She wore a blossom in her hair,

A symbol of her love,

Telling me without words

That she was always there

And in the mood for love.

Each blossom represented

Her passion and to what degree,

From white to deep red,

Clues easy for me to see.

Just one quick glance

Gave me a chance,

To compose myself.

If loving her was a crime,

I always needed more time

To calm down and think of romance.

I’m sure others knew her intent.

When the blossom was crimson

And the air was full of love’s scent

We went out in the evenings,

Her complete flavor and taste,

Mine to enjoy fully without waste.

I’ll always remember how our love

Grew stronger each time we met,

Inspired by blossoms I could never forget,

Color coded for the rest of my life.

Color coded by my lover, my sweetheart, my wife.

June 17, 2017



“Love You, Need You, Enjoy You, Want You”

Cadence (music)
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I want to listen to your heart as it sings to me,

The rhythmic cadence of a heart so true,

 Saying, “Love you”, “Love you”, “Love you”,

I want to swim in those eyes that beckon me,

See glimpses of what our future could be,

Seeing, “Need you”, “Need you”, “Need you”,

I want to savor the sweetness of your lips,

Sampling your flavor in small heady sips,

Tasting, “Enjoy you”, “Enjoy you”, “Enjoy you”,

I want to touch the softness of your skin,

Marveling at the curves and creases therein,

Hearing, “Want you”, “Want you”, “Want you”,

I want to feel your body as it talks to me,

Feeling the rhythms that beat so true,

Saying, “Love you”, “Love you”, “Love you”.

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