Rent, Borrow, or Steal

The Art of the Steal (film)
The Art of the Steal (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met a man who had wise words to pass my way,

“Relationships are very special you’ll soon learn,

If you take care of your woman I can’t lead her astray,

She’ll stay true forever and her love you’ll earn,”


“I don’t need your material things,

I have enough of my own,

What I want is the love of a woman,

Perhaps you have one to loan,”


“If you have a habit of neglecting her,

She’s frustrated, lonely, and tired,

Give me some time alone with her,

I’ll send her back inspired,”


“Boldly I’ll go to make my play,

Quietly I’ll make my appeal,

It doesn’t really matter to me,

Whether I rent, borrow, or steal,”


“What if she’s in your way this very day,

And you’ve got things you want to do,

I could return her in really good shape,

After I borrow her a time or two,”


“Should you need help to pay some bills,

I could rent your woman to give me thrills,

But if I find she’s lonely as well,

I’ll turn her on until I’ve had my fill,


A woman ignored will find a new home,

I’ll steal her from you if you’re not alert,

I’ll rent her from you or you can give me a loan,

I don’t care if someone gets hurt,”


Off in the distance I could see his profile,

“Was he serious?” I thought as I hurried inside,

“Is it that easy to lose someone you love,

Why did he choose me for his wisdom to confide,”


I’m not sure if it was me he meant,

But I paid more attention as time went by,

I gave my woman tender loving care,

And, lo and behold, she’s still there,


I think that stranger might have been a fake,

Because a man wants a woman in whom he can confide,

Someone to love and give respect,

A woman to be proud of and keep by his side,


But this stranger had frightened me,

With stories he claimed were real,

So I was careful to protect my own beautiful woman,

From those who wanted to rent, borrow, or steal.



“Marriage Is a Rose Garden”

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We were arguing while waiting in a long line,

There was a concert we wanted to see,

We were newlyweds and things were wrong,

I blamed you and you blamed me,

I expected home to be the Garden of Eden,

Where I could rule my kingdom every day,

Then I discovered you were a princess,

Used to getting your own way,

Neither of us was ready to give in,

Already our love was wearing thin,

We wondered if our love could be mended,

And if we could still remain friends,

The elderly couple behind us was in love,

We could see it in their eyes,

“Could you give me the secret of love?”

What they shared seemed true and wise,

The man smiled and hugged his wife,

Penny and I learned long ago,

That a marriage is built day by day,

And there was much we each had to know,

Penny taught me warmth and love,

And that friendship is a must,

When others try to tear you apart,

You still have to continue to trust,”

“Love is just the icing on the cake,”

He continued, “Respect is something you need,

If respect and support are missing,

Your marriage is in trouble indeed,

We like to think love is a living plant,

That thrives when tended well,

When it is given the proper nutrients,

It gets stronger as time will tell,”

Penny said, “Marriage is a rose garden,

And often the beauty brings tears,

All the blooms are not yours alone,

They are to be shared for years and years,

Foolish hearts often give up too quick,

Before the garden has a chance to bloom,

They forget that roses thrive best,

When given lots of light and room,

In the first year when new growth appears,

And you’re considering what seeds to sow,

Talk to God about your spouse,

And what the marriage needs to grow,

Give your rose garden tender loving care,

A rose garden blooms profusely when fed,

But don’t forget the most important part,

Prune any part of you that is dead,

Ask yourself the reasons you fell in love,

Challenge each other to revisit them again,

This is one time to dig up the past,

For this time both can win,

With maturity your world will expand a lot,

So be prepared for both to change,

If either was stagnant and did not grow,

Wouldn’t that have been strange?

Marriage is a rose garden,

You have to twist and bend,

When you keep love in sight,

You fall in love again,

There is one secret to ensure success,

To stay married to your best friend,

Think of the good your spouse does each day,

And you’ll fall in love again,

Seek God out for perfect advice,

For patience when troubles brew,

It would be wise to explore your own heart,

Instead of what your spouse should do,

Daily remind yourself you made a great choice,

And found the perfect person for you,

Then falling in love and over again,

Will be easier and easier to do,”

We entered the doors and found our seats,

The music was powerful and loud,

But as we sat there thinking things over,

We realized it’s hard to think in a crowd,

Our hearts were troubled and we left midway,

We found a place where we could walk,

Then in a diner we shared coffee and a slice of pie,

We opened up and had a heart to heart talk,

It was like a flame from friendship grew,

We were connected by our hearts once more,

And in the early hours I fell in love,

And worried what the future had in store,

My wife also had made her choice,

I would always be her man,

Then we decided that a rose garden,

Would keep us focused on a plan,

In the morning when the sun came up,

While the dew was still on the ground,

We planted a single rose bush,

To remind us of the love we found,

Every year we’ll add yet another,

Then share what our hearts have learned,

The garden will fill with bouquets of rose buds,

The rewards our marriage has earned.

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