You Took My Breath Away

Lover I Don't Have to Love
Lover I Don’t Have to Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You Took My Breath Away


You were not the most beautiful girl there,


But your eyes were expressive and deep.


I did not hang on every word you spoke,


But inside I made promises to keep.


Somehow in those first magic moments


My world stopped and you took my breath away.


Your eyes, your hair, your sparkling smile,


Each silently dared me to dance and stay.


In your presence the crowd no longer existed.


You had changed my point of view.


I turned around and blinked my eyes


But all I could see was you.


No longer alone even in my dreams


You were always by my side.


Together we shared our new world


Your love filled me with pride.


Your mind was on something else,


But not on our love each day.


I thought we’d love forever,


Long after we turned old and gray.


You smiled and said you felt great,


And you insisted you always will,


You looked so serene and so sure,


It’s strange your heart stopped still.


Each day you took my breath away,


But you never shared your pain.


And I still love you with all I have,


But I may never breathe again.



I’ll Choose to Burn the Ice Away

Sparks (Photo credit: Gnal)


I’ll Choose to Burn the Ice Away


Why is it so hard to love you?


My cold heart snuffs the flames.


I want to respond with tenderness and love,


And call you sweeter names.




Why do I let the storm win out?


My blood rushes to my ears.


I want to demonstrate my love for you,


And gently wash away your tears.




Why do I disregard the condition of my heart?


My priorities have always come first.


I want to show you how important you are,


And satisfy love’s growing thirst.




Why do I wait to prove my love is true?


My motivation to love has been weak.


Yet I’m still the man you chose to wed,


I can give you the romance you seek.




I’m tired of the excuses I make.


My love lies dormant inside.


I’ll choose to lead my heart back home,


And forget my foolish pride.




I will choose to think good things of you.


Sparks of romance will turn to flames.


I’ll be thoughtful and you’ll feel loved.


Our love will never be the same.




I’ll wake in the morning with thoughts of you.


My warmth will seek you out.


And all the questions I once had,


Love will erase each and every doubt.




If you, too, choose to stir the embers,


The flames will reach the sky.


For love that learns to burn again,


Will grow sweeter as time goes by.




Love Changed Me

Love ? I love love love you.
Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)




Love Changed Me


I was running fast and free,


Trying to keep you far away.


Somehow I lost my point of view.


On our first date I wanted to kiss you.


Because love inspired me.


You said you had a cold but I said it was okay.


I could wait for yet another day.


You wanted to text during finals of my senior year.


I could not risk failing so I refused.


But love taught me.


By the lake in the heat of summer I proposed.


It was too soon and I needed to be patient.


I don’t remember who it was


That declared I was not good enough.


But love improved me.


Your leg is draped across my legs.


Last night tender words were said.


You took up space I reserved for me.


But I enjoyed sharing my bed.


Love captured me.


Your smile was the last thing I remember


From our wild and perfect night,


During our wedding some things went wrong,


But all the things that mattered went right.


Because love filled me.


There are those who thought our love shouldn’t be.


Time will erase all their doubts, if I love you tenderly.


Love changed me.










What Is This Thing Called Love?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)



What is This Thing Called Love


What is this thing called love


That rips and tears at my heart?


Knowing how much love hurts me,


Why did I allow love to start?




Yet what is loneliness but a need for love


A void that cries to be filled?


An absence of love that teases in dreams


A restlessness that longs to be stilled?




Why do I have tears late at night


Endlessly flowing down my cheeks?


Is it because I’m desperate for love


And for the companionship my heart seeks?




When will romance come my way


Giving me a brand new start?


I don’t want to see a barren world


With no connections to my heart.




How do I find the one for me


Who waits for a heart like mine?


Where will I discover what is true


And find that new love divine?




I’ll wait and hope for ages yet,


I know she is somewhere near.


Soon she’ll be within my arms


Where I keep things I hold dear.




What is this thing called love?


No answer will suffice.


For it seems to be a combination


Of flames, sacrifice, and ice.




Words on Fire!

Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)


Words on Fire


When my muse comes around to inspire


My words dance with fire


Building castles everywhere


Out of dreams and thin air


Blending new romance with raw desire.




With each tale that demands to be told


Real stories become bold


Allowing characters to act


Mixing fantasy with fact


Grabbing audiences with claws that hold.




Because these words coax and seduce


Strong feelings they produce


Stirring embers deep inside


Where feelings cannot hide


Boiling hearts with their own juice.




My words are powerful on a page


Or when spoken on life’s stage


Gathering no moss as they flow


Becoming stronger as they go


Carrying the discovered wisdom of an age.




My words are restless and never tire


As they pull others from the mire


But they carry a deadly sting


If venom is permitted its full swing


Therefore cautiously I write with fire.










My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom (Part 2)

wisdom with toast
wisdom with toast (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)


My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom (Part 2)


My son, the time for choosing friends is ripe,


First, you can tell a tiger by its stripes.


A friend can fool you when he growls or talks.


You can discover more by the path he walks.


Others will know you by the friends you choose.


If you don’t pick winners, someday you’ll lose.


If a friend observes danger but pretends he’s blind,


You would be wise if another friend you’d find.


A friend will always tell what is true,


Even when the truth might hurt you.


A friend is there to watch your back,


And he will reason with you if wisdom you lack.


A friend will help when there’s nothing to gain.


A friend will listen and share your pain.


He’ll be there always even unto death.


But a fair weather friend has wasted your breath.


If he doesn’t want you to be better, he’s not a true friend.


Like a drowning swimmer, he’ll pull you down at the end.


Someone who always flatters you has a concealed goal.


He’s shallow and self-serving and playing a role.


Beware if he’s not loyal all the way through.


He’ll sell you out and then desert you.


A friend is there all life to share.


So choose wisely, son, a true friend is rare.


My son, as for girls, your future is bright.


You’ll find contentment if you treat one right.


A girl needs thoughts of love to fill her day.


If she has love she has less reason to stray.


A girl’s world is different from the one you know.


Relationships and emotions help her bloom and grow.


Look in her eyes each and every day.


Her feelings are important. Listen to what she has to say.


Don’t be afraid to show a little romance.


Hold her in the moonlight and laugh and dance.


Your thoughts will remain positive, son,


If you count your blessings one by one.


Tell her she’s beautiful and just what you need,


Then it’s like dancing and you’ll have to lead.


Don’t look for things she might do wrong.


Mention what she does right. Then move along.


There will be days when your cup is half full.


Choose to be positive and life won’t get dull.


Surprise her with flowers, whether picked or bought.


Keep your romance smoldering and the flames hot.


Kiss her each night before you sleep.


A kiss will remind her your love is deep.


Whisper sweet words as you hold her near.


And the wisest of all, son, always be sincere.








But She Forgot

The People That Time Forgot (novel)
The People That Time Forgot (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



But She Forgot


When her boyfriend broke up with her,




Cried on my shoulder,


Walked with me by the lake,


Talked for hours about all the things they did,


Wanted me to be there just to hear her breathe,


But she forgot I was there.




When she met the man of her dreams,




Told me how special he was,


Wanted me to meet him,


Insisted I go shopping with her to buy him gifts,


Asked me to help her write love poems (for him),


But she forgot I had feelings too.




When he became too busy to be with her,




Wouldn’t talk to anyone for days,


Partied every weekend with her girl friends,


Claimed I would be her best friend forever,


Moved in with a roommate,


But she forgot I cared.




When she became pregnant,




Needed me to take care of her,


Said I would be her son’s godfather,


Told me all the things we would do together,


Said she wanted to be independent,


But she forgot I had always been there for her.




When her boyfriend beat her up,




Lost her baby,


Insisted she still loved him,


Asked me to mind my own business,


Said I should stay away,


But she forgot my heart was broken.




When she was buried,




Looked very pretty,


Said she was sorry,


Wished that she loved me,


Left a note asking me to take care of her son,


But she forgot she didn’t even have to ask.


















Is it love or Is it Lust?


Love ? I love love love you.
Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


One evening as I went for my daily walk,


I heard a woman giving a mother-daughter talk,




“Daughter, are you feeling love, or is it simply lust?”


Does he inspire confidence, and build your trust?


His morals are crude, and a little bit shoddy,


He only wants you for your body,”




“He told me if I loved him I would submit,


To show my love, I’d just do it,


I said if he loved me, he’d not ask,


Love is not selfish, nor is it a task,




When his lust is over, will he remain?


Is it my heart he wants to retain?


In this day and age should I just let go,


Or should I be firm and just say no?”




“Daughter, you might think everything is clear,


But the danger is when he is holding you near,


With love and lust you might get confused,


Neither is right if you feel used,




Lust is like a moth circling a flame,


Ending in tragedy, always the same,


All for a few sweaty moments in time,


Nothing permanent, no reason or rhyme,”




“But, mother, I still don’t understand,


How will I recognize if he’s the right man?”




“Oh, daughter, there is so much to learn,


Lust is a flame that will usually burn,


Temporary passion shared in the night,


It’s a feeling that hides at dawn’s first light,


Lust turns on, then turns off the light,


While love continues burning bright,”




“But, mother, my friends insist,


That if it feels good, I shouldn’t resist,”




There were things I wished to say,


Yet if I spoke I’d be in their way,


I didn’t mean to eavesdrop,


But this was too interesting to just stop,




I thought, “Love and lust, both four letter words,


One is the sweetest word ever heard,


‘I love you,’ urges the heart to sing,


While ‘I lust you,’ doesn’t mean a thing,”




Her mother continued telling her straight,


“If you’re not careful, it’ll be too late,


Lust is the sparkle in Fool’s Gold,


Love is the real nugget we can hold,


Lust makes you feel a momentary glow,


But where does that moment go?”




“But, mother,” her daughter sighed,


“Aren’t they much the same if nobody lied?


My boyfriend says that if we care,


We’d be willing for our bodies to share,”






“Daughter, I don’t think you understand me well,


Lust and love are different, like peanut and shell,


Love seeks happiness for both to share,


And it risks showing a heart that cares,


Love is not for a rowdy night or two,


It’s a commitment for a whole life through,”




I wanted to comment but I said under my breath,


“Love means forever, forever till death,


Lust seeks perfection of the outer skin,


While love finds qualities that reside within,”




Her daughter answered that she understood,


“Thank you, Mother, you taught me good,”




“Write a list down before you go,


Then you’ll remember what you should know,


Lust is as temporary as the weather,


Love lasts seasons as you grow together,


Lust fades and washes away in the rain,


Love shares pleasures and feels your pain,”




There were more things she could have said,


So I kept those truths in my head,


“Love thrives when things get tight,


Lust hides when things aren’t right,


Lust is shallow rather than deep,


No one worries about promises to keep,”




“Mother, dear, it’s all so clear,


That a man might want to hold and touch,


Yet there’s one thing I don’t know,


About lust, how do you know so much?”




“Daughter, that’s a good question,


To ask it makes you look wise,


The information is certainly true,


I learned it from some older guys,”




“Mother, is it also true,


That women love and men lust?


Are men always in a hurry,


Afraid their bodies might rust?”




“Daughter, women are like charcoal,


Smoldering until they’re ash,


While men are thin paper,


Burning up in a flash,


Men and women are different,


And love and lust aren’t the same,


Yet both are very important,


If you’re playing the game,”




The daughter didn’t seem satisfied,


She still had some doubts,


The only way for her to be sure,


Was to check it all out,




I continued my walk, then home to bed,


With still more thoughts left unsaid,


“Love grows roots that anchor down,


And keep relationships on solid ground,


Love says no one else will do,


While lust is just about satisfying you,”




I was curious to see if the daughter held true,


And choose love over whatever would ensue,


That’s a choice only she could make,


Love or lust, and the path she would take,




There’s a time for love and a time for lust,


Sometimes both simultaneously exist,


For me lust was a fire difficult to control,


Once I had been kissed,




The daughter eventually became my lover,


And she spiced up my life,


The fires inside still burn strong,


I’m glad she is my wife.










She’s Unique!


1805-courtship-caricature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


She’s unique in every aspect,


She stands out in any crowd,


I can’t find words to describe her,


Except she makes me proud,




She’s a patriot to our country,


A mother to our child,


She’s the heart of our family,


A friend who drives me wild,




Love bubbles over in conversation,


There are sparkles in her eyes,


Things she does and things she says,


Always catch me by surprise,




Why do I think she’s special?


I love her more each day,


She always treats me like a king,


She’s a queen in every way,




How is she different from the others?


Why did I ask her to change her name?


I’ve always found her intriguing,


And it’s clear she loves me the same.




Shredded Heart

Shredded Paper
Shredded Paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were kids living next door,

Life was fun and I couldn’t ask for more,

There were moments I think I loved you,

But I was a kid and didn’t know what to do,

Remember the hearts we cut out one day,

You shredded yours and said, “No way!”

It hurt to know that the hearts we shared,

Were easily shredded because no one cared,

What about the moments we spent in the mist,

Or the conversations we had before we kissed,

I was determined that our love would grow,

I wasn’t prepared to hear you say, “No!”

My eyes, my arms, and my heart, too,

Were all dedicated to loving you,

I was torn and shredded by your parting words,

There was nothing loving in what I heard,

Where was the phrase, “I’ll love you forever,”

Or “Our love is solid, it can never be severed,”

Even though my heart beats steady and true,

You’ve shredded the love that I gave to you.

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