But She Forgot

The People That Time Forgot (novel)
The People That Time Forgot (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



But She Forgot


When her boyfriend broke up with her,




Cried on my shoulder,


Walked with me by the lake,


Talked for hours about all the things they did,


Wanted me to be there just to hear her breathe,


But she forgot I was there.




When she met the man of her dreams,




Told me how special he was,


Wanted me to meet him,


Insisted I go shopping with her to buy him gifts,


Asked me to help her write love poems (for him),


But she forgot I had feelings too.




When he became too busy to be with her,




Wouldn’t talk to anyone for days,


Partied every weekend with her girl friends,


Claimed I would be her best friend forever,


Moved in with a roommate,


But she forgot I cared.




When she became pregnant,




Needed me to take care of her,


Said I would be her son’s godfather,


Told me all the things we would do together,


Said she wanted to be independent,


But she forgot I had always been there for her.




When her boyfriend beat her up,




Lost her baby,


Insisted she still loved him,


Asked me to mind my own business,


Said I should stay away,


But she forgot my heart was broken.




When she was buried,




Looked very pretty,


Said she was sorry,


Wished that she loved me,


Left a note asking me to take care of her son,


But she forgot she didn’t even have to ask.


















Think Like a Tree


Greek Strawberry Tree (Cyprus Strawberry Tree)...
Greek Strawberry Tree (Cyprus Strawberry Tree). Fruits. Photo taken in Laspi bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Think Like a Tree


I wasn’t ready for life’s road stretching out before me,


It wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be,


I whined, I complained, until I learned,


The lessons taught by an old fruit tree,


In the middle of an orchard the tree quietly stood,


He was the oldest and wisest in that neighborhood,


Although ancient and twisted his heart was still good,




I questioned him thoroughly about things he knew,


From seedling to adulthood, all the years he grew,


“Tell me your secret for being young so long,


How did you endure when things went wrong?


And how did you manage to stay so strong?”




The tree scratched his head, then smiled at me,


“Life will never be easy, as you can plainly see,


Adjust and be positive, and think like a tree,


There are a few things you ought to know,


Trees serve others and they’re not for show,


If a branch is barren or doesn’t grow,


There’s no reason to keep it, just let it go,


A tree needs to compete to be the best around,


But if it bears no fruit, cut it down,


It’s tragic to waste good fertile ground,”




He hesitated and drew a deep breath,


“If a tree produces it’s still not left alone,


It’s pruned each year even while grown,


It will be healthier and productive, a fact well known,


Often a tree tries too hard,


When too much is produced a tree must be thinned,


The remaining fruit will grow larger,” he said as he grinned,


“But if there’s too much fruit the limbs might break,


How soon, how much, it’s something a gardener must tweak,


A tree doesn’t want to be crowded,


It needs space to be free,


A tree needs to improve constantly, don’t you agree?”




I was ashamed of my previous actions,


Because I had been thinking only about me,


The way the old tree explained it I could see,


Life is not as harsh as I made it out to be,


If I need to be pruned to produce more in life,


I’ll adjust and be positive and think like a tree.




She’s Unique!


1805-courtship-caricature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


She’s unique in every aspect,


She stands out in any crowd,


I can’t find words to describe her,


Except she makes me proud,




She’s a patriot to our country,


A mother to our child,


She’s the heart of our family,


A friend who drives me wild,




Love bubbles over in conversation,


There are sparkles in her eyes,


Things she does and things she says,


Always catch me by surprise,




Why do I think she’s special?


I love her more each day,


She always treats me like a king,


She’s a queen in every way,




How is she different from the others?


Why did I ask her to change her name?


I’ve always found her intriguing,


And it’s clear she loves me the same.




I’m Organic, Not Perfect


English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.
English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the produce department,


A perfect apple caught my eye,


No blemishes, nothing amiss,


I thought, “Pesticides! Oh, my!”




Around the corner in another bin,


Organic apples awaited hugs,


They were far from perfect,


They’d been chewed on by bugs,




What a difference between the two,


The beautiful shiny outside shell,


Or one blemished just like me,


One that I understood, oh, too well,




My skin doesn’t have to please anyone,


I have become organic but not good,


I’m filled with unique qualities all my own,


My faults don’t have to be understood,




And the real me is worthy and valuable,


Not like the apple that learned to pretend,


Shiny and perfect, lying in the next bin,


Attracting those who didn’t look within,




No poisons were needed in my life,


I’m organic as anyone can see,


No artificial coatings protect me,


I’m just happy learning to be me.

















The Stone Princess

The Meaning of Life
The Meaning of Life (Photo credit: Jari Schroderus)

Why am I here?


The thought goes through my mind,


There must be a reason,


But the answer is hard to find,




“The place is yours while you’re there,


Treat it like it’s your own,


It needs some work but you’ll see,


It’ll make you a very nice home,”




It was not entirely true,


The offer he made to me,


For hidden behind the scenes,


Was the power I could not see,




“Do what she wants to keep the peace,”


Her heart has turned to stone,


And I could feel her words strike,


As they pierced me to the bone,




If I must live under her rule,


And bow to her every whim,


Then I cannot stay in this place,


And let my light grow dim,




I want a place to call my own,


To rescue or restore,


And should I maintain it well,


It’ll last a few years more,




If the stone princess should follow,


In an effort to keep control,


She’ll lose all she was meant to be,


Her heart, her mind, her soul.













Heartbroken-A Scene From Hell


Thrill Kill
Thrill Kill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


His world was in turmoil,


He was not getting the breaks,


It was easy to blame others,


When his life was at stake,




The pressure was on him,


To try harder or give in,


And escape those safe walls,


That he’d built within,




His environment prepared him,


It whetted his appetite for blood,


He learned to hate,


Things that weren’t understood,




Physically and mentally,


He wanted an enemy to destroy,


And he searched diligently,


For his skills to employ,




He needed a thrill,


He decided to shoot and kill,




He connected with new friends,


Who disdained boundaries and borders,


He roamed the internet daily.


And dreamed of a new world order,




Disturbed by foreigners who came,


Seeking peace and a brand new start,


Into the land of opportunity,


Each visitor ready to do his part,




Some were dressed differently,


And different languages were spoken,


But to him, they were invaders,


The immigration system was broken,




He knew how to kill,


And he wanted a thrill,






He blended right in,


He was a neighbor but no one’s friend,


If he turned on unsuspecting people,


The population could be thinned,




He was ready to protect the country,


It was the latest trend,


He believed aliens were terrorists,


Ready to strike from within,




Into the air he shook his fist,


He didn’t understand,


That he might be the terrorist,


Who would stir terror across the land,




If his plan worked well,


It would be a scene out of hell,


He was cold and analytical,


As the final moment fell,






He would have liked to confide,


But he listened to the voice inside,


He rushed into the room,


Prepared to meet his doom,




A shot echoed from wall to wall,


He stumbled and fell,


A bullet from a policeman’s gun,


Erased his intent and broke the spell,,




There was little time for a warning,


The policeman acted on a hunch,


Within moments a crowd grew,


And they were an angry bunch,




“Police brutality!” they shouted,


“The young man didn’t have a chance,


He hadn’t harmed anyone,


We saw that at a glance.”




The young man’s weapons were loaded,


The bullets were real and live,


It was obvious if he had started,


Few would have survived,




The crowd refused to listen,


After he showed them the guns,


They stubbornly insisted,


“He didn’t shoot anyone,”




Labels of victim, martyr, innocent man,


Were quickly applied,


Stories were widespread,


Saying the policeman would be tried,




The policeman could see,


He was in a real fix,


But he’d rather be sued by a few,


Than carried out by six,




There was quite a commotion,


Until notes were found,


That explained the young man’s intent,


To put dozens in the ground,


The policeman was declared a hero,


By the mayor of the town,


But there were scores more,


Who greeted him with a frown,




Outside the sun was shining,


On the policeman’s ceremonial day,


But another young man lay buried,


In a grave not far away,




A slaughter had been aborted,


A man’s plans exposed by his mother,


The policeman was heartbroken, too,


Because he shot and killed his brother.














She Shuffles


She shuffles down the sidewalk,


Rumpled, tired, hungry, and worn,


Forgotten is her long ago life,


That began when she was born,




Others might claim they love her,


Her face is beautiful to see,


Yet alone and homeless on her own,


She might not agree with me,




She has intelligence and compassion,


Her heart touches each broken man,


She’s the universal, loving woman,


Doing the very best she can,




She comes in all shapes and sizes,


From woman to budding girl,


She tries to help others she finds,


She wants to make this a better world,




She lifts the spirit of mankind,


From those troubled to those without hope,


She could give up and join the rest,


And say she could not cope,




Yet each woman who fills the void,


And becomes more than the rest,


Is beautiful in my little world,


And I think I love her best,




As this one shuffles down the street,


I must do more than shrug,


I’ll see what I can do for her,


Just after I give her a hug.


















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