Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman
The Invisible Woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have been married for twenty years,

Most of the years were  good,

But the last five were lonely,

Filled with silence not quite understood,


Look away when you pass her,

Avoid seeing her bloodshot eyes,

Swollen with streaks of red,

From all the times she cries,


Act like she’s completely invisible,

Ignore the gestures she makes,

She’s still a forgotten woman,

But few complaints she makes,


Close connections with her husband,

Spiraled slowly out of control,

All she wants is to love and be loved,

Instead she’s feeling her life unroll,


He’s not the man she once married,

She knows how much he’s changed,

She closes her eyes and guards her heart,

While surrounded by a world deranged,


She’s invisible to the one she cares for most,

But he’s too busy to listen or see,

She longs for intimate conversation,

And life like it used to be,


She’s one of the walking wounded,

At home she has no voice,

Talk to her, don’t ignore her pain,

It’s time to make a choice,


She’s one of the invisible ones around you,

You cross paths with each day,

You can inspire hope and give new life,

With each kind word you say,


Share your words again and again,

With her when you happen to meet,

The invisible woman will smile once more,

And go dancing down your street.


Save a Bag of Popcorn for Me

Popcorn icon
Popcorn icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She reminded me of popcorn,

Never knowing how to relax,

Jumping up and ready to go,

Moving to the max,


She could dance all night,

All eyes glued to her every move,

That’s the way it always was,

As she got into her groove,


I could see other men wanted her,

But I had no time for jealousy,

For no matter what anyone said or did,

She always went home with me,


She treated me like I was special,

I honored her as my queen,

I loved her on the weekends,

And all the days between,


She wasn’t a prima donna,

She was always at my side,

She was my best friend, lover, wife,

I could not disguise my pride,


A doctor broke the news one day,

She had a suspicious bump,

There was nothing to do but wait and see,

It turned out to be a cancerous lump,


The cancer had metastasized,

But we pretended she was free,

Until death claimed her one day,

And ripped my heart from me,


The only woman I ever loved,

Was taken too early from me,

I am left with empty arms,

And with only her memory,


Every time I hear that familiar pop,

And see popcorn start to jump,

I brush the tears from my eyes,

As I remember that awful bump,


Her final words before she left,

“I’ll love you, dear, for all eternity,

So enjoy life, whether short or long,

And save a bag of popcorn for me.”


Me and My Honey

Little Honey
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He said, “The sun is shining and I’ve got a notion,

We’ll lie on a blanket and slap on some lotion,

We’ll pretend we’re at some fabulous beach,

I’ll rub you in places you can’t reach,

Winter is over and I’m raring to go,

I built up my energy while shoveling snow,

I got tired of the cold and being kept in,

I’m ready for fresh air and I want to see skin,”


She said, “Keep your eyes in their sockets and please don’t push,

I’m ready for spring and I don’t want to rush,

Spring is beautiful and I’m afraid I’ll miss much,

I don’t want you to bother me so please don’t touch,

The breeze is sighing as it twists through the trees,

I want to enjoy this afternoon so no heavy breathing please,

You’re being silly to be acting like this,

I know you’ll never be satisfied with just one kiss,”


He said, “I’ve spent most of my life in the fields and woods,

Farming, fishing, and hunting, learning life is good,

And after a day in the office my energy is spent,

I think I’ll go downtown, I need to vent,”


She said, “You’re going inside because I ruined your fun?

I thought it would be enough to just share the sun,

You came out here because you wanted to be near me,

Look around, there’s so much nature to see,”


She said, “It’s time for dinner, I’ll make you some food,”


He said, “I’m not hungry, I’m just not in the mood,”


She said, “Then I’ll go with you, I don’t want to be alone,”


He said, “Call one of your friends, you’re always on the phone,”


She said, “That was uncalled for, it was downright mean,

I think you’re the meanest man I’ve ever seen,”


He said, “You’re not the angel I asked for from up above,

You don’t treat me well and you don’t show love,”


Ah, newlyweds, we had so much to learn,

We started with love and had pride at every turn,

Now me and my honey know how to relate,

As long as I stay here and she stays in her state,

We’ll talk once in awhile on the telephone,

Because I get tired of this house and being alone,

Me and my honey just couldn’t stay together,

We just weren’t two birds of a feather,


She says she still cares about me,

I miss her too, but we can’t agree,

About how to get along in each other’s company,

And life goes on, both of us living in misery,

I can’t live with her and I can’t live without,

Is that what real love is all about?

There must be something I can do,

But at this moment in time I haven’t got a clue.




I Can’t Fly With Broken Wings

Broken Wings (film)
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Within my chest is the heart to fly,

But I cannot soar into the sky,

Though my dreams allow me to sing,

I can’t fly with broken wings,

Once I circled proud and free,

Fueled by your love’s energy,

Haughty was I in mundane things,

Now I can’t fly with broken wings,

You gave your body but not your heart,

When you left, my world came apart,

My realm was toppled, no longer I’m king,

How can I fly with broken wings,

Once the world was beautiful as I flew,

But that was while I traveled with you,

Now I’m waiting to see what the future brings,

Because I can’t fly with broken wings.


Devil or Angel?

Devil by m a t h e s
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From her window she watched,

As he strolled by each day,

Until he was completely out of sight,

Before she would lie down and pray,


“Oh, dear Lord,” she would say,

“He got to me again today,

If I don’t change how I think,

I won’t be going heaven’s way,”


The warmth that radiated inside,

As she studied his manly chest,

That warmth became a raging fire,

As she thought about all the rest,


Her dreams in the dark were of him,

She could feel his arms locked tight,

She had no doubts, she was totally sure,

She would share her bed one night,


As she stared from her window,

One day he glanced back and saw,

Her gaze raking over him wild and free,

Her thoughts beyond the law,


Her intense longing was clear to see,

What could he do but turn around,

She opened her door and greeted him,

They embraced without one sound,


Clothing could not keep them apart,

Soon it was skin against skin,

And all the passion stored away,

Exploded and was released within,


They spent that day in passion’s throes,

Navigators with much to explore,

No matter which direction either went,

Their bodies begged for more,


Happy, content, and physically spent,

He left her without a goodbye,

He walked bravely into a cold world,

Where men are not supposed to cry,


For she had stirred the flames,

Of a heart long grown cold,

And bought it to life again,

For his heart needed someone to hold,


She watched him walk away,

Every step showed confidence and spring,

As he approached, men and women stepped aside,

For he had the confidence of a king,


Devil or angel, she had forgotten her role,

She had so much love to give away,

If she passed someone needy on the street,

There surely would be hell to pay,


But for one day love reigned supreme,

And a man lost his worries and cares,

If she found him with his guard down,

And caught him unaware.


Belle Goes to School

English: A Lhasa Apso.
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One Sunday as I finished giving Belle her weekly scrub,

Her expression said, “I’m tired of being in the tub,”

She looked shaggy while wet and needing a trim,

And I don’t think she liked her little swim,


As soon as her feet hit the bathroom floor,

Lickety-split she was out the bathroom door,

Vigorously she shook, then gave a final shrug,

She began racing from room to room, then rug to rug,


I pretended to chase her and I really did try,

But her energy seemed endless and she needed to dry,

Like a clock with a spring she finally wound down,

She lay there thinking and didn’t make a sound,


I thought she said, “I’ve been watching the kids go to school,

I’m ready to go, too, it looks pretty cool,”

I drove to school with Belle in the back,

She knew she would have to remain in my backpack,


Even for a teacher dogs weren’t allowed at school,

But Belle looked so happy I was willing to break the rule,

The morning went smoothly, you might say it was a breeze,

Belle took her constitutional after her lunch of mac and cheese,


My lessons were great but they might have been boring,

As the afternoon progressed I heard someone snoring,

If everyone stayed quiet that was okay with me,

But a rascal named Joe had an insatiable curiosity,


He was restless, talkative, and definitely wiggly,

He teased the girls and made them giggly,

He wanted to impress the girls how tough he could be,

It was evident he was ready to challenge me,


Belle could sense that trouble was ready to brew,

So she jumped out of the backpack, she knew what to do,

Joe’s admirers saw Belle and left him behind,

Without an audience he nearly lost his mind,


Joe was ready to fight everybody he could see,

And of course, his target happened to be me,

Belle was aware that Joe didn’t care at all,

That’s when she brought him a soccer ball,


My class went outside for the ultimate game,

Joe and his friends against me and what’s-her-name,

It was hard fought and Joe did his best,

The score was tied close to the end of the contest,


Belle looked at Joe, then gave me a grin,

And sealed their friendship, she let him win,

The principal arrived, “What’s this?” he croaked like a frog,

Joe faced him defiantly, “She’s our therapy dog,”


From then on when I brought Belle to school,

Joe claimed he taught her to read and she wasn’t a fool,

She knew not to argue when she had it so good,

Because Belle, the therapy dog, always understood.




“Please Wait!”

Flames visible through the window of a house d...
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Six Predicaments   (2/6)

1)  John stood on the ledge waiting to plunge,

A crowd gathered below,

Waiting for him to make his big lunge,

He moved a few steps searching for traction,

The timing was not quite right,

He called his wife wanting her reaction,

When he told her he loved her without any lies,

Wanting her to know that he lost his job,

He was tense and irritable, But to his surprise,

He heard, “Please wait until your party is found,”

And then music he didn’t like boomed in his ear,

He didn’t want elevator music on his way down,

He let the waiting rescuers come near,

He heard, “We help everyone in our town,”

Despite all the news about John’s desperate act,

Some people thought he was being dramatic,

And said he had a tendency to overreact,

His wife went to her mother’s for a week or two,

John wonders if she’ll ever come home,

Because she’s long overdue.


2)  Flames were reaching higher and higher,

Eduardo called 911 screaming, “My children are in there,

Please don’t let this be a funeral pyre!”

A voice rang clear, “Please wait because we have pranksters about,

We’ve had several people call in tonight,

So all our engines are already out,

Tell me one more time what is your plight?”

Fortunately others had seen the glow,

He stammered and stuttered,

In his excitement his words did not flow,

Fire trucks returning were diverted and sent,

Firemen arrived to see the house in dire straits,

Through smoke and flames three firemen went,

They found one child, two, and then another,

They were carried out safely,

The two girls were okay, and so was their brother,

They lost their home, their belongings, their bed,

But when all was considered and done,

They were lucky to be alive instead.


Reyna and the Umbrella

English: Maayan holds her umbrella (Israel, 2002)
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He was a grizzled old man with a sea cap,

His eyes like seas of blue,

Two children begged him for a story,

When he nodded the crowd around him grew,


“See that old umbrella over in the corner,

The one with fresh flowers on each side,

I’ll tell you a story that I believe is true,

But it’s up to you to decide,”


Reyna’s Story

She stood crowded in with the others,

Waiting for their mail-order husbands,

The men were late, but that’s how it is,

When they’re shipped from faraway lands,


She hoped he was dressed warmly,

For the day had been bitterly cold,

He would arrive in perfect condition,

At least that’s what she had been told,


The rains had fallen intermittently,

And the wetness chilled to the bone,

The women were smart to carry umbrellas,

For this event they would not postpone,


Morning turned to late afternoon

With no men yet to show,

Reyna grew impatient with waiting,

She was perplexed, for a woman has to know,


She still carried her bouquet of flowers,

Which she intended for her man,

But they drooped after the long wait,

She hoped he would understand,


She began crying out of frustration,

Her tears mixed with the rain,

What happened next was not understood,

Her umbrella felt her pain,


With powerful wings it lifted her up,

Which gave her a much better view,

There she could see a mighty storm,

And a ship trying to find its way through,


Bravely she sped their way,

Her umbrella felt her increasing power,

It glowed like a star above the ship,

And the men found their courage that hour,


Soon they were docking at the port,

Guided by that wonderful strange light,

Then they were more truly amazed,

As Reyna descended into sight,


They circled her on bended knees,

Each man loving her in his heart,

But she had chosen one good man,

To be with her from the start,


Not every woman was happy with her man,

Although each had made her own choice,

Those who ordered men with tender hearts,

Had reasons to rejoice,


For Reyna and her chosen man,

It was love for both at first sight,

They both agreed for years to come,

They were lucky the very first night,


The crowd drifted away shaking their heads,

Laughing as they walked into the night,

The old man called out as he got up from his chair,

“Reyna, should I turn out the lights?”








Jack of the Lanterns

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Jack of the Lanterns

It was a day like the others,

But the sea was at rest,

The crew was getting restless,

Including Lady Pen in the nest,

It seemed days since we had rum,

“Captain Jack,” said I so bold,

“I can almost hear a distant drum,

Someplace where there’s lots of gold,”

“Aye,” he muttered, “we need to find,

Something to do to distract their minds,”

“Captain, if I may humbly suggest,

Bring Lady Pen down from the nest,

I heard her talking to one of the crew,

She had some ideas on what to do,”

Now Jack don’t take to ideas quick,

But he knew Pen’s ideas would be slick,

He grabbed one of the men by the arm,

“Tell Pen to see me, but no need for alarm,”

She looked a bit worried, timid she be,

As she climbed down she glared at me,

“Did this tar say something, he’s worthless you see,”

She smiled provocatively at Jack, and batted her eyes,

“I’m ready for duty, you can count on me,”

“Lady Pen, I need some ideas to stir up this crew,

I need them fast, I feel trouble starting to brew,”

“Captain,” she said with a twinkle in her eye,

“I’ve been thinking while up in the sky,

If our flag was different than any other ship,

You’d become famous, Edward Teach would flip,”

And I have ideas about decorating and such,

The world would love us and it wouldn’t cost much,”

“Ah, Lady Pen,” said Jack with a twinkle in his eye,

“You’ve turned out to be a special kind of guy,”

With scissors and thread she started the flag,

With bits of clothing, curtains, and rags,

She’d requested some gourds when we found land,

Gave no explanation that the Captain could understand,

She toiled without stopping until she was done,

“Captain,” she said, “Now, let’s have some fun,”

The Jolly Roger came down, a pumpkin flag was raised,

The crew was perplexed and partially dazed,

The gourds were carved with precision and care,

All had smiles, but an evil stare,

“These gourds will be lanterns to guide us at night,

And the evil faces will give others a fright,”

Candles were lit and placed in each gourd,

“I’ll reward you handsomely,” said Jack, “you have my word,”

The ships demeanor changed, it was eerily strange,

Ships surrendered before we got into range,

As we boarded ships that we found,

Jack would call out, “Put your arms down,”

“Give us your gold and something to eat,

And no tricks we’ll play as we take our treats,”

It wasn’t long before the word spread,

That a great pirate ship was one to dread,

It was filled with spirits with evil grins,

It never loses and always wins,

Captain Kidd, Teach, and others heard of its fame,

And Pen was selected to give it a permanent name,

“Jack’s lanterns, to her just made sense,

And jack o’lanterns  have been called that hence,

Even now should you on the open sea be cast,

And a pumpkin flag is flying near the mast,

Look closely at the Lady dressed prim and neat,

Her eyes will be glowing as you close in to greet,

And beside her will be a captain, Jack be his name,

Take them seriously when they say, “Trick or Treat!”

Many a ship has been plundered out at sea,

I wouldn’t want that to happen to you or me,

When jack o’lanterns be smiling with an evil grin,

Be aware of the danger you could be in,

Should you be courteous especially to Pen,

Their hospitality is fabulous for all their friends.



Halloween Treats

Group of children in a primary school in Paris
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Here’s to excited
children searching for sweets,

On Halloween night there are good things to eat,

Lurking in
the dark strange creatures are stirring,

gone, their minds are whirring,

Only the
pranksters will venture the streets,

While the
rest will be home counting their treats,

Every parent
will know if their children are safe,

Each ghoul
and goblin are counted even the waifs,

No monsters
are allowed in their dreams tonight,

The little ones
might want to leave on the light,

stories after they’ve been tucked in bed,

Each thought
of candy gone from their head,

All parents
will know how they’ve been blessed,

To see eyes
all closed and the children at rest,

Stretching in
their sleep and smiles on each face,

Sweets for
the sweet, at the right time and place.

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