Without Her…..


Soothing Artifact
Soothing Artifact (Photo credit: ifindkarma)


She’s in my dreams,


Filling me with anticipation,


Delighting me with her smile,


Soothing me with her warmth,




I will not forget her,


Waiting in my memory,


Returning night after night,


Speaking words of wisdom and love,




I’m not complete without her,


Sharing our experiences,


Wrapping our future together,


Pledging our vows to each other,




She is already missed,


Lying there still and quiet,


Smiling at my tears,


Staring up at nothing at all.






Waiting Dreams

" Mist _ Caress "
Image by gmayster01 via Flickr

Waiting Dreams

In my dreams I can’t get enough of you,

We frolic in love’s hottest flames,

Caressing and savoring our pure joy,

Filling the time with love’s games,

But when I awake to empty arms,

My heart crashes to the ground,

No more leaping and soaring in the sky,

No more planets or stars, for I’m earth bound,

I want my fantasy to be my reality,

I want to hold you next to my heart,

We’ve been magnets with the same polarity,

The harder I try the more you push us apart,

I think I’ve often tried to kiss the mist,

Or tried hugging a non-existent rainbow,

To be near you without touching you,

Is like being in the sun’s early glow,

The warmth is there despite the air’s chill,

Open your heart and let me in,

We’ll fill the moments with sweet love,

And let the waiting dreams begin.

The Faith I Can Fly

From Dreams or Angels
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My dreams
were big, It was all foretold,

I thought
I’d make my weight in gold,

Life would
be easy if I stayed the course,

I’d claim my
fortune and then rejoice,

Though progress
was slow in my early years,

I had much
to be thankful for, no time for tears,

My family
was growing, my job was secure,

No problems
on the horizon, nothing to endure,

But my work
consumed me, my home fell apart,

I had not
protected things close to my heart,

A divorce claimed
me and I entered the fire,

I thought my
pain could not get any higher,

I was under
a major demonic attack,

I went to
hell and somehow made it back,

My world grew
beautiful as I clawed to even ground,

I became
more humble the second time around,

My demands
for wealth were low on my list,

But life was
ugly and struck with an iron fist,

I cried to
the heavens because my dreams had faded,

My life was
destroyed, my hopes were jaded,

I was
knocked down again at the end of round three,

Life was not
any fun, was there more to life for me,

hidden in the clouds an angel band awaits,

Waiting for
me patiently behind great pearly gates,

I’ve got
just a few years before I get to go,

I’m hoping
and praying that no one says no,

It would be
very awkward to reach heaven’s door,

And find heaven
filled with no room for one more,

Life has
been brutal and under the circumstance,

I’d ask for
a lotto ticket and one slight chance,

I still
believe in miracles and will until I die,

I just need
angel wings and the faith I can fly,




“I’m Not a Madman!”

Cover of "Sherlock Holmes - The Woman in ...
Cover of Sherlock Holmes - The Woman in Green

“ I’m Not a Madman!”

I was
convinced it was a tremendous act of fate,

assigned an interview that would air at eight,

I would
interview a murderer as his doctor studied him,

But he
watched me as he addressed his doctor’s latest whim,

The recorded
interview went as follows,

As he tried
to prove to us his words weren’t hollow:

“How can I convince
you that she is there in my dreams?

Either I’m a
liar or a madman it seems,

But wait!
Didn’t I just tell you about your uncle, Dr. Thoreau?

Where do you
think I got that information, I want to know?”

“The woman
in green told me about him and others too,

She travels
in both worlds, even if you think that’s taboo,

in my ear until the break of dawn,

Rarely do I
sleep, you see how my face is drawn?”

While she’s
in your world would you find her and talk?

Ask her to
stay out of my dreams, no longer should she stalk,

Yes, I think
she’s beautiful and I’d like to sample her charms,

But she only
smiles and teases me, never in my arms,”

“You’ll see,
you’ll see, that’s all you ever answer me,

If you don’t
believe me, how can I ever be free?

I’m not a
liar, you know I always tell you every fact,

Don’t shake
your head, you know that makes me react,”

“You think
these bindings will hold me if I choose to leave?

Dr. Thoreau,
if I broke loose you’d have so much to grieve,

Do I need a
sedative so I can finally get some rest?

I’m afraid
of the woman in green, what else do you suggest?”

consult with the other doctors and hear what they say?

You’ll post a guard outside my door to watch both night and day?

You think
someone is crazy, and for once we finally agree,

Wait, you’ve
got this wrong, the crazy one isn’t me,”

“I see the
woman in green at night when she checks the fluids bag,

I pretend
that I’m sleeping, I’m good but I won’t brag,

One of these
nights she’ll stop to whisper in my ear,

I’ll leap up and grab her, and her eyes will
show fear,”

“Her days of
walking in a shadowy world will be done,

And I will
keep her as my proof of a trophy won,

Dr. Thoreau,
you’ll be surprised to see that I don’t lie,

And dreams
that are real to me can sometimes die,”

“You’ll know
for an instant that a madman I cannot be,

Then you’ll
join the woman in green and I’ll be free,

Hiding in
shadows, waiting for someone alone to sleep,

In the
middle of the night, by her bedside I will creep,”

in her ear until the break of day,

until she wakes and asks me to stay,

She will
love me forever to see I’m not a dream,

Unless she’s
a madwoman and decides to scream,”

“I’m not a
madman,” he told me confidentially,

you’ve heard my story, I think you’ll agree,”

He waited
for my opinion, watching my eyes,

“Just tell
me the truth, I don’t want to hear lies,”

His bindings
appeared secure, he couldn’t lunge,

Without much
hesitation, I took the plunge,

“No one will
tell you because it doesn’t matter,

But you’re
crazy all right, crazy as a mad hatter,”

He coughed,
then grinned, and began to cackle,

“It wouldn’t
take much to get rid of these shackles,

One of these
days I’ll find a way to be free,

I’ll leave
you alone because you are honest with me,”

“I don’t
trust Dr. Thoreau, he hides behind words,

Or the other
doctors, who are like angry birds,

Neither do I
enjoy the shots that make me dream,

That’s one
of the reasons I dislike the woman in green,”

My time was
up, I had recorded his views,

I had everything
I needed to make the local news,

“So long,” I
said, “Just stay out of trouble,

Every wild
thing you do makes your time double,”

I was out of
the parking lot and onto the street,

When the
radio station called me about a disturbing feat,

A dangerous
man had escaped the cell he was in,

Did I know
where he was going? Or any of his kin?

I thought
without asking, the man on the loose,

Was looking
for vengeance while avoiding the noose,

It all
happened so quickly he couldn’t get far,

But I hope
you thoroughly check inside your car,

My interview
will be aired for all to see,

He’s considered
armed and dangerous, even to me,

Police are
swarming like bees from a hive,

His picture
is shown with the words, Dead or Alive,

He’s not a
liar if you believe what he said,

But his lies
are true, and they’re all in his head,

He might
tweet you or Google his brother,

Use his
mobile device to contact some other,

He’s got a
few quirks, and he’s just a little mean,

I don’t
think he likes anyone who’s wearing green,

A master of
disguises, he’s hard to describe well,

How long he
remains free, only time will tell,

He might
leave the area and rebuild his past,

He might
find love with a marriage that lasts,

Become an
outstanding citizen that everyone knows,

Live on a street
with trees lined in rows,

I’m only
guessing when I predict his life,

I’m hoping he will change from violence and

But he’s a
liar and a madman, he can’t change a lot,

Unless you
believe a leopard can change his spots.

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