How can something be created out of nothing?

do existing building blocks

determine whether new creations are formed?

What is new? Something that grew?

Or is that simply a step away from 

something we already knew?

I shudder to think the world is on the brink

Of changing what was originally created,

building and connecting and welcoming

something which could survive in a nuclear sea,

something we could eat or drink,

but not eat you or me.

My idea of creation is a more gentle view,

where love and life may begin anew,

and all things, artificial or natural, are beautiful

without hate changing any part of me or you.

June 17, 201



Often I have bought tickets to win a big prize,

Cash or a trip to a faraway place.

I never won even in my dreams,

Just one of the crowd waiting with expectant face.

What were the odds of winning the pot,

Raking in millions, and sharing all I got?

I was lying to myself,

Justifying the easy way to pay bills,

When it was for the thrill.

So how did I win?

Was it in the shark tank I learned to swim?

Contrary to what you might believe,

I quit trying to deceive.

I spent time being a friend,

Helped others begin again,

Loved openly with all my heart,

And became the man I should have been

Right from the start.

I won self-respect, honor, and trust,

And that, my friends, is something

That can’t be stolen, tarnished, or rust.

As you can see, I’m proud of me.

But I have also widened my view.

You remained my friend and I’m proud of you.

by Dan Roberson     Oct. 12, 2016


“Risk Free!”

Weak but strong, and broken inside. Nowhere el...

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“Try my love risk free,”

She whispered ardently,

She said it so earnestly,

How could I not believe?


Her eyes left me no doubt,

Yet the truth took another route,

How could she bring this about,

Had she practiced to deceive?


Her lips were moist and sweet,

She was mesmerizing clear to her feet,

She was a vision of truth, not deceit,

Was there any part of her I couldn’t believe?


She was a veritable love machine,

Grinding, twisting, crushing everything between,

Her love was more hidden than seen,

Had she practiced to deceive?


Her heart and her head were miles apart,

As she torched my love and took my heart,

I wondered, oh why, oh why, did I ever start,

But how could I not believe?


True to her word she was risk free,

There was no love, no commitment, no honesty,

She didn’t even need to lie to me,

I wanted desperately to believe,


I dared to be loved by her flame,

She drew me in without calling my name,

I fell for love so willingly that I’m to blame,

I didn’t think she would deceive,


All she said to me,

She whispered it so sweetly,

“Try my love, risk free.”

Letting Go


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Why am I holding
on to life and love,

Didn’t I
learn my lesson long ago,

Didn’t I see
this coming right at me,

How can I say
I didn’t know,


As an infant
I clutched my mother’s breast,

secure with nothing to fear,

It was there
that I learned best,

Love made
all things seem so clear,


As a
teenager my heart was fickle,

Love had not
learned to bloom and grow,

And in my dreams
all went right,

Love was controllable
and pliable like dough,


In my dreams
I climbed a mountain slope,

My ropes
keeping me safe from the world below,

Yet it was
difficult to know,

Why I needed
to learn how to let go,


As a
teenager my heart was fickle,

Love had not
learned to bloom and grow,

And in my world
all went right,

Until my
heart suffered another blow,


I thought
love would always be grand,

But….I did
not know how to let go,

expectations changed my path,

Because love was not pliable like dough,


When I grew
older and fell in love,

I was
vulnerable to love’s ebb and flow,

My heart was
broken when I was left all alone,

I’d never
learned how to let go,


were tricky and difficult to learn,

I became
afraid to do more than just exist,

My heart was
heavy, I had lost again,

I marked
another zero on my list,


When my
children graduated from school,

Leaving me
with an empty nest,

I wasn’t
ready to let them know,

That I might
never be happy to see them go,


When my
parents passed to a world beyond,

Who could I
ask when I didn’t know,

I was next
on the list of love and life,

Should I get
ready to let life go,


What parts
of love were within my grasp,

What parts
of love could I not clasp,

Time slipped
by so quickly I never did know,

When I
should hold on and when I should let go.