I do not believe hate can destroy hate. Hate only intensifies when more hate is added to the flames.  Love is the only way to keep hate from growing.   Love’s powerful emotion will gradually smooth and soothe until hate runs and hides.  Only love can mend broken people, broken nations, and broken hearts.


The world tries to hide its shame.  Wars, rape, hunger–who’s to blame?

“Turn off the news!” someone shouts.  “It’s going to be another terrible day.”

When you close your eyes and cry, and do nothing except watch someone die,

Are you giving up without another chance to try?

The words of poets are powerful and should wake us and inspire,

I think we have a bigger purpose than simply preaching to the choir.

My friends, I hear voices from the graves.  They honor poets and writers

as those who are brave.  Words that carry love and dissipate hate will live long after our bones have crumbled.  Speak up and let love once again retake our land. Go in peace and love.

June 29, 2017


Frozen in Ice (Part Three)

Cover of "Forgiveness"
Cover of Forgiveness

 In the wee hours David took her home, but he didn’t wait around,

The house was dark, not even one light, to welcome her return,

She went from room to room, but no one could be found,

If her husband and children were gone, where could she turn?

She found a note on the kitchen table, upon it was written her name,

“The kids are safe at your mother’s, but I decided to take a trip,

One of my friends went to the dance, he told me of your shame,

I couldn’t believe my wife, my angel, had finally lost her grip,”

“I’m sorry you don’t love me anymore, I’m sorry I let you down,

I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, I need some space to live,

I wanted to discuss this all with you, but you brought your love to town,

I know I won’t forget this night, but I’m trying hard to forgive,”

Rhonda’s heart was pounding as reality struck her with terrible force,

She had always held her husband accountable for every small mistake,

Forgiveness was not her strong point and now she was filled with remorse,

Could he ever forgive her for what she’d done, what action would he take?

Emotionally and physically she had neglected her husband’s needs,

In return, he had numbed himself to all matters of the heart,

Was it too late to repair their love and forgive any wayward deeds?

Rhonda was ready for counseling, to give her marriage a new start,

Her husband was not sure that he was willing to reconcile,

Their relationship was empty, love had leaked slowly away,

He, too, had felt neglected, they had not made love for awhile,

Could he forgive her? Or did he need to make her pay?

There are consequences for her actions, she’s lost her self-respect,

She’d like to forget and forgive herself, for the night she lost control,

But David’s face often appears, when she’s lonely and feels neglect,

And her face flames with sudden rush, as she remembers his body bold,

Did she really mean forever, that she would never do any wrong?

Oh, the decisions she has to make, to keep from going back,

Is it worth all the work to keep her relationship strong?

Or should she take the easy way out, and get the love she lacks?

(To Be Continued)

Frozen in Ice (Part Two)

ballroom-style blues

He led her to his truck, and then quickly to a nearby motel,

Slow and easy he stirred her embers into a raging fire,

Filling her needs with practiced deeds, in ways she would never tell,

Then he said, “It’s time for you to go, though your body I still admire,”

For the first time since she had ventured to seek fun in the town,

Did she remember her husband and kids at home,

She wanted her normal life where peace and quiet were found,

“If only they will take me back, no longer will I roam,”

The consequences of her actions were terrible to comprehend,

It was too late to take back the wantonness she had displayed,

What could she say to justify herself? “Don’t worry, he’s just a friend,”

It was easier to blame her husband for the choices she had made,

It was then she began considering her husband’s reaction,

“He’s a good man, and he works hard to provide for us,

He just takes me for granted, and if he had paid any fraction

Of his time on romance, there wouldn’t be anything to discuss,”

“He’s the reason I was starved for attention and had to go out,”

Just thinking that made her angry all over again, “He doesn’t care,”

But her guilt was building up inside, filling her with pain and doubt,

“Will he take me back?  Will he know? How much should I share?”

David took her back to the dance, to see if her friend was there,

But she was gone, the place was closed, and Rhonda was quite upset,

From the shadows she heard a man’s voice, booming for all to hear,

“Rhonda, it looks like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet,”

That voice, she recognized it, it was a friend she knew from church,

“You’re not as good as you claimed to be,” he said with a sneer,

“I see you’ve been playing around, and left your husband in the lurch,

 But I won’t tell, if you share with me, I’ll even call you dear,”

He laughed again, a guttural laugh, and approached in the light,

She shrank back in horror, as her friend whispered her name,

Rhonda grabbed David’s arm, “Let’s go, before he wants to fight!”

But her real fear was everyone would hear, and all would know her shame,

(To Be Continued)

My Life Will Not Be a Stagnant Pond

A picture of a pond in a residential garden.
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In my dreams there was a pond not far beyond,

Where everything stopped, no frog hopped,

It was there that it was said it’s better to be dead,

Not much can live, no life to give,

Few signs of activity, the home of negativity,

What went in never came out,

It was a resting place for shame and doubt,

A deathly silence engulfed the air,

And I faced my own reality there,

Things I never did hung over my head,

Conversations I never had made me sad,

Risks I never took deserved another look,

I just waited for life to begin and end,

A bystander remembering talents never used,

Ignoring all that were battered and bruised,

Weeks became months, months became years,

The only signs of life were my tears,

When I woke I danced, for I had a second chance,

My life was a gift and others I could lift,

I decided to take the initiative and lead,

Crossing those barriers that might impede,

Building relationships that were filled with trust,

Flowing and active, living a life that was robust,

Not a stagnant pond, for I’ll keep moving on,

Celebrating life ongoing, reaching out,

No longer is there any doubt,

It’s not about me after all, for I heard the call,

Not frozen in fear but trumpeting loud and clear,

Caring for the young, the homeless, and the weak,

Always wanting it to be the truth I seek,

I’ll sleep under the stars, rail against wars,

Be active in my home and community,

Instead of stagnation, choosing generativity,

My dreams won’t be about what I haven’t done,

But about all the victories won,

And I’ll be happy to encounter challenges each day,

Growing, flowing, alive in every way,

My life stream teeming with life along the banks,

For this second chance, I dance, and give thanks.

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