There are many who believe there are no angels,

But I believe angels walk wherever there is light.

When we block the light,

 We are deceived by demons who are quick

To lead us astray.

I make choices, not just to please others,

But to prove who I am, and who I want to be.

I am not deceived to think only good exists,

Or that evil is out of control.

Neither do I believe that evil drives my soul.

I realize that hormonal imbalances, prescriptions and

Drugs not meant for you or me,

Stress to a high degree,

Listening to the beat of different drums,

Persuasions of power or envy,

All take their toll as I struggle to make sense of an illogical world.

I believe there are liars who walk among us,

And sometimes it is me.

I am not a psychologist who understands all I need to know,

I make many mistakes, which leaves ample room to grow.

I am just a simple poet who goes where few care to go.

I walk among you but I am no angel.

My light shines in the darkness but many lights are needed to illuminate the world.

I want laughter, not tears, Wisdom, not fear,

I am broken, needing repair, needing love, not despair.

I walk among you not as an angel, but as a friend.

Give me your hand and we will lift each other up to the Promised Land.


One Good Side to Growing Older

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When I was
young and my eyes were sharp,

I could see almost
to infinity,

My knees
were good and I could run,

And I could
still trust my memory,


Mirrors were placed so I could preen,

I was young,
and I was strong,

Somehow the
years passed,

So many
things went wrong,


Now I’m
older and my eyes are dim,

But I can
still see from memory,

My knees
were repaired, I wish I could run,

From old age
I certainly would flee,


I avoid mirrors
and the truth they bring,

Once I was
indestructible, but not anymore,

The years
have taken their toll,

And shaken
me to the core,


Now I can
still see with glasses,

To be sure I
keep several pair,

For I forget
where I had them last,

Or I sit on
them in my chair,


I laugh more
often in my dreams,

I can walk,
I can run, I can leap,

When I awake
I’m still tired,

So I nap
until it’s time to sleep,


There has
been one good side,

To living
long and growing old,

thought I must be wiser,

Because of
stories that I’ve told,


You might
think that I’m wise,

But I’ve got
news for all,

I’ve made
many mistakes in life,

Some I don’t
want to recall,


From mistakes
was experience gained,

I’ll count
that as something good,

From experience
comes wisdom,

Perhaps that’s


The more
mistakes the wiser I got,

To that hope
I fervently cling,

So I’ll quietly
listen to all you say,

Before my
words take wing,


Should you
pass me on the street,

And I don’t
remember who you are,

Treat me like
someone wise,

Your kindness
will go far,


Someday you
might be like me,

and halfway blind,

Remember it
might not be fun,

Looking for
your mind.




You Are Unique!

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You are Unique

You are unique, I’ve told you many times,

I want to convince you that destiny awaits,

And at a certain moment you will be there,

When destiny flings open your special gates,

Allow yourself to think and dream,

Run with the wind and feel its power,

Use every precious moment in your grasp,

Life is too swift to waste even one hour,

Voices may tell you to keep both feet on the ground,

Don’t listen! you don’t have to be planted yet,

Keep dreaming and feeling, listening and seeing,

And the expectations of others try to forget,

Don’t do what you’ve been told you have to do,

Absorb from the stars their creativity and light,

You don’t have to be someone’s clone,

Be an individual, you have the obligation and right,

If you give up your goals too soon, my friend,

Your growth will be stunted and you’ll not touch the sky,

You’ll forget the commitment you made to yourself,

You will lose value in your own mind’s eye,

It takes courage to walk where others fear to go,

Pain and hurt are necessary for you to grow,

Mistakes are just steps to reach a higher plain,

Keep reaching and trying, you’ve everything to gain.

Broken People

Broken People

Broken people will change the world,

I’ve heard some sages say,

If that’s the truth, the gospel truth,

Then I’m here to lead the way,

My own broken past is there to see,

Strangers lifted me when I stumbled and fell,

They saw something worthwhile in me,

 The unfulfilled dreams within my well,

Feelings that were locked within my soul,

Untouched by outsiders who knew me not,

Unless they really listened to my goal,

Careful to discover what my dreams sought,

I made many trips in my sordid life,

Carrying dreams and hope to weak and poor,

And whenever I saw the results of strife,

My heart was hurt, deeply to the core,

Along the way I discovered my own weak spots,

About the motives I believed so true and good,

They were wrapped around my egotistical thoughts,

And the good I did was vastly misunderstood,

I was a broken person, trying to relate,

Making mistakes on the side trips I took,

But like a modern Robin Hood, I tempted fate,

And took things, by hook or by crook,

I changed my life, I changed my name,

Upon my shoulders I carried earth’s weight,

I fit in with society and played the game,

But I was a broken person, I learned too late,

I wanted to go unnoticed, but already I had fame,

Captured and jailed for things I had done,

My own broken past had caught me at last,

When my trial was over, no victories were won,

The evils I had done, would the good surpass,

But out of the shadows people began to appear,

Explaining how I had showed them how to cope,

Started them anew and took away their fear,

My broken life had given them reasons to hope,

In me they discovered someone who cared,

I told them, “I’ll walk with you, I’ll show you the way,

There are treasures in this world to be shared,

But you have to believe in yourself, day after day,”

That had been easy for me to say back then,

Being broken and changing, others could relate,

Now I’ll need to eat my words, thick or thin,

I think I can change again, I’ll set the date,

My mistakes will be paid, I’ll let my love shine,

I want to be honest, so I’ll share my history,

And I’ll try to reach others who need a lifeline,

Something good will come out of this, wait and see.

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