Common Threads

Bohus cardigan  "The Woven Fabric"
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through our lives were common threads,

They were almost alike but were not the same,

Some strands
we followed that nowhere led,

As we chased
dreams of fortune and fame,


There were truths and lies we often said,

But life
gave each of us a different game,

Life’s fabrics
were woven and pieces shred,

When money
talked and called your name,


I have no regrets
for all that could have been,

I avoided
risks that would have brought me shame,

My love was not
squandered at slightest whim,

Our common threads
were not spun the same,


You flirted
with danger, went out on a limb,

Looked for
easy wealth that was lying around,

Tried to convince
yourself how life was grim,

When things
went awry and no money was found,


You wanted
to stay young, all fit and trim,

While you
waited for your ship to come in,

You hovered
at the edge of life’s rim,

thinking about loss, just expecting to win,


threads woven were not the same,

I discovered
that money couldn’t buy everything,

Your threads
spelled out a different name,

You got your
diamonds and had your fling,


I made choices
and my story became mine alone,

You were
convinced my decisions were rash,

But relationships
were important and I had grown,

I could not
compromise and turned down hard cold cash,


Threads were
woven into a pattern of my own,

You needed
more than I had to remain my friend,

All the love
we had shared and ever known,

Could not
keep us together at the end,


But you were woven into my life,

My heart still
dreamed and called your name,

Your absence
cut through me like a knife,

threads woven were not the same,


I sometimes wondered how many threads,

Needed to be
woven to make you strong,

And how weak
would I be if I continued alone,

Our lives
turned out differently and oh, so wrong,


Life offered
you riches and you sold out,

Money was
more important than us being we,

At death you’ll
leave it all behind, I have no doubt,

As death
wraps us both, you’ll have the same threads as me.




The Faith I Can Fly

From Dreams or Angels
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My dreams
were big, It was all foretold,

I thought
I’d make my weight in gold,

Life would
be easy if I stayed the course,

I’d claim my
fortune and then rejoice,

Though progress
was slow in my early years,

I had much
to be thankful for, no time for tears,

My family
was growing, my job was secure,

No problems
on the horizon, nothing to endure,

But my work
consumed me, my home fell apart,

I had not
protected things close to my heart,

A divorce claimed
me and I entered the fire,

I thought my
pain could not get any higher,

I was under
a major demonic attack,

I went to
hell and somehow made it back,

My world grew
beautiful as I clawed to even ground,

I became
more humble the second time around,

My demands
for wealth were low on my list,

But life was
ugly and struck with an iron fist,

I cried to
the heavens because my dreams had faded,

My life was
destroyed, my hopes were jaded,

I was
knocked down again at the end of round three,

Life was not
any fun, was there more to life for me,

hidden in the clouds an angel band awaits,

Waiting for
me patiently behind great pearly gates,

I’ve got
just a few years before I get to go,

I’m hoping
and praying that no one says no,

It would be
very awkward to reach heaven’s door,

And find heaven
filled with no room for one more,

Life has
been brutal and under the circumstance,

I’d ask for
a lotto ticket and one slight chance,

I still
believe in miracles and will until I die,

I just need
angel wings and the faith I can fly,




My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom

Mỹ Sơn
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My son, there are a few things you ought to know,

First off, don’t eat the yellow snow,

When a girl tells you she likes you as a friend,

She means, adios, goodbye, the end,

The tongue has the power of life and death,

Say something nice, or save your breath,

When you think you know something, speak out,

Listen and look wise, when in doubt,

Son, life has no easy answers on how to be smart,

Being always observant is quite an art,

If you look at the friends who surround you,

Your own character comes into view,

When people are angry, listen to what they say,

For what they believe is true will come your way,

Now for the things that can make you better,

Hold these truths close right to the letter,

If you hold anger inside and don’t turn it loose,

It won’t be long before you stew in your own juice,

In colloquial terms, you have to dig,

If you stir a stink, it only gets big,

If you’re knee high in clover you’re doing well,

You’ve hit pay dirt as time will tell,

If you’ve got it made in the shade,

You have no worries, your fortune is made,

The best things in life are not gold or shiny rings,

Love, respect, and honor, are what happiness brings,

Be a person of action, be a person of thought,

Keep out of trouble and do what you ought,

You are wise when you know others and what they say or do,

You are wiser yet, when you really understand you,

My son, I’ll tell you a secret, don’t ever get old,

It’s only for the tough, the simple, and those who are bold,

Now for the real things you asked me about,

The differences between sexes that you have doubts,

If you think you understand women you’re in danger,

The simple truth? Men are strange, women are stranger,

Know that women think differently than a man,

You’ll always be wrong if you don’t understand,

If you ever think you’re perfect, it’s time for a wife,

She’ll love you and correct you the rest of your life,

Men want women to stay the same always,

Women want men to be different every day,

Women can’t keep secrets, you should know that,

If you have a secret to keep, keep it under your hat,

Love builds bridges across unchartered lands,

Everyone is richer, no matter which side you stand,

Love can be magical when your heart it does claim,

Love also can be an illusion that you’ll never tame,

Love takes normal things and dims the light,

You won’t see faults and everything looks right,

A beautiful woman? If you wish to be wise too,

A beautiful woman is the one who loves you,

The best thing in life I hope you soon learn,

Is to love completely and be loved in return.

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