A Special Man

A Letter to Three Wives
A Letter to Three Wives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Special Man




None of his wives


Could live with him


But they couldn’t live without.


After work he would


Sit in his chair


Like a king on his throne


And his current wife would scurry about


Taking care of his needs.


Each claimed he was a special man,


But they weren’t slaves.


At his funeral his four ex-wives


(And his widow)


Showed up broken-hearted.


All loved and spoke highly of him.


But, if their words were true,


Which one poisoned him?


Which one loved him so much


She couldn’t share?


Who felt pain enough to break free?


One of them broke the spell


Because none of them


Could live with him


But they couldn’t live without.






She Sang

self portrait of sadness
self portrait of sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were sitting at a table waiting for our food, bored with each other, wishing time would go faster and we could each go our own way.  That’s when the singer appeared.  I didn’t get her name nor do I remember the song.  Later I asked about her but everyone claimed she was a stranger and they had never seen her before.


She Sang

Her song was one of happiness.

She sang and my eyes filled with tears.

Memories came flooding back,

Forgotten after all these years.

She sang of love’s precious moments,

She was grateful for all that were shared.

Her music was filled with laughter,

Like our lives when we both still cared.

From the first date our relationship,

Was built on friendship and trust,

Communication, mutual attraction,

And, of course, a little bit of lust.

The first years were celebrations,

Encouraged by relatives and friends,

Our love was pure and magical,

We were sure it would never end.

The singer’s song changed to what was lost,

And I was filled with sadness again,

The feelings we had were gone for good,

There were too many wounds to mend.

Love might have been an overrated emotion,

But the singer said love was still worth giving.

It hurt when a relationship was torn apart,

But without love, life was not worth living.

Although I felt a sadness deep inside,

I would celebrate those years we began as one,

For those experiences were rich with love,

When our lives together had just begun.

Happiness and sadness blended as she sang,

And created a new song to heal our hearts.

All we had loved and our lessons learned,

Became the beginnings of a brand new start.

But She Forgot

The People That Time Forgot (novel)
The People That Time Forgot (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



But She Forgot


When her boyfriend broke up with her,




Cried on my shoulder,


Walked with me by the lake,


Talked for hours about all the things they did,


Wanted me to be there just to hear her breathe,


But she forgot I was there.




When she met the man of her dreams,




Told me how special he was,


Wanted me to meet him,


Insisted I go shopping with her to buy him gifts,


Asked me to help her write love poems (for him),


But she forgot I had feelings too.




When he became too busy to be with her,




Wouldn’t talk to anyone for days,


Partied every weekend with her girl friends,


Claimed I would be her best friend forever,


Moved in with a roommate,


But she forgot I cared.




When she became pregnant,




Needed me to take care of her,


Said I would be her son’s godfather,


Told me all the things we would do together,


Said she wanted to be independent,


But she forgot I had always been there for her.




When her boyfriend beat her up,




Lost her baby,


Insisted she still loved him,


Asked me to mind my own business,


Said I should stay away,


But she forgot my heart was broken.




When she was buried,




Looked very pretty,


Said she was sorry,


Wished that she loved me,


Left a note asking me to take care of her son,


But she forgot she didn’t even have to ask.


















Rent, Borrow, or Steal

The Art of the Steal (film)
The Art of the Steal (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met a man who had wise words to pass my way,

“Relationships are very special you’ll soon learn,

If you take care of your woman I can’t lead her astray,

She’ll stay true forever and her love you’ll earn,”


“I don’t need your material things,

I have enough of my own,

What I want is the love of a woman,

Perhaps you have one to loan,”


“If you have a habit of neglecting her,

She’s frustrated, lonely, and tired,

Give me some time alone with her,

I’ll send her back inspired,”


“Boldly I’ll go to make my play,

Quietly I’ll make my appeal,

It doesn’t really matter to me,

Whether I rent, borrow, or steal,”


“What if she’s in your way this very day,

And you’ve got things you want to do,

I could return her in really good shape,

After I borrow her a time or two,”


“Should you need help to pay some bills,

I could rent your woman to give me thrills,

But if I find she’s lonely as well,

I’ll turn her on until I’ve had my fill,


A woman ignored will find a new home,

I’ll steal her from you if you’re not alert,

I’ll rent her from you or you can give me a loan,

I don’t care if someone gets hurt,”


Off in the distance I could see his profile,

“Was he serious?” I thought as I hurried inside,

“Is it that easy to lose someone you love,

Why did he choose me for his wisdom to confide,”


I’m not sure if it was me he meant,

But I paid more attention as time went by,

I gave my woman tender loving care,

And, lo and behold, she’s still there,


I think that stranger might have been a fake,

Because a man wants a woman in whom he can confide,

Someone to love and give respect,

A woman to be proud of and keep by his side,


But this stranger had frightened me,

With stories he claimed were real,

So I was careful to protect my own beautiful woman,

From those who wanted to rent, borrow, or steal.



No One Else Will Do

Love Songs (Heart album)
Love Songs (Heart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d call you my love,

Though I haven’t had the nerve,

Because you’re everything I wanted,

Much more than I deserve,


In my dreams you’re by my side,

That’s where you want to be,

I know what I see in you,

But what do you see in me?


If I could whisper in your ear,

And tell you of joys ahead,

I’d convince you of my love,

And take you to my bed,


Not tall tales but truths I’d tell,

And share with you my heart,

You would know how deep my soul,

And how much you played a part,


But don’t wait for me to say,

How much you mean to me,

Just know I have you in my heart,

That’s where you’ll always be,


I want to claim you for my own,

To share the whole world wide,

I’ll listen and love you as you are,

And I’ll look at you with pride,


You won’t have to read my mind,

To know what I think of you,

You’ll always be my love,

Because no one else will do.




Turning My Life Around

Self esteem
Self esteem (Photo credit: toastforbrekkie)

I wondered often if I was worth loving,

For my world seemed to turn out wrong,

All my efforts to claim happiness,

Were useless since I felt I didn’t belong,


Yet I knew my life counted for something,

Because my talents were unique,

But as long as I felt worthless,

Without love, life would be bleak,


You boasted about your successes,

And said I’d never be in the game,

I would never be as good as you,

I would always remain the same,


You told me I didn’t look well,

Even when I felt great,

I got tired of being put down,

It was time to set things straight,


You weren’t here to show me love,

And you weren’t ready to share,

Your negative attitude pulled me down,

And I didn’t believe you cared,


Being loved will build my self esteem,

And I need to have respect,

I want someone to show me love,

That’s the first thing I’ll expect,


Without love I might spend a lifetime,

Searching for the things I lack,

I’ll find the things that make me strong,

So I can get on a winning track,


For once I know what to do,

My life is upward bound,

I’m working hard to reach my goals,

I’m determined to turn life around,


I have a wealth of untapped potential,

There’s so much that I know,

My strengths will be productive,

I’ll use them as I grow,


My self esteem does not depend on you,

It’s what I make it to be,

I’ve decided to take charge of my life,

I won’t give up on me,


Each day I’ll put on my positive face,

Before I walk out the door,

I want the world to like what they see,

And have them asking for more,


Life is real and life is rough,

I’m determined to do things right,

All the hurdles I’ll come against,

I’ll cross them as I fight,


Positive thoughts will move me on,

Away from the deadly mire,

I’ll reach for goals on a higher plain,

Away from life’s consuming fire.


“I Don’t Know Much About Women”

Cover of "A Good Woman"
Cover of A Good Woman

Off to the west the sky roiled as lightning flashed,

I thought, “Looks like we’ve got a storm heading our way,”

I’d been out here on the range for weeks,

This job was over and I was ready to collect my pay,


Lonesome Jim, I don’t understand women,”

I was down in a ravine but I heard the young man yell,

“They’re complicated and ask way too much,

What they want is confusing as hell,”


“Son, there are several things you’ll have to learn,”

Now I’m just a foreman and I don’t know much,

Especially when it comes to knowing women,

But I gave him some ideas, about pleasing them and such,


“First, Bill, you need to understand how you think,

Once you have a handle on that, you’re on your way,”

By then Bill had ridden up and looked me in the eye,

“Are you saying that women think different than a guy?”


The expression on his face said all I needed to know,

Bill believed men and women always thought the same,

“Son, men can only focus on one thing at a time,

He loses track of the world and even forgets his name,


But a woman is ready to do many tasks at a time,

While she builds family ties she’s a planner and a baker,

She’s got a lot more strengths than he does,

She’s a caregiver while he’s a taker,”


Bill was disturbed by this, perhaps a trifle mad,

“Are you saying that women are better than men?

Whose side are you on?” he snarled derisively,

I knew right then I had entered a tiger’s den,


“Tell me, Bill, what makes you want to cry?

You hide your feelings because you’re a guy,

But women could explain forever and a day,

How feelings are important and a thousand reasons why,”


She’ll take you through the day and every mood swing,

You’ll want your ideas organized and each idea filed in place,

She’ll want to share her day and tell you everything,

You’ll want the bottom line, and you’ll cut through the chase,


If you listen to her she’ll believe she’s loved,

And always look straight into her eyes,

If you look away like you’re talking to a man,

She’ll interpret what you say as lies,”


“Lonesome Jim, if you’re so smart to give me advice,

How come you’re always out here, alone on the range?”

He thought he had me cornered because I hesitated a bit,

I said, “I think your question is valid, and not at all strange,


When I was your age I acted like a fool,

I thought love was a feeling I could turn off and on,

I never understood that love should be active,

I was miserable until one day it dawned,


Life was not meant to always be understood,

I should have learned that as a boy,

I realized I didn’t need to understand a woman,

So I relaxed and began to enjoy,


A woman might be complex but she’s good as gold,

If you don’t try to control her or live in a cave,

Remember to love her forever, to have and to hold,

She should not be your boss and she’s not your slave,”


Bill was quiet for a moment as he took this all in,

He could tell by my face there had been hurt and pain,

Quietly he asked, “Did she die or did she leave you?”

But my answer was smothered by the onrushing rain,


Bill left that job for another one in town,

And I’m still working on the ranch, come what may,

I hope Bill found a good woman to love,

And I’ll save my philosophizing for another day,


I shouldn’t have been shooting my big mouth off,

And making myself to be wise and grand,

How could I give answers about women to Bill,

When it’s clear there are things I still don’t understand.



What Help Can I Give?

Retouch (Photo credit: Rachel Ford James)

 Where was I when you needed a hand?

How did I miss your plea, did I not understand?

You were there all along, living in your car,

Your home happened to be wherever you are,

You shared your life’s problems and let me in,

Your world was in chaos, I didn’t know where to begin,

But slowly and surely my understanding grew,

I learned a lot about me while I learned about you,

I won’t plead ignorance, I just didn’t see,

My focus was on myself, I was concerned about me,

You’re searching for ways to get up from the ground,

If I give you a hand up, a job might be found,

I’ll look through new eyes and change my view,

The world is hurting, I can feel it too,

I’ve got to reach out to the world I see,

For each person there is a lot like me,

A man walks along with pain on his face,

He has nowhere to go, he lives no place,

Or the orphan child who goes hungry at night,

What can I do to ease her plight?

What help can I give to help you along,

What can I do to help you grow strong?

This life is tough, I hope you understand,

For when you recover, give someone a hand,

Each of us is weak but together we’re strong,

We’ll face the world bravely and help each other along.



“Please Wait!” (continued)

Two Children Playing
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Predicament (3/6)

3)  Insufficient funds, there must be some mistake,

Andrew read the line again. This couldn’t be happening,

It could just be a silly fake,

How could the young lady be part of a scam,

She was convincing and trustworthy,

But she had left him in a jam,

Once more he looked for numbers as he ran a check,

His entire life savings had disappeared,

Answers were needed because his life was in a wreck,

He called her company. The response made him nervous,

He realized what a fool he was when a voice said,

“I’m sorry.  This line has been disconnected and is no longer in service.”

He called the attorney general’s office and much to his dismay,

There seemed to be a pattern in all the lessons he had learned,

“I’m sorry.  The attorney general is in a meeting or away for the day,

Please leave your name and number and your call will be returned,”

It was too late to ask anyone for advice,

Anyone he talked to turned a deaf ear,

Nothing he could do, no laws would suffice,

He encountered walls everywhere he tried,

There was only one thing left to do,

He went home and cried.


Predicament (4/6)

4)  Elizabeth and her children lived alone in a house,

They were isolated and vulnerable,

She had lost her spouse,

One evening a car came down the lane,

Why was someone there this late,

Were they lost, needing help, or slightly insane,

Men got out and approached the door,

She called 911. “I need help.  What should I do?”

“Please stay on the line and I’ll send car twenty-four,”

The intruders weren’t friends nor were they her kin,

They weren’t listening when she yelled, “Go away!”

It was quite a predicament she was left in,

Were they there to hurt the children or do her some harm,

The door was caving, someone crashed through,

And was met by the shotgun she carried in one arm,

Determination was clearly written on her face,

She would protect her children and her home,

A woman with a gun wasn’t out of place,

What would he do because he had a choice,

But he was a man full of manly pride,

And he ignored her warning voice,

When he continued to advance,

She pulled the trigger without hesitation,

She had warned him not to take a chance,

The intruder was stopped there in his spot,

The voice on the line returned,

“Ma’am, are you okay, I heard a shot,”

She replied, “Yes, I’m okay,

But the intruder is not,”

“Please stay on the line and wait,

An officer should be there shortly,

He’ll need to investigate,”

A woman alone looked like easy prey,

But when her children were threatened,

The adage was proven, crime doesn’t pay.


Reyna and the Umbrella

English: Maayan holds her umbrella (Israel, 2002)
Image via Wikipedia

He was a grizzled old man with a sea cap,

His eyes like seas of blue,

Two children begged him for a story,

When he nodded the crowd around him grew,


“See that old umbrella over in the corner,

The one with fresh flowers on each side,

I’ll tell you a story that I believe is true,

But it’s up to you to decide,”


Reyna’s Story

She stood crowded in with the others,

Waiting for their mail-order husbands,

The men were late, but that’s how it is,

When they’re shipped from faraway lands,


She hoped he was dressed warmly,

For the day had been bitterly cold,

He would arrive in perfect condition,

At least that’s what she had been told,


The rains had fallen intermittently,

And the wetness chilled to the bone,

The women were smart to carry umbrellas,

For this event they would not postpone,


Morning turned to late afternoon

With no men yet to show,

Reyna grew impatient with waiting,

She was perplexed, for a woman has to know,


She still carried her bouquet of flowers,

Which she intended for her man,

But they drooped after the long wait,

She hoped he would understand,


She began crying out of frustration,

Her tears mixed with the rain,

What happened next was not understood,

Her umbrella felt her pain,


With powerful wings it lifted her up,

Which gave her a much better view,

There she could see a mighty storm,

And a ship trying to find its way through,


Bravely she sped their way,

Her umbrella felt her increasing power,

It glowed like a star above the ship,

And the men found their courage that hour,


Soon they were docking at the port,

Guided by that wonderful strange light,

Then they were more truly amazed,

As Reyna descended into sight,


They circled her on bended knees,

Each man loving her in his heart,

But she had chosen one good man,

To be with her from the start,


Not every woman was happy with her man,

Although each had made her own choice,

Those who ordered men with tender hearts,

Had reasons to rejoice,


For Reyna and her chosen man,

It was love for both at first sight,

They both agreed for years to come,

They were lucky the very first night,


The crowd drifted away shaking their heads,

Laughing as they walked into the night,

The old man called out as he got up from his chair,

“Reyna, should I turn out the lights?”








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