That’s What Matters

You Walked In
You Walked In (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s What Matters

When we first met,

You were so beautiful,

Your eyes, your face,

The way you talked,

Your hair, your voice,

The way you walked,

Each day you were more beautiful,

Your smile brightened my day,

We shared more each day,

We were learning to compromise and agree,

And that’s what mattered to me.


Every day with you was a new day,

You were more beautiful than the day before,

Your eyes, your face,

The way you talked,

Your laugh, your voice,

The way you walked,

Each day you were more special,

The happiness you spread,

With the things you said,

You let my heart fly high and free,

And that’s what mattered to me.


We changed over the years,

But you always are beautiful,

Your eyes, your face,

The way you talk,

Your hair, your voice,

The way you walk,

Each day you are more beautiful,

My life is full as I face each day,

I want to love you always,

Your heart is what I see,

And that’s what matters to me.




Love Changed Me

Love ? I love love love you.
Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)




Love Changed Me


I was running fast and free,


Trying to keep you far away.


Somehow I lost my point of view.


On our first date I wanted to kiss you.


Because love inspired me.


You said you had a cold but I said it was okay.


I could wait for yet another day.


You wanted to text during finals of my senior year.


I could not risk failing so I refused.


But love taught me.


By the lake in the heat of summer I proposed.


It was too soon and I needed to be patient.


I don’t remember who it was


That declared I was not good enough.


But love improved me.


Your leg is draped across my legs.


Last night tender words were said.


You took up space I reserved for me.


But I enjoyed sharing my bed.


Love captured me.


Your smile was the last thing I remember


From our wild and perfect night,


During our wedding some things went wrong,


But all the things that mattered went right.


Because love filled me.


There are those who thought our love shouldn’t be.


Time will erase all their doubts, if I love you tenderly.


Love changed me.










My Inquiring Mind

English: Allie Darum
English: Allie Darum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Inquiring Mind


I see you in the mirror


As you put on your face.


Carefully your makeup goes on.


You didn’t miss any place.




Eye liner, perfume, lipstick,


Even more than I recall.


I’ll never say I love you best,


When you wear nothing at all.




You have nothing to wear,


Is a complaint you often share.


But ,darling, if that was true,


You’d be walking around cold and bare.




Don’t tell me what you want.


Just tell me what you need.


Your silence and body language


Are not very hard to read.




I’ll give my best for you.


You mean the world to me.


I’ll try to keep you in clothes,


Good enough for the world to see.




You’re not very happy with me..


You might think I’m a dunce.


You could wear that wedding gown,


Because you only wore it once.




Who cares if you clothes look worn?


For once we would finally agree.


Throw on sweats and come along.


You could be comfortable like me.




If going to a concert makes you mad,


Why do you always want to go?


I don’t understand that about a woman,


And my inquiring mind wants to know.












What Is This Thing Called Love?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)



What is This Thing Called Love


What is this thing called love


That rips and tears at my heart?


Knowing how much love hurts me,


Why did I allow love to start?




Yet what is loneliness but a need for love


A void that cries to be filled?


An absence of love that teases in dreams


A restlessness that longs to be stilled?




Why do I have tears late at night


Endlessly flowing down my cheeks?


Is it because I’m desperate for love


And for the companionship my heart seeks?




When will romance come my way


Giving me a brand new start?


I don’t want to see a barren world


With no connections to my heart.




How do I find the one for me


Who waits for a heart like mine?


Where will I discover what is true


And find that new love divine?




I’ll wait and hope for ages yet,


I know she is somewhere near.


Soon she’ll be within my arms


Where I keep things I hold dear.




What is this thing called love?


No answer will suffice.


For it seems to be a combination


Of flames, sacrifice, and ice.




Nowhere on Earth

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Nowhere on Earth


From the first time I saw her,


I thought she was beautiful.


Her eyes held flecks of green,


They mesmerized me.


And her innocence hid behind,


A smile that lit up the sky.


Who was I to know,


What was waiting around the bend.


Sweet kisses sealed an agreement,


Unspoken at first,


And hugs became more demanding,


Unsatisfied with mere warmth,


Until the night passion met passion,


And needs and desires were met.


I felt no shame in what we did,


Strong feelings had turned into love,


And we claimed each other.


She became even more beautiful,


Because she carried my child.


We had a secret,


We were waiting to tell the world.


Then one day she was gone.


Her family refused to talk about her.


Her absence left a hole in my heart,


Only she could fill.


She had disappeared completely,


Ready to give birth,


Nowhere on Earth.


One year later I saw her again,


More beautiful than ever,


In her arms she carried my child.


Our features were evident,


Our child displaying the best of both,


Eyes with flecks of green,


My human skin,


Her big green smile,


All was there,


Perhaps our child would be taunted,


Or maybe even beaten,


Because she was different.


Our child was beautiful,


Carried by her mother,


Adored by her father,


Two worlds unified in peace and war,


The first to cross over,


The first of her kind.












If Your Heart

If Your Heart Was a Door


If your mind was a book, I’d read it,


Turning page after page, absorbing every word,


Hoping the most exciting chapters included me,


If your eyes were deep pools, I’d dive in them,


Splashing around like an otter, enjoying every moment,


Swimming in circles of love to be noticed by you,


If your lips were berries, I’d taste them,


Remembering the warmth of our summer passion,


Savoring the richness of your tender kisses,


If your breasts were two trees, I’d fly to them,


Settling in the branches, finding comfort and peace,


Forgetting for awhile all the troubles of the world,


If your heart was a door, I’d open it with sincere words,


Sharing my world, my life, my heart, and my love,


Wanting my time with you to last forever.


Love heart uidaodjsdsew
Love heart uidaodjsdsew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With a Breeze in the Back

One lump or two? Or fifteen?
One lump or two? Or fifteen? (Photo credit: Joff Hopkins)


With a Breeze in the Back


“One lump or two?” I heard the nurse say,


My heart began pounding twice as fast,


I wasn’t mentally prepared on that fateful day,


I thought, This day could be my last.




From his office into the clean crisp air,


Escaping because I was upset and afraid,


Suddenly I realized that I was almost bare,


And in front of the Thanksgiving parade.




I couldn’t decide exactly what to do,


I still wore my gown with a breeze in the back,


I was embarrassed and a little cold too,


But I was in the parade, the leader of the pack.




My mind was numb and I lost my fear,


And I began to relax and wave,


The crowd roared and began to cheer,


For they thought I was extremely brave.




High stepping and saluting to the crowd’s delight,


I marched past the judges’ stand,


I was in my glory and in full sight,


I won a trophy for most spectacular in all the land.




I led that parade down a frontage street,


Until I marched into the doctor’s office again,


I entered and had just taken a seat,


When the doctor rushed in with a grin.




He asked, “Have you been waiting long?”


As he spent two minutes looking over my chart,


“Well I marched in a parade and wrote a song.”


He squinted and said, “Patience is an art.”




Doc, I need to know.  Was it one lump or two?”


“Why would you want to know that?


I want my coffee sweet so two lumps will do,


My wife would kill me.  She thinks I’m getting fat.”




Two lumps of sugar had been my downfall,


I had led a parade where everyone could see,


It hadn’t been my lymphatic glands at all,


It was sugar that almost killed me.




In the doctor’s office listen to what he says,


Don’t jump to conclusions if you’ve found a little bump,


Unless he shows you the x-rays,


Let his coffee contain the lump.












Class Reunions Are Measuring Points

50th Class Reunion
50th Class Reunion (Photo credit: roanokecollege)


Class Reunions Are Measuring Points




After my senior year in high school,


I left and vowed I’d never return.


For twenty years I kept my word,


For I had worldly lessons to learn.




But I began celebrating with my graduating class,


While I continued acting on life’s stage.


I found class reunions to be entertaining,


I wasn’t content to be left frozen on a yearbook page.




My ten year reunion seemed a little cold,


Conversations were earnest and matter of fact,


I laid out my dreams for all to see,


Pressure was on me to perform and act.




“Step in line.  Let me take your picture.”


I wanted pictures reminding me of the past,


I believed the beautiful people should pose first,


Although my inner fear was I might be last.




“Smile!”  the photographer barked,


My picture was taken and I found my seat,


Around an oval table sat unrecognized friends,


Who waited for a tri-tip dinner and good things to eat.




An invitation to the twentieth reunion arrived by mail,


“Your senior class is inviting you to attend,”


The invitation told me where and when,


Then signed, Your Anonymous Friends.




My curiosity was piqued by that note,


I put it on my calendar to make sure I was there.


Classmates arrived from parts unknown,


They all looked different; I had to stare.




Some men had beards or lost their hair,


My high school sweetheart was someone’s wife,


She had been married fifteen years,


Had a truckload of kids and was enjoying life.




I went from table to table searching for friends,


But many didn’t respond and didn’t go,


I tried not to show my disappointment,


When people asked, I’d say, “I don’t know.”




After twenty years the race was still on,


Life goals were in concrete set,


Families and jobs were often compared,


Friends asked, “Have your expectations been met?”




Classmates acted young and were chasing dreams,


They were waist deep in life as years flew past,


Each reunion became a measuring point,


And it seemed everyone was having a blast.




When the thirtieth rolled around I was racing by the rail,


Some classmates were ahead and avoiding the dust,


Their fortunes were already made,


They’d reached a level called “upper crust”.




The fortieth reunion was far more relaxed,


My retirement was rolling into sight,


Conversations were more about grandkids,


Houses and travel, and how money was tight.




Although I needed glasses and the light was dim,


I dared to study one rough-hewn face,


Memories of a young athlete competing


Were evoked from distant time and space.




His face was one I immediately recognized,


But when I shook his hand he seemed surprised,


“Bill,” I said, glad I could remember his name,


“Remember when we beat the Tigers in the big game?”




Then a woman’s face, etched with lines,


Hiding things she seemed afraid to share,


Perhaps she worried about a child’s health,


Or about a husband who didn’t care.




I wanted to distract her with a few kind words,


“Mary, I sat behind you n Spanish class,


I just wanted to tell you thanks,


Without your help I knew I could not pass.”




My role in life was to encourage and entertain,


I never won any academic awards,


But seeing my friends grin or smile,


Was to me a fantastic reward.




Once my mind had kept my body under control,


“Mind over matter,” had been often said,


Now my mind was losing its grip


“What’s next?” was running through my head.




I bought tickets to the fiftieth reunion


I decided to go before my energy drained,


Time was taking its daily toll


Sometimes it seemed little energy remained.




Before festivities started I looked around,


Wondering why men and women stared at me,


Squinting as they looked at my name tag,


They mumbled things like, “Long time, no see.”




It was time to focus on serious matters,


Because discussions centered around health,


Medicare, operations, medicines, and pills,


I noted that everyone cared less about wealth.




There wasn’t enough time to share my life,


For after dinner there was a live band,


Stirring up excitement with words I knew,


Playing sixties music to those who could stand.




Time and years had changed me,


From being indestructible with unstoppable plans,


I came to the realization I was fragile


And life had not been left in my hands.




My mirror tells me I have changed,


The years had not always treated me kind,


If I wander off or get left behind,


I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve lost my mind.




My features have coarsened and my hair turned gray,


Suddenly it seemed I became old and bent,


But the memories of reunions I’ve collected,


Are there to remind me I was glad I went.




I wouldn’t do things differently if we meet again,


Except print name tags larger so I can see,


An extra one backwards, larger, and upside down,


For I might need to be reminded that I am me.


















But She Forgot

The People That Time Forgot (novel)
The People That Time Forgot (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



But She Forgot


When her boyfriend broke up with her,




Cried on my shoulder,


Walked with me by the lake,


Talked for hours about all the things they did,


Wanted me to be there just to hear her breathe,


But she forgot I was there.




When she met the man of her dreams,




Told me how special he was,


Wanted me to meet him,


Insisted I go shopping with her to buy him gifts,


Asked me to help her write love poems (for him),


But she forgot I had feelings too.




When he became too busy to be with her,




Wouldn’t talk to anyone for days,


Partied every weekend with her girl friends,


Claimed I would be her best friend forever,


Moved in with a roommate,


But she forgot I cared.




When she became pregnant,




Needed me to take care of her,


Said I would be her son’s godfather,


Told me all the things we would do together,


Said she wanted to be independent,


But she forgot I had always been there for her.




When her boyfriend beat her up,




Lost her baby,


Insisted she still loved him,


Asked me to mind my own business,


Said I should stay away,


But she forgot my heart was broken.




When she was buried,




Looked very pretty,


Said she was sorry,


Wished that she loved me,


Left a note asking me to take care of her son,


But she forgot she didn’t even have to ask.


















She’s Unique!


1805-courtship-caricature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


She’s unique in every aspect,


She stands out in any crowd,


I can’t find words to describe her,


Except she makes me proud,




She’s a patriot to our country,


A mother to our child,


She’s the heart of our family,


A friend who drives me wild,




Love bubbles over in conversation,


There are sparkles in her eyes,


Things she does and things she says,


Always catch me by surprise,




Why do I think she’s special?


I love her more each day,


She always treats me like a king,


She’s a queen in every way,




How is she different from the others?


Why did I ask her to change her name?


I’ve always found her intriguing,


And it’s clear she loves me the same.




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