Tales From One Warm Summer Night (Part 3/3)

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Rhonda said, “If I had lived in a wild west border town,

My man wouldn’t have been riding around gunning people down,

He would have been a farmer, a preacher, or someone grand,

He wouldn’t have carried a weapon to prove he was a man,”

I said, “Women were tough and sometimes wore guns and a cowboy hat,

More like Annie Oakley or Belle Starr or someone like that,”

“You’re right,” Rhonda agreed, “In every role women passed the test,

They stood beside their men and civilized the west,”

I was glad Bill got up and added another log to the fire,

The log burst into flames and sent sparks higher and higher,

Because something behind me took a few steps back,

Considering now if it would still be a good time to attack,

Rhonda was weary and ready to slip into her tent,

But I fervently urged her to wait, and finally she did relent,

She thought it was the stories, but I could imagine what we might find,

If she was alone and unprotected and the unknown thing decided to dine,

Bill was ready and anxious to tell his story for it was late,

And if Bill waited for tomorrow we might not learn the young man’s fate,

“This young man had earned several advances in rank,

His bravery saved many lives and they had him to thank,

Several towns later he again played a brave part,

He took down some snipers and earned a “Purple heart”,

Wounded and bleeding he stayed with his troop,

He felt protective and responsible for all in his group,

When the war was over he became a good priest,

For he had fought his inner demon and conquered the beast,”

Bill’s story gave me courage to face what was unseen,

While everyone watched I prepared for this terrible hidden fiend,

I could sense its location, I had been aware all night long,

Now I was ready to send it back to where it belonged,

I leaped into the air and made myself as large as I knew how,

Something ran towards me, that evil thing turned out to be a cow,

Now what I did so unexpectedly gave everyone a fright,

Then they laughed so hard, no one could sleep all night,

They insisted I stay up all night and share my scary tale,

And I told them about a gigantic monster that I knew so well,

At break of dawn along the path we started to depart,

But blocking our way was the cow and it lay ripped apart,

Huge footprints were evident all over the ground,

We hurried along and not one of us made a sound,

I knew then that my feelings inside had been right,

Something out there had waited for us last night,

I can’t ignore the mysteries that abound,

And I’ve noticed things others might never have found,

My stories have often proven to be true,

And friends wonder what would ensue,

If I shared a story about something really good,

Would they be willing to share tales again in the woods,

Or are they afraid that I see with an inner eye,

For my visions often prove to be true, I am a poet, aren’t I?




“Sleep Well!”

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The scouts
gathered around the crackling fire,

And asked me
about my lonely life,

Why didn’t
you travel across the seas,

Why didn’t
you take a wife?


“I’m growing
old, though I’m still young,

And I’ll
share a tale or two,

I didn’t have
gray hair a few years ago,

But now,
that’s what love will do,


I pointed to
my locks of hair,

Which they
could clearly see were white,

“I’m going
to tell you about a creature,

Who might
bite your neck tonight!”


“These Ouachita
Mountains hide some ghouls,

Oh, dear
ones, they’re hidden very well,

watching you day and night,

You might
fall under one’s spell,”


“I was smug,
I didn’t believe the tales,

The forests
looked so peaceful and green,

How could
creatures be lurking about,

everything appearing so serene?


It was noon,
or maybe three or four,

I strolled
about the forest green,

In a dense
thicket I discovered a clearing,

And the
prettiest girl I’d ever seen,”


Her hair she
brushed until it gleamed,

I was
blinded by the glare,

Her lips
were full and rosy,

I was
captivated by her cold dark stare,


“What brings
you here?” she demanded,

I didn’t
quite know what to say,

I thought
the forest was mine to explore,

But she said
I’d gone astray,


I was off
the given trail, it’s true,

I shouldn’t
have wandered there,

Her rosy
lips pulled back into a snarl,

Revealing fangs
she was ready to bare,


She crouched
low before she sprang,

The forest
suddenly grew quiet,

One thought
flashed through my mind,

“I’m going
to die tonight!”


Now I’m not
a man to brag or boast,

I knew I had
but a few seconds to live,

I cried out, “You’ve already captured my heart,

And I still
have love to give!”


statement caught her by surprise,

She hesitated
while in midair,

Her fangs
drew back into a smile,

Her kiss
caught me square,


It was everything
I needed,

It was wonderful
and took my breath,

She held me
and loved me,

Her kiss was
not a kiss of death,


All this
happened just a few years ago,

Scouts, you’ll
just have to believe,

These Ouachita
Mountains will tell you true,

Because I know
they won’t try to deceive,


If you
should happen on strange folk,

Who snarl
and show their fangs,

Back away
and run for help,

Before they
have hunger pangs,


And love,
let it be your last resort,

Just before
your final fight,

See these
wounds upon my neck,

That’s why
my hair is white,


Yes, I love
her, I truly do,

But I wouldn’t
recommend my fate,

She thirsts
after my blood,

I have to
hurry, my love can’t wait,”


“If you
wander away from the group,

Be sure to
take a friend,”

Their eyes
were wide and very big,

As my tale
came to an end,


“The forest
is beautiful but take care,

Creatures live
close by the trail,

Now I must
hurry and be inside where it’s safe,

Remember my
story, and be sure to Sleep Well!”


“It’ll Come For You!”

shadow people
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“Tell me a
scary story, Papa,

One that won’t
let me sleep,”


child, I’ll tell you one,

That will be
dark and deep,”


“Papa, is it the one about a toe,

Where the
monster seeks revenge?”


“No, child,
this one is scarier yet,

And you’ll
be in the middle, not on the fringe,”


“Papa, tell
me true,

Is it something that happened to you?”


“Yes, my
child, once when all was locked tight,

I was
writing a story in the midst of night,

When out of
the corner of my eye,

I saw a movement, then a shape in the moonlight,

I turned but
not fast enough,

For only a
shadow remained in sight,

Then it, too,
was gone in a flash,”

“My mind is
playing tricks on me,” I said,

“I think it’s
time for me to go to bed,”


“Papa, is
that the end of the story?”


“Be patient,
my child, for there is more,

I went into
my room and closed the door,

But I could
feel , yes, feel, eyes fixed outside,

Wanting for me
to open wide the door,

And so I
did, expecting nothing but my fear,

But there
was a man standing there,

I guess he’d
been there for awhile,

Looking at
me straight on with an evil smile,”


“Papa, were
you scared, what did you do?”


“He wore a
cloak, his eyes were red,

I closed the
door, stayed awake in bed,

Waited until
the dawn’s first light,

To see if I
was alive or dead,

He was
standing in that very hall,

Now go to
sleep, if you can sleep at all,”


“Papa, I’m
scared, is this story true?

Did this
really happen to you?”


“Child, it
happened night after night,

Your mother
couldn’t take it,

mumbling about an awful fright,

Eventually it
scared her enough  and she took flight,

She’s living
in a home for those disturbed,

Claiming she’s
okay and not perturbed,

She claims
my story is quite inane,

And I’m the
one who’s really insane,

My story is
not long, but it is true,

Now go to
sleep, my child, or it’ll come for you.”




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