I think I heard rifles firing,

Shots heard round the world.

Then screaming,and angry words,

But that memory was in the distance,

years ago when Vietnam was in bloom,

Peaceful assembly, it was our right.

But shots were fired in broad daylight.

Four students lay dead, dangerous students,

Students, soldiers, NFL, lend me your ear.

Do you have anything to fear?

Our distinguished leader was angry and hot.

He despised those who were not.

Now, someone cut from the same mold

said, “Fire the “Sons of …………..!”

“Get rid of those who don’t obey.

If they dissent they should leave today!”

years ago, national guardsmen were told to turn and fire,

killing those dangerous students, taking American blood,

killing two women and two men who didn’t disperse fast enough.

It was only then that students understood that peaceful assembly

Was only allowed in groups of one, or maybe not even one,

Because even one can protest and draw attention to inadequacies.

But, if one speaks up and has questions or concerns,

If he still doesn’t understand, he should ask again.

Knowing that he is a target of those who want to control all who are free.

Kent state’s students, soldiers, found death that day,

They thought war was somewhere else and faraway.

But death runs with anger and is here to stay.

Forest fires, floods, hurricanes, disasters all,

We watch them dance closer and closer,

Waiting and watching until it’s too late

And the disasters are larger than we could anticipate.

Too little, too late, while children are starving for goodness sake,

The people are hungry and the leader says, “Let them eat cake!”

Private planes are heading to hot vacation spots,

While the leader spouts, “We’re doing a beautiful thing,

Taking care of Houston, Florida, and other places fit for a king.”

He says everything’s under control, as long as his ratings are rising in the latest poll.

As long as no one kneels, seeks justice, or looks the leader in the eye,

Ignoring countries that are trying to foment civil war and bring the USA down.

Please open up hospitals and see if an antidote can be found,

Because severe cases of stupidity are surely going around.

September 30, 2017


Without Her…..


Soothing Artifact
Soothing Artifact (Photo credit: ifindkarma)


She’s in my dreams,


Filling me with anticipation,


Delighting me with her smile,


Soothing me with her warmth,




I will not forget her,


Waiting in my memory,


Returning night after night,


Speaking words of wisdom and love,




I’m not complete without her,


Sharing our experiences,


Wrapping our future together,


Pledging our vows to each other,




She is already missed,


Lying there still and quiet,


Smiling at my tears,


Staring up at nothing at all.






The Advantages of Getting Older

Česky: Naslouchadlo – instalace do ucha Englis...
Česky: Naslouchadlo – instalace do ucha English: Hearing aid, photo taken in Sweden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“There are advantages of being older,” I said,

She said, “You’ve lost your mind,”

Yes,” I answered, “You’ve got that right,

And often it’s hard to find,”

She replied, “Name one of those special things,

That come with advanced age,”

I said, “I’m sure I can do more than that,

Now that you’ve set the stage,”

“Remember those Easter eggs,

That I hid so carefully outside,

I found a few more rotten ones today,

That’s why they’re fun to hide,”

“And those bills I forgot to pay,

Bring people pounding on my door,

I greet them very warmly and say,”

“Please come and visit some more,”

“If I sit quietly for awhile,

I appear to be crafty and wise,

I don’t have to prove a point,

Or cover my trail with lies,”

“Through my lifetime the mistakes I made,

Are now considered experience I gained,

And my experience becomes wisdom over time,

No longer are my mistakes a pain,”

“I can say what I want,

Be bold with words I say,

For just because I appear old,

I’m forgiven for yet another day,”

“People treat me with utmost respect,

They often shout and wave,

But one finger is hard to see,

And their words I don’t need to save,”

“You can talk all you want about me,

My hearing has started to fade,

And if I don’t like what I hear,

I’ll turn off my hearing aid,”

“I still need love and lots of hugs,

Even at this crusty old age,

So give me hugs, lots of hugs,

I’ll count them as my retirement wage,”

“You might consider me a dirty old man,

The way I look at you,

But don’t let it bother you much,

I’ve forgotten what to do,”

“I would tell you more, oh, there’s so much more,

But I forget what I thought,

You’ll have to catch me in a moment,

Doing something I should not,”

“If I ask you to repeat what you said,

It’s so I’ll have your wisdom to keep,

On the other hand, if you keep talking on,

I’ll get much needed sleep,”

“There are advantages of being old,

In spite of being wrinkled and gray,

Every day that I’m still above ground,

I give thanks for each bonus day.”

One Good Side to Growing Older

Photo of Harry patch
Image via Wikipedia

When I was
young and my eyes were sharp,

I could see almost
to infinity,

My knees
were good and I could run,

And I could
still trust my memory,


Mirrors were placed so I could preen,

I was young,
and I was strong,

Somehow the
years passed,

So many
things went wrong,


Now I’m
older and my eyes are dim,

But I can
still see from memory,

My knees
were repaired, I wish I could run,

From old age
I certainly would flee,


I avoid mirrors
and the truth they bring,

Once I was
indestructible, but not anymore,

The years
have taken their toll,

And shaken
me to the core,


Now I can
still see with glasses,

To be sure I
keep several pair,

For I forget
where I had them last,

Or I sit on
them in my chair,


I laugh more
often in my dreams,

I can walk,
I can run, I can leap,

When I awake
I’m still tired,

So I nap
until it’s time to sleep,


There has
been one good side,

To living
long and growing old,

thought I must be wiser,

Because of
stories that I’ve told,


You might
think that I’m wise,

But I’ve got
news for all,

I’ve made
many mistakes in life,

Some I don’t
want to recall,


From mistakes
was experience gained,

I’ll count
that as something good,

From experience
comes wisdom,

Perhaps that’s


The more
mistakes the wiser I got,

To that hope
I fervently cling,

So I’ll quietly
listen to all you say,

Before my
words take wing,


Should you
pass me on the street,

And I don’t
remember who you are,

Treat me like
someone wise,

Your kindness
will go far,


Someday you
might be like me,

and halfway blind,

Remember it
might not be fun,

Looking for
your mind.




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