Dreams of wars and dreams of hate,

Flow through me at an alarming rate.

Is this the calm before the storm,

That will ultimately seal our fate?

We’ll see! We’ll see!

The eye of the hurricane is passing through,

Hurry, get inside! The winds are returning for me and you!

Those who glorify war and play its game,

Have forgotten that war’s a beast and difficult to tame.

War and hate leave destruction in their wake,

It doesn’t seem to matter how many lives they take.

I don’t believe this is the calm that precedes the storm,

For this storm is smaller is riddled with lies.

But I see a great storm with power greater than the norm.

One that provokes enemies but I anticipate hate built from

Collusion and calculations and attacks from within.

The costs of war are staggering,

But in the past when we were knocked down,

We faced our terrors and got up round after round.

There are no guarantees and this time may be different.

Are we in the calm before the storm?

We’ll see!  We’ll see!

October 10, 2017



Shivering at the edge of the abyss

I shouted, “She owes me a kiss!”

I glared at the jagged rocks below,

Accusing the storm, screaming against the wind.

“You’re the one who ought to know!

Why did you bring me here?

She was my darling, my sweet dear.

“Why?” I yelled again.

The storm roared on and on,

Oblivious to me, convinced it had won.

“My sweetheart lies cold and now she’s gone,

And I’m chilled to the bone.”

I took another swig from my flask.

“Is there no one who loves me, if I dare ask?”

I was ready to leap, but something held me back.

Was it courage that I lacked?

Should I follow her to a watery tomb,

Was I ready to meet my doom?

An unknown voice pierced my inner storm.

“Can I hold you and keep you warm?”

I was sure I heard an angel’s voice.

In the midst of chaos I made a choice.

I  chose a stranger whose kind eyes and sweet smile

Made me love her. (We’ve been married quite awhile).

You ask if I’m happy, I’ll tell you before I go,

My heart loves both, if you want to know.

I come here, and I always will,

To pay respects to my first wife, I love her still.

I’d be lying if I denied all this.

But it seems like yesterday,

And she owes me a kiss.




Two Gossamer Wings

Detail of original engraving "The Hours&q...
Detail of original engraving “The Hours” by Francesco Bartolozzi showing gossamer wings on a nymph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The storm raged throughout the night,

The thunder was loud and the lightning was bright,

I slept in the basement to avoid the worst,

For I was of the opinion that hell had burst,

Straight line wind gusts of sixty or more,

Had blown a tree over and knocked open my door,

When morning dawned I cleared the debris,

And said a short prayer about the death of a tree,

The sun was shining and the sky was clear,

But I heard a sound that seemed very near,

At first I guessed it had to be a mouse,

But I knew for certain it was in my house,

A baseball bat was in my hand just to be sure,

For I remembered the tree had made my house less secure,

From room to room I searched for the sound,

I’d gone through most of the house and nothing was found,

“My bedroom!”  The thought jolted my mind,

I tightened my grip, not sure what I’d find,

The door was open and the lights were on,

The shape under the covers had to be someone,

As I got closer I slowly raised the bat,

I was slightly afraid, but don’t tell anyone that,

Carefully I pulled back the sheet and to my surprise,

A woman stared at me with two large luminous eyes,

Her skin was glowing and I could tell at a glance,

I’d never seen anyone like her, even by chance,

She was startled by my appearance, I tried to calm her fears,

It was at that moment I noticed her tall pointed ears,

Without any warning I kissed her ripe ruby lips,

Her eyes grew even larger when she felt my fingertips,

Pushing aside the covers she leaped up and hovered in the air,

Mesmerized by her beauty, I gasped to see her bare,

She wore no make-up, no bracelets or shiny rings,

But behind her back fluttered two gossamer wings,

An angel or fairy queen, I didn’t know for sure,

Because at that moment my thoughts were not pure,

As her mood changed, her color changed too,

I was glad to see she now had a warmer hue,

She was offering herself to one without wings,

Perhaps she knew I could do other things,

She smiled at me coyly and I almost burst,

My heart was pounding wildly, I was at my worst,

Her wings beat steadily as she stayed out of reach,

“If you want me, then it’s patience I’ll teach,”

We dined, danced, and talked for awhile,

Different worlds didn’t matter, I could tell by her smile,

Later in the night she fluffed up a nest,

I thought she was tired and needed her rest,

Instead she drew me close and wrapped her wings around,

She took me on a flight, somewhere heaven bound,

Her slow release kept me under her spell,

I didn’t know whether I’d reached heaven or hell,

That night she taught me much about certain things,

Inside I was flying even without gossamer wings,

She left late one night after a storm rolled in,

Desiring to be free and fly with the wind,

Now I stand in each storm waiting for her return,

My heart is empty without her and for her I yearn.



Facing the Storms

An occluded mesocyclone tornado (Oklahoma, May...
An occluded mesocyclone tornado (Oklahoma, May 1999) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stood facing the storm,

Shaking my fists at the sky,

“I’m as angry as you are,

Don’t you dare pass me by!”


The storm roared out an answer,

One that I couldn’t comprehend,

From the clouds lightning flashed,

No way my position I could defend,


“You think that I’m afraid,

To hear your mighty roar,

But through the years I’ve gotten strong,

And you don’t scare me anymore,”


Large clumps of ice were thrown,

But I dodged each and every one,

Then the wind howled at me,

Thinking I was completely done,


I raised my arms once more to protest,

I shouted, “Is that all you’ve really got?”

The winds blew even stronger then,

And my question I soon forgot,


The angry storm surged ahead,

With me squarely in its sights,

Drenched and bruised I stood firm,

Determined to last through the night,


The winds slowed and died down,

The storm was coming to an end,

“What made you want to defy me?” it asked,

“You were brave and strong, my friend,”


“Today I buried someone dear to my heart,

Too young to pass away,

I have nothing left to live for,

I’m not ready for a brand new day,”


The storm said, “The world would lose a man,

Someone who is filled with love inside,”

The storm was barely a whisper,

“You’d be missed if you were injured or died,”


The rain fell in soft little drops,

Tears falling from the storm’s eyes,

I gained respect for a storm,

And I was willing to give life another try,


Sunshine warmed me at the break of day,

The world was beautiful again,

My tears had fallen along with the storm’s,

And I was ready for my new life to begin.



You Are A Well-Built House

Solid with strong timber,

(Yet you are supple and limber,)

Tiled roof carefully laid,

(Hair glistening in a braid,)

Windows that peer out over the street,

(Eyes that sparkle when we meet,)

A welcoming door that invites me in,

(I’m still enthralled with your grin,)

Carpets plush and all in style,

(Makes me want to stay awhile,)

A dining room with foods to please,

(A playful spirit that loves to tease,)

A basement to run to when a storm is about,

(You’re fun to cuddle when the lights go out,)

A property that’s well worth every dime,

(Your love is appreciated more over time,)

There are no for sale signs on the lawn,

(I want you to wake beside me every dawn,)

A house that stands faithfully through the years,

(Weathers the storms and sheds the tears,)

A house that’s warm and full of charm,

(A shelter against the world and a haven from harm,)

A manifestation of love, a home full of bliss,

(You’re loving and desirable, now give me a kiss.)

An Answer to Lonely Nights

Prince Brian of Ledbury and Princess Acacia Gr...
Image by Falashad via Flickr

She’s a wild
one when she’s mad,

A tiger with
slashing claws,

But very
reasonable and calm,

Once she has
time to pause,


A storm in
the mountains,

But a gentle breeze from the sea,

Her friends
fill her days,

Yet she
yearns to be free,


She believes
in fairy tales,

And all her
wishes coming true,

But she’ll
give her heart to a pauper,

As long as
he loves her too,


In her dreams she flits about,

Much like a

Sampling each
flower in a random way,

It’s always
worth a try,


When her
prince arrives,

welcome him right in,

Her heart is
full and ready to share,

disarm him with her grin,


He’ll be the
center of her universe,

As he strums
across her heart,

She’s ready
to join his life’s song,

And she’s eager
to do her part,


He’ll enter
her web carefully,

Knowing she
is a connoisseur,

He knows
exactly what he wants,

So he
accepts her honeyed lure,


Her words
are pure and clear,

that yearns to be heard,

And he will
be there, face to face,

Listening to
every word,


When they’re
behind closed doors,

She’ll be
shy, bold, a little bit of a tease,

And he’ll
try the best he can,

A thousand
ways to please,


Her prince
has visited countless times,

And held her
in his dreams,

He’s watched
over her as she slept,

And planned
out his schemes,


Caressed her
cheek, each strand of hair,

Whispered sweet
nothings in her ear,

Words that
meant much to him,

Words she
could barely hear,


Words that were meaningful

Right from the start,

“You mean
the world to me,

I will give
you my heart,

And treat
you tenderly.”


One Storm Was Different

Image by Jonathan Gill via Flickr

Time after
time I observed beautiful storms,

Wanting to
see differences, wanting to see norms,

Usually they
appeared suddenly, lighting up the sky,

And I would
watch with wonder as they passed me by,

But one
storm looked different, just a little odd,

Its profile
dark and menacing, its shoulders wide and broad,

The storm
moved quickly in from the west,

Its eyes
flashed angrily and it spoke loudly with zest,

I could see
its determined look the closer it came,

Then a
funnel descended, and it called out my name,

I hid in my
basement, away from the destructive wind,

It was out
to destroy me, I knew it was no friend,

My home was
gone, the storm took all I had,

But I had
evaded death this time; the storm was really mad,

Time after
time I weathered marital fights,

Wanting to
know who was wrong and who was right,

these arguments would flare up fast,

But I didn’t
want to listen until my anger was past,

One fight
seemed different, just a little odd,

Her words were
mean and icy, but my shoulders were broad,

The quarrel
continued, I felt tightness in my chest,

Her eyes
flashed and her words continued with zest,

I could see
the fury in her face, the closer she came,

My pride was
punctured as she called me some awful names,

I hid in
silence, away from her angry glare,

She was out
to destroy me, no longer did she care,

Along with
my heart she took away my pride,

But I still
had lots of love bottled deep inside,

When she
left I had to face life once again,

With little
to lose this time, but much more to gain,

I’ll continue
enjoying storms as they roll into view,

But this
time I’ll be aware of the destruction one storm can do.

One Lonely Rose

One Lonely Rose

One lonely rose greeted me,

I didn’t know why she left our home,

Beneath my window this morn,

It was not logical to be in the world alone,

She tugged her petals closer,

She always forgot to bring her coat and mitts,

While shivering in the storm,

If she needed warmth she wouldn’t admit it,

Her head drooped slightly,

I could tell she was tired and ill,

As she leaned into the rain,

I knew she struggled paying bills,

Against the winds, the mighty winds,

But she had to prove she had the will,

She was determined to remain,

She made it clear I was unneeded still,

Expecting the worst when all had ceased,

Surely after months my love she would lack,

I hesitated before I glanced outside,

Her world must be out of whack!

The delicate rose remained there still,

She did not want me to bring her back,

Bursting with fragrant pride,

Her pride will be her downfall,

I admired her courage as she stood alone,

She had heard freedom’s call,

Smiling as she stood sentinel tall,

She had no intention of giving in, none at all,

Knowing the other roses were gone,

Even to lose love she chose not to bend,

She waited bravely to face the first snowfall.

She would be independent until the end.

(Sometimes in poetry the story is between the lines.)

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