Before You See the Movie, Read My Life

Beneath Our Dreams
Image by crystalandcats via Flickr

Read with gusto when you begin,

Tear back the covers and read all that is there,

From opening line to the end,

My life is worn and threadbare,

Discover how a bright beginning can turn sour,

Over and over as the pages are turned,

The bruises and cuts drained me of power,

Although they were earned and lessons were learned,

The moments when I held out a helping hand,

Times I rushed into love with a heart that was blind,

There are dips and turns that I still don’t understand,

As I looked for commitment that I never could find,

Yes, some pages are filled with relationships and dust,

But it’s all there, pages dog-eared and torn,

Years that were common but sprinkled with lust,

For when I was alone and forlorn,

There were no home fires left to burn,

No one left waiting alone in a bed,

In those moments I searched for a love to earn,

But the pages are empty and tear-stained instead,

When you read my life there are certain phrases,

As I talk about my occupation, my hobbies, and work,

You’ll notice I went through different phases,

Sometimes I was a knight and sometimes a jerk,

You’d have to read my poetry to learn more about me,

Because I’ve mellowed and changed with age,

I once said it would take tomes to explain what came to be,

And now on one microchip my life doesn’t fill one page,

But if one poem or one memory gives you a smile,

Then my life has somehow been worthwhile,

So read with gusto from the beginning to the end,

And look at my picture with my lopsided grin,

Most of my life was wasted on mistakes I made,

But there wasn’t much of life I’d care to trade,

My book is a book about hard knocks, you see,

It tells all you really need to know about me,

My pages are dog-eared and torn,

I’m not as new as the day I was born,

But I have things to add before my book is put away,

I’m still looking for someone to make my day,

Then I can close my book with a grin,

Knowing love finally came through at the end.











Hockey and Halloween

Pumpkinhead 4326
Image by PKMousie via Flickr


(a Halloween tale)


Halloween night all creatures were astir,

Ready for
anything gross that might occur,

curdling screams and fights were about,

In the midst
of the mayhem a hockey game broke out,

From out of
the sky Count Dracula swooped down,

His voice
boomed out and was heard all around,

“I’ll issue
a challenge to any blood thirsty team,

You’re clumsy,
ugly and only good in your dreams,”

The ghouls,
zombies, and the walking dead,

Laced up
their blades and warmed up with Fred,

The Count
secretly had made a great plan,

gathered the quickest in all the land,

Wolves were
howling to get into the game,

Vampires and
goblins wanted the same,

The Count handpicked his team with cunning and care,

Freddie was
more casual but he continued to stare,

“Count, I
think you’ve got tricks up your sleeve,

Yet we’ll
give you a battle, I do believe,”

“Ah, Mr.
Krueger, there’s more than you think,

will be the referee on this rink,”

With evil
grin the referee took his place,

“Are you
ready now to go face to face?

No sticking,
no slashing, the rules are clear,

If you don’t
play by the rules, you’re outta here!”

Jason, the
goalie, said, “Count, your entrance was slick,

Are you good
enough on ice to pull a hat trick?”

Fights were
frequent and often quite gory,

But there’s
much more to this bedtime story,

Hockey fans
gathered from all over the land,

Until there
was no place to sit or stand,

curdling screams continued to abound,

For hockey
fans are the most rabid around,

Tear off
his head,”  “The referee stinks,”

“Have any of
you ever been on a rink?”

The penalty
boxes were filled with players galore,

But the fans
kept shouting, “Blood! I want more!”

The game
continues from one year to the next,

If you see a
game starting, send me a text,

For I’ve
heard many screams and seen fights all about,

And I’m
willing to miss mayhem if a hockey game breaks out.

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