Our Valentine Tree

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960
Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our Valentine Tree


We fell in love on Valentine’s Day.


The minute you laughed I knew.


I was destined to be yours, my love,


And I would be blessed with you.




We planted our special tree that year.


We cleared away the snow.


You insisted our love would always be strong


And you wanted the whole world to know.




You’re in my thoughts again, my love,


I imagine you under our tree.


Remember all the pledges we made,


And the passion between you and me?




The years passed by rather fast,


Then our kids were grown and gone.


We were there in our empty house,


Still together but each all alone.




My heart grew hard and I forgot our tree,


I insisted it blocked my view.


I was determined to chop it down,


Without even telling you.




It was early morning on Valentine’s Eve,


When I approached our special tree.


I was shocked and pleased with what I saw,


Then ashamed of the heart in me.




Instead of the tree being stark and bare,


Pink and red covered the tree.


Valentines and notes from all our years,


Proclaimed your love for me.






My love had been erratic.


There was little that I could boast.


But you were there as you always were,


Just when I needed you most.


My dreams and heart were renewed, my love,


By the valentines that covered our tree.


There was only one thing I could say,


“I’m glad you married me!”




I miss all you gave, my love,


And the tenderness you showed to me.


I want our love to be clear each year,


As I hang valentines on our tree.








We’re Lucky to Have Christmas

English: A postcard from 1919, with artwork of...
English: A postcard from 1919, with artwork of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We’re Lucky to Have Christmas


Time stood still and my heart stopped,


When she announced she was leaving that night.


It didn’t sink in that she meant what she said,


Until she got on the very next flight.




I think of the time I wasted,


Letting it slowly slip through my hands.


I could have been loving her,


Rather than complaining and giving commands.




She promised she would love me forever.


I think she intended it to be true.


I said I could survive on my own


But deep within my heart I knew.




I could have used time in segments,


Dinner for two, flowers, a loving glance,


Instead I spent time on my own interests,


And time didn’t give a second chance.




It was the season to laugh and be jolly


And the time to play in the snow.


But it was a sad time for me that year.


She wouldn’t be under the mistletoe.




We wouldn’t be watching a parade together,


From the very first float to the last.


I made many mistakes along the way.


And now our parade had gone past.




She talked about having quality time,


And times we could just hang out.


I insisted she was my very best friend.


But I gave her many reasons to doubt.




The Christmas lights in that bar were blurry,


The drinks were making me cry.


I hadn’t told her how much I loved her,


Yet I knew I was a lucky guy.




I was ready to go home and decide what to do.


I needed some time to think.


I heard a voice calling my name,


Then, “Cowboy, can I buy you a drink?”




I’ve never seen a face more beautiful.


She had returned and was smiling at me.


Now I’m a reformed and loving man.


I’m sure that’s the way it should be.




That’s my Christmas story,


I hope you take a moment to pause.


If she hadn’t returned there wouldn’t be Christmas.


If you don’t believe what I told you,


Just ask my wife, Mrs. Claus.









Thanksgiving at the Trolls
Thanksgiving at the Trolls (Photo credit: martha_chapa95)




This holiday season I salute all writers, artists, musicians, actors, etc. Your blogs, poems, and stories inspire me when I struggle and need encouragement.  I hope that sometimes my posts provide a springboard for your endeavors also.


As I jump from first person, second person, and third person pronouns, remember I’m really talking to and about you.


To me, Thanksgiving is not about the food I eat. My memories are about the friends I meet.  Since I started blogging three years ago I’ve met some incredible people. I haven’t seen them in person but I’ve felt their words and I’ve been allowed into their minds and hearts.  Thanks, friends, for being incredible.


Look around the internet. There are bloggers everywhere, established and great.   You are part of that growing list and I admire your efforts and the efforts of new writers who are appearing daily, their raw emotions burning the hearts of those who dare listen. Behind them are newer generations, magnificent and courageous, who will soon be emerging on the scene.  I expect to enjoy the works of all, for they bring fresh perspectives to my soul and let me breathe.


To my friends I say, Happy Thanksgiving.  To my friends I haven’t met yet, I say enjoy the day with friends and family.  Life is short.  Live it with gusto.  Then sit down and write about your actions and reactions.


1.  Writers use words of power and grace, To remove a falsehood, And put truth in its place.


2.   Give someone hope anew, When she gets writer’s block, Pull her through.


3.  This holiday season remember with kind deeds, Those who have needs.


Your actions form a story of compassion.  I’m looking forward to reading how you blessed others.


Thanks again for your kind words on my blogs.  Be patient with me.  I’m still growing.




Sonia and Her Cat

Can't Forget You (Sonia song)
Image via Wikipedia

Perhaps you can attribute this to fate,

This occurrence was not entirely of my choosing,

So I hope you can relate,

A problem arose with a relationship that I thought strange,

I decided to move away,

And my life rearrange,

I had considered my trip before New Year’s Day,

And my first resolution was to be organized,

In every possible way,

Since I had planned to move to another state,

Everything had to be packed and wrapped securely,

Before the moving date,

Each box had a number and a name,

Then taped to make it strong,

I thought I could make moving to be like a game,

I thought nothing could go wrong if I was organized like that,

But then Sonia walked up and asked,

“Where’s my cat?”

Our relationship was in total disarray,

But we began to search together,

Because we couldn’t leave it that way,

Fortunately I had rented a truck,

With all my worldly goods loaded neatly,

But I still had bad luck,

Time was a factor and I considered that,

Everything could have been methodically checked,

But she wasn’t leaving without her cat,

Boxes, boxes, they were strewn everywhere,

I’d gone through most of them,

While pulling out my hair,

I didn’t know what to think, my head was in a fog,

I couldn’t find her cat,

But I did find my dog,

I’d done as much as I knew how,

She was still crying,

I asked, “What do you want me to do now?”

She glared at me for a moment until an idea hit,

I’d use my dog to find her cat,

My idea was the perfect fit,

I was brilliant but my dog was dumb,

It wasn’t long before the place was in shambles,

And I was just a bit numb,

Sonia didn’t seem happy although her cat was okay,

My dog wasn’t happy either,

He still wanted to play,

Carefully I straightened up the mess,

Then I drove down the street slowly,

It was time for me to leave, that I’ll confess,

When I had traveled a thousand miles,

I stopped to walk the dog,

And remember Sonia and her smile,

There was no way I was turning back,

Too much had happened between us,

We couldn’t even keep track,

While I leaned against the truck and thought about her,

My dog looked at me in surprise,

He, too, had heard a purr,

There just wasn’t anywhere I could unload the truck,

So I just turned it around,

And attributed it to bad luck,

I was tired and hungry and everything seemed so wrong,

When I pulled up to the house,

I heard, “What took you so long?”

Sonia was waiting with a smile and all that,

Then she helped me find the box marked “C”,

Where she had hidden her cat,

It was the best start to a New Year ever,

For we bonded at the heart,

That no move could ever sever.









Celebrating Christmas

christmas 2007
Image by paparutzi via Flickr


I often feel like I’m going the wrong way,

On a one-way street,

Dodging all the others who have a direction,

Whether it’s good or bad,

It doesn’t seem to matter,

I’m a salmon going downstream,

Wondering why others are in a frantic pace,

Fighting against the current,

Or maybe I’m the one who didn’t get the memo,

Or I got it too late,

Or the one who gets the lump of coal at Christmas,

Instead of fancy gifts,

Why do I feel I’m the only one,

Screaming alone, when I should be,

Celebrating Christmas.


This time of year,

I can change some of those feelings,

Of being alone,

Of being unwanted,

Or neglected,

I can give clothing to the needy,

Visit those who are in prison or who are sick,

Give food and drink to those who go hungry,

And I can really celebrate Christmas,

By doing things for others,

And become a positive force,

In my town, my country,

And in my world.




Women Love Santa, But What About Me?

Santa, I’m tired of being misunderstood,

You’ve been my hero, the subject of many songs,

This year I’ve tried my very best to be good,

But somehow everything just went wrong,

You’re not a good example, oh no, you’re not,

I’ve heard the song, “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”,

So what about that time you got caught?

That act, I’ll tell you now, won’t win any applause,

At the mall you weren’t nice to a little boy,

Who reluctantly climbed into your ample lap,

You couldn’t remember his special toy,

So the little rascal gave your beard a snap,

When a little girl insisted you weren’t real,

How come your face turned as red as a beet?

When she insisted your name wasn’t Santa, but Bill,

And shouted, “It’s my neighbor, from down the street!”

Santa, women love you and want to sit on your knee,

You’re not so much to look at, don’t you agree?

They’ll set out cookies and milk, dressed in nighties,

So why do you get all the attention, why you and not me?

I want to laugh this year, a little chuckle or two,

Can you find a special someone just for me?

Someone who’s heart is full of love, but not for you,

Let me have just one to love, set her next to the tree,

No one will know our secret, I surely won’t tell,

I’ll keep her warm and hold her tight,

And the following year when you ring those bells,

The chimney will be blocked and you’ll hear me yell,

“Santa, this woman is mine, so stay out of sight,

You don’t want to fight by the Christmas tree,

So take your deer and clear out of here,

This woman is only going to love just me.”

Halloween Treats

Group of children in a primary school in Paris
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s to excited
children searching for sweets,

On Halloween night there are good things to eat,

Lurking in
the dark strange creatures are stirring,

gone, their minds are whirring,

Only the
pranksters will venture the streets,

While the
rest will be home counting their treats,

Every parent
will know if their children are safe,

Each ghoul
and goblin are counted even the waifs,

No monsters
are allowed in their dreams tonight,

The little ones
might want to leave on the light,

stories after they’ve been tucked in bed,

Each thought
of candy gone from their head,

All parents
will know how they’ve been blessed,

To see eyes
all closed and the children at rest,

Stretching in
their sleep and smiles on each face,

Sweets for
the sweet, at the right time and place.

Telling Lies at Christmas

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Telling Lies at Christmastime

Mark asked, “What’s your name?”                                                         

My son looked at him with a sparkle in his eye,

This was going to be a fun game,

George. If you ask me again,

I’ll tell you the same,”

My son was smiling and having some fun,

I couldn’t see how that would hurt anyone,

But Bill took exception and looked Richard in the eye,

“You’re going to hell for telling a lie,”

I was shocked at Bill’s words for they were so strong,

Did he really believe that teasing was so wrong?

Bill turned to Mark and quickly said,

“I think you’d better head on to bed,

It’s Christmas Eve, did you forget the date?

Santa won’t come if you’re up too late!”

“I’m sorry, dad, Mark whispered (because he truly believed).

Santa was still coming, Mark was so relieved,

Fantasy was one thing, and truth was another,

Bill’s perception of lies was between one and the other,

Despite Bill’s protests I left in a huff,

Friend or no friend, I’d heard enough,

On the way home I explained to my son,

“Our words should not be used to hurt someone,

Respecting others is one of our goals,

I don’t care if you believe in the North Pole,

A Christmas Fairy with a magic wand,

The Magic Kingdom or deer that can fly,

Is that all in fun or just telling lies,

Allowing others to dream and have some fun,

Why should we want to hurt anyone?

Santa is a fun story to tell to the young,

To see their eyes light up when stockings are hung,

When you were teasing I didn’t think there was harm,

Especially for Bill to shout an alarm,

I’ll be expecting Bill to apologize,

Unless he can prove that reindeer fly,

Otherwise he was the one telling a lie.”

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