If Loneliness Is a Shadow


Good-bye My Loneliness
Good-bye My Loneliness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If Loneliness is a Shadow


If loneliness is a shadow who wants to dance,


She dreams alone and she’ll take a chance,


At first she doesn’t understand,


As loneliness takes her by the hand,


But as imaginary music fills the air,


Loneliness spins her around the room,


Letting her forget despair and gloom,


When the sun sets and shadows grow,


This shadow takes her to the late, late show,


Hoping that she’ll be glad to stay,


Along with her dreams for one more day,


Her feet are nimble as she glides across the floor,


Her happiness complete and her heart soars,


No longer does she count the hours,


But time spent is time lost,


And she does not consider the cost,


Hello, Loneliness, Join her once again,


Let her dance the night away,


Tomorrow she’ll rise to a brand new day,


And she’ll dance, spinning round and round,


Keeping her smile with never a frown,


Giving her heart one more chance,


To wake in her world of lost romance,


Happiness and love will treat her well,


As she dances along a star lit trail,


An imaginary world where everything is real,


It lets her dance the way she feels,


Spinning dizzily as the music plays,


She prepares her heart for lonely days.





Don’t Ask

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You ask me a

As you’re
just passing by,

But I don’t
want to answer you,

And you don’t bother asking why,

Your time is
limited, you’re going somewhere,

You asked
just to be polite,

The chance you
had to know more about me,

Was gone
when you walked out of sight,

Within me
there was an answer,

But it was
blocked by questions of my own,

What would
this do to our relationship,

If the truth
spills out,

If you find
my fears, my pain,

Would you
talk to be again,

Yes, I have
wants and needs,

And I’ll
listen to your deeds,

sometimes I want to know about you,

Tear down
your walls and share what’s inside,

Be authentic
and please don’t hide,

If you’re
only pretending to be my friend,

Then don’t
ask deep questions again,

Just say hi
and goodbye,

Smile a weak
smile and walk on by,

“How are you?” means you care too,

I’m ready if
you’re ready to share.


If you’d
feel awkward,

Breaking a
few rules,

Then you
shouldn’t be,

Hanging out with fools,


If you’d
feel strange,

another man’s wife,

Then you
shouldn’t be,

Stirring up quarrels and strife,


If you’d
feel weird,

from the weak and old,

Then why are
you so greedy,

To want his
silver and gold,


If you don’t want to hurt someone,

Then why go
blithely along,

screams of pain,

When you
know something is wrong,


If you steal
someone’s happiness,

Or steal her
hope and joy,

What more does she have to live for,

What more
can you destroy,


Life has its
awkward moments,

Most of
those you’ll choose,

But when you
hurt someone else,

Within your
heart you lose,


might forgive you,

But they’ll never
forget your name,

The wounds
you made are deep inside,

They’ll have
you forever to blame,


Life has its
awkward moments,

I’m sure you’ll
find that true,

Find a way
to work through obstacles,

And your heart will learn to trust you.




Soul Catcher!

The Seduction (1982 film)
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It was an
evening ritual,

One that was

One that
made her senses reel,

She was
ready when her phone rang,

Strident and
demanding, loudly it sang,

He whispered,
“Answer it.  It’s just me,”

She did not want
to recognize his voice,

But the
second time he whispered,

She had no

“Answer it.  Pick up your phone,

I won’t tell
anyone you’re all alone,”

“Who is this?”
she said loudly,

But he said
nothing, for his power,

Would be
gone that very hour,

If he let
her control his name,

He continued
with his game,

someone if you will,

I’ll just
watch and get my thrill,

I’m not flesh
and blood like you,

But I enjoy
all the things you do,”

At first it
was a thought, then her dreams,

He tore her
future apart, seam by seam,

At first the
night life was fun and energizing,

Then all the
pleasures became paralyzing,

They were
like a stream,

Then a

For she was
not struggling,

Against flesh
and blood,

He was
constantly urging,

her weakness,

here, creeping there,

away a lock of hair,

Once she had
seen through his disguise,

Seen his
fiery, glaring eyes,

With her
peripheral vision she knew,

He was
watching her too,

illusion,” that’s all,

“There are
no demons that tall,”

A figment of
her imagination,

And thus it
went, day in and day out,

In the
evenings and dark of night,

He carefully
kept her in his sight,

When she was
relaxed with her guard down,

He was
watching and waiting,

Not for her
flesh that made her whole,

He was
waiting to catch her soul.



Condemned For Loving Too Much

Condemned for Loving Too Much
Poetry Palace Award

Loving (TV series)
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“Condemned for Loving too Much”

All was quiet in this forgotten town,

Because of the record snow tumbling down,

Yet in the plaza crowds were shopping still,

Looking for entertainment to get their fill,

There were walkers, and talkers, shops all ablaze,

Restaurants still open but countless delays,

Marge was waiting patiently and talking to a friend,

This day had been perfect, she didn’t want it to end,

Somehow, she noticed him, standing off from the crowd,

His gray eyes fixed on her, haughty and proud,

His brown coat, his lean frame, the thin twisted nose,

Why she alone could see him, she could only suppose,

His eyes asked questions, the answers she didn’t dare,

What kind of man was he? One that didn’t care?

Was he an angry ghost or a demon of some kind?

Why were his thoughts penetrating her mind?

Somehow in his hands he held her new fate,

She thought, “Is it possible to love someone you hate?”

As this thought surfaced, Marge pushed it away,

She had never seen him before, not until today,

“He is not attractive,” she thought, “not in the least,”

But he continued to stare at her like she was a feast,

Her face flushed, and deep within the heat began,

Rising in waves until perspiration ran,

She was uncomfortable, she needed time to think,

But he watched her diligently, not once did he blink,

“Is it possible to love your enemy?” she thought,

“What is it about me that’s so eagerly sought?”

She was thirty-three years old for goodness sake,

And ten pounds too heavy, give or take,

Yet she was flattered by his attention even more,

Unlike her friends, all her faults he chose to ignore,

He willed her to move forward, but he didn’t insist,

Although she closed her eyes, she was helpless to resist,

Silently Marge turned, her demon she faced,

When he smiled, her legs trembled, her heart raced,

She took one step forward, two, then three,

She unbuttoned her blouse, letting him see,

She hated him and yet she was offering her kind,

Melting into love, her body yielding to his mind,

Seeking his hatred, demands, contempt to slay,

Doing what she could, loving his hate away,

An act of love determined Marge’s fate,

Is it possible to love, someone you hate?

All is quiet again in this forgotten town,

But there is one less demon standing around,

No one wants to question or be out of touch,

Should Marge be condemned for loving too much?

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