I think I heard rifles firing,

Shots heard round the world.

Then screaming,and angry words,

But that memory was in the distance,

years ago when Vietnam was in bloom,

Peaceful assembly, it was our right.

But shots were fired in broad daylight.

Four students lay dead, dangerous students,

Students, soldiers, NFL, lend me your ear.

Do you have anything to fear?

Our distinguished leader was angry and hot.

He despised those who were not.

Now, someone cut from the same mold

said, “Fire the “Sons of …………..!”

“Get rid of those who don’t obey.

If they dissent they should leave today!”

years ago, national guardsmen were told to turn and fire,

killing those dangerous students, taking American blood,

killing two women and two men who didn’t disperse fast enough.

It was only then that students understood that peaceful assembly

Was only allowed in groups of one, or maybe not even one,

Because even one can protest and draw attention to inadequacies.

But, if one speaks up and has questions or concerns,

If he still doesn’t understand, he should ask again.

Knowing that he is a target of those who want to control all who are free.

Kent state’s students, soldiers, found death that day,

They thought war was somewhere else and faraway.

But death runs with anger and is here to stay.

Forest fires, floods, hurricanes, disasters all,

We watch them dance closer and closer,

Waiting and watching until it’s too late

And the disasters are larger than we could anticipate.

Too little, too late, while children are starving for goodness sake,

The people are hungry and the leader says, “Let them eat cake!”

Private planes are heading to hot vacation spots,

While the leader spouts, “We’re doing a beautiful thing,

Taking care of Houston, Florida, and other places fit for a king.”

He says everything’s under control, as long as his ratings are rising in the latest poll.

As long as no one kneels, seeks justice, or looks the leader in the eye,

Ignoring countries that are trying to foment civil war and bring the USA down.

Please open up hospitals and see if an antidote can be found,

Because severe cases of stupidity are surely going around.

September 30, 2017


Break the Chains!

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relationship would you want changed?

holding you back?

Break the

Are there
remnants of love that still remain?

It’s never
too late to try,

Break the

Is your
relationship riddled with wounds and pain?

Are you
willing to give up pride,

To break the

Regrets and
needs are staking their claim,

important is it,

To break the

relationship can be as soothing as rain,

With a love
that grows deeper,

And will
always remain,

with words clear and plain,

Share your
love completely,

And break
the chains!

“You’re Ready to Touch the Sky”


For The Student Who’s Graduating

Students, there’s a big scary world out there,

Responsibilities on your shoulders rest, decisions to be made,

And discoveries to claim if you but dare,

Goals to reach or do nothing and let your dreams fade,

There are challenges you’ve already met,

With the support of family and friends,

But there are new goals that haven’t been set,

And your dreams have beginnings but no ends,

You’ll finish what others thought was an impossible task,

You won’t let this difficult world hold you back,

You’ll accomplish much more than the world might ask,

You’ve been honing your skills and none do you lack,

This world has had an awkward past,

Expect challenges and feelings of doubt,

Be prepared the best you can, life comes at you fast,

And the things you’ve planned may not turn out,

Obstacles might be placed in your path,

But don’t let that stop you from your quest,

Other ways exist from A to B, if you’ve done your math,

Education is just one part; life itself is the final test,

It’s a big intriguing world out there,

Take the first step and hold your head high,

Right or wrong, be brave, do everything with flair,

The world is yours if you choose to touch the sky.

“Be Aware”

I know why she glares,

But I do not dare,

Challenge that penetrating gaze,

Her crisp dress of white,

Contrasts sharply in the light,

With the blood from her lips,

And from her fingertips,

She admonishes, “Be aware,”

From the past she stares,

Remembering the students running,

And the gunman’s cunning,

Herding the hostages up the stairs,

Having caught them unawares,

Fingers clutched, she is still tense,

None of the shots made much sense,

So she sits with angry glare,

Remembering all that happened there,

A portrait changed by the artist’s flair.

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