,


I decided life wouldn’t be easy but I’d stay the course,


Until I claimed my fortune and then I’d rejoice,


One mile, one day, my world loomed large,


My fears were gone, I was back in charge.










Wasted Time

Wasted Time

“Time,” she said, “is a one way door,

My days are numbered,

And I don’t get more,”


“You’ve got it wrong,” he replied,

“Time is more than that,

Time can be wasted,

And like money easily spent,

Second by second to the very last cent,”


She said, “I’ve got to make my time count,

If time slips by and I’ve nothing to show,

There are no second chances in time’s flow,”


“Wait one minute,” he said in return,

“Time comes in segments, like time to cook,

Or I can call a time out, it’s in the book,”


“No,” she said, “time is like watching a parade,

You can see one entry starting and then it’s past,

However long it goes, its time doesn’t last,”


“You haven’t watched much sports,

That is plain to see,

Halftime, overtime, both are important to me,

Time can be managed to slow time down,

Surely there are extra seconds that can be found,”


“Time,” she said, “is past, present, or future,

That’s all there is, of that I’m sure,”


“I think you’re wrong,” he said,

“There’s so much more,

Time is even worth fighting for,

Listen to me while I go through my list,

I’m sure there are times you might have missed,

There’s a time to die, a time to live,

A time to take, a time to give,

Time stands still yet never stops,

Like Times Square when the ball drops,

There’s quality time and just hanging out,

There are time machines holding time in doubt,”


“This discussion has lost its direction and force,

And I think you’re quite crazy, of course,”


He said, “It’s about time you decided to quit,

I’m still thinking there’s more to it,

Daytime, nighttime, time on hold,

Is there anything more you need to be told?”


She was ready to go in because it was late,

Too much time had been used up on this date,


He asked, “Don’t we have time for a kiss or two?”

She answered, “There’s not enough time,

Because I was listening to you,”


While he was talking time didn’t wait,

Time ticked away and sealed his fate.




Two Dimensions

away from her
Image by drspam via Flickr

dimensions of time overlapped one day,

Changing my
point of view,

I had been
all alone,

what to do,


My life had
burned almost to the end,

I’d say it
had been full,

Now I waited
for what came next,

And for life’s
storms to lull,


But in a
flash my world turned,

As the two
dimensions met,

When I saw
what could have been,

It filled me
with regret,


She was in
the kitchen,

Standing by
the sink,

Staring out
the window,

Taking time
to think,


I thought
she was very alluring,

So I came up

Kissed her
neck and said,

“You are
mine, all mine,”


Tears welling
up in her eyes,

She turned
and faced me,

“Why couldn’t
we be this way forever,

Why does
this have to be?”


I knew what
she meant,

I knew why
she was crying,

How can her
world go on,

When my
world is dying?


I had
wrestled with time before,

Always I
would lose,

Time dances
to its own rhythm,

And doesn’t
let you choose,


One of the
cruel ironies of time,

Is that lifetimes
don’t match,

While one
world is slipping away,

Another world
starts to hatch,


I am being
pulled out of orbit,

Into the
dark of night,

My world
will soon be gone,

While her
world will be shining bright,


Why is life
so complicated?

It seems
like a cruel hoax,

Our lives
are so mismatched,

While time
laughs at his joke,


I brush a
wisp of hair,

Away from
her worried face,

“Let’s just
enjoy every minute,

Savoring every


“We will
share our lives all we can,

Until time
reshifts into place,

That’s all
the control we have,

We’ll let
our hearts set the pace,”


Across two
dimensions our hearts will search,

Endlessly it

But we will
forever bond,

If only in
our dreams.


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