Rating Her Love by Percent

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  • 0%There’s certainly no love, there’s no interest,

            There’s really not much you can say,

            You don’t need to resist, you don’t even exist,

            She is queen of everything she might survey,

            So step aside and get out of her way,

10%    There’s no excitement, too much is the same,

            You’re not even in the same ball park,

            You still lack confidence in your game,

            You won’t draw her interest with any remark,

            The ashes are dead, there’s still no spark,

20%    You’re hoping she’s noticed as you look her way,

            She appears a little nervous, maybe intrigued,

           But you know you can’t continue this endless ballet,

          All your efforts will leave you fatigued,

           She’s definitely out of your league,

30%   Her friends think your comments are funny for sure,

            You have her attention but there’s little chance,

            Because she thinks your behavior is immature,

            She won’t give you a second glance,

            The odds are against a roaring romance,

40%    Watching  you all evening, with a smile she taunts,

            She’s attracted and flirting, a romantic match,

            But she’s not sure you’re what she wants,

            So for awhile she’ll find reasons to detach,

            She’s still hoping there’s a better catch,

50%    She’s comfortable with a friend tried and true,

            She doesn’t want to do you any harm,

            But there’s little physical chemistry between you,

            She sees no signs of love she needs to disarm,

            You’re definitely not setting off any fire alarm,

60%    You might be her favorite, then again you might not,

            There are other good men hanging around,

            As a fixer-upper there’s potential you’ve got,

            But she really wants someone more uptown,

            And she doesn’t want to let you down,

70%    Don’t say love unless you mean what you say,

            This could escalate if you look into her eyes,

            She’s getting serious, she’ll want you to stay,

            If you listen to her feelings you’re very wise,

            You’ll keep her off balance and she’ll get butterflies,

80%    She can’t keep you out of her heart and mind,

            She dreams about you and wants to make the leap,

            She shares from her past hoping you’ll also be inclined,

            If you communicate well, off her feet you’ll sweep,

            She loves you, appreciates you, you’re the one she’ll keep,

90%    She admires your smile, leadership qualities and mien,

            She’s open and frank, she likes your independence,

            She reveals things from her past that need to be clean,

            Secrets make her tense,  she’s let down her defense,

            She dreams of the future and a house with a white picket fence,

100% She wants to make a difference as you weave new strands,

            She gives herself absolutely, unconditionally, body and heart,

            She shows respect and trust, and loves without demands,

            Confident in your love she can concentrate on her new start,

            Nesting, building a new life together, her family a work of art.

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