I said, “I want to be friends.”
“Don’t you think I’m attractive?” you asked.
“This has nothing to do with that,” I replied.
“Are you rejecting my love?” you asked sadly.
This conversation was already going badly.
We had met two weeks before and shared poetry,
Hers was light and fluffy, lifting the soul.
Mine was darker with shades of gray, all details told.
I expected her opinion, constructive criticism at it’s best,
but I froze when she answered,
“When I read yours, I lost respect for you,” she said matter-of-fact.
“Shades of gray has no place in poetry or prose.
Your poems are disgusting when you have scenes like those.”

“Yours were still beautiful,” yet between the words I said
were my feelings trampled and left for dead.
if she had offered hope for better days
I would be more careful and change my ways.
but I felt condemned and hurt, no turning back.
I thought we were friends. This was a personal attack.
Friends forever, I would still try to do this.



Picture your words on a number line
Not by counting letters or sounds,
Consider the words that might be out-of-bounds,
Or messages that might say,
I don’t feel very well today,
look at what I’m saying and go away.
You still don’t get what I mean?
Words hide feelings that are often unseen.
What if you could see how your words,
Become larger and powerful when both seen and heard.
Think of words as being positive or negative on a number line
Hate Love
Death Life

Opposites help make the picture clear,
They show the truths you hold dear.
Hate brings Death to the very end,
Love brings Life, and a place to begin.
When you say negative things under your breath,
You are secretly wishing for my death,
Words such as those should remain unsaid
They are bullets aimed at my head.
If you say positive words you take away strife..
Positive words encourage and add to life.
You can be ruthless and claim to be misunderstood
When your words are venomous and not for good.
Choose sweet words if you are my friend,
Bitter words if our friendship should end.
Words, powerful words, what words come to mind?
Deceptive or truthful, kind or unkind?
Intending to incite, insult or infuse,
When you gossip about people, what words do you choose?
Do you want us to live longer, become stronger, and love more?
Do your words lift us up so we can soar?
Picture your words as they rush to our ears,
What impression or message do you want us to hear?

May 29, 2017

Love and The Magic Spell

I’ll tell you a story,

It’s sad but true,

If you don’t watch out,

It could happen to you,

My girlfriend one day announced she would leave,

I took it hard and did nothing but grieve,

Her thoughts were elsewhere as she stared off in space,

She had all the symptoms of love, yet she ignored my face,

I watched her intently and could feel her distress,

She played with her hair and straightened her dress,

“I know what you’re feeling,” I said with concern,

But it was the wrong thing to say I soon was to learn,

“You don’t know anything,” she snapped with fire in her eyes,

“Ouch,” I thought, “I hit a nerve causing her anger to rise,”

She said, “I’m the only one who knows how I feel,

You can only guess, but I know what is real,”

The conversation was over as quick as it had begun,

Though I was right, there was nothing I’d won,

I’d do anything to keep this relationship intact,

But I had to act swiftly to get it back on track,

You see, at one time we had been connected at the heart,

But the battle scars became plentiful as we drifted apart,

My love was not returned, it was stagnant as well,

With everything going wrong it was time to try a magic spell,

I called someone who claimed to be a witch,

She was a salesperson and gave me quite a pitch,

“I have all kinds of spells that will work for you,

Just tell me what you want this spell to do,”

She explained the spells slowly as she went down her list,

She counted them carefully, there was none she missed,

The Lust for Me Spell was the one I chose,

I said, “A little spice in my life wouldn’t hurt, I suppose,”

Low monthly terms and a guarantee for three years,

I signed up quickly and wiped away my tears,

The spell was incanted and sent my way,

The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day,

Love can be tricky even with black magic,

It didn’t turn out like I expected, the results were tragic,

She fell deeply in love with the neighbor next door,

My heart was shredded right to the core,

I called the witch and said, “That didn’t turn out well,”

“What you need,” she said, “is a reversal spell,”

“Yes, I don’t want her to be happy, you see,

I just want her to be back with me,”

The spell was recanted and all put in reverse,

My girlfriend came back but things have gotten worse,

She loves another and her love won’t be returned,

He doesn’t want her anymore, her love he spurned,

My money wasn’t returned, the witch cursed my bill,

“Nothing will go right,” she said, “and it never will,”

The nights are colder and I need someone near,

Someone I can love and call her dear,

This life is too short to live within ice,

A lover with a warm heart would suffice,

I don’t want much as you can see,

I simply want someone to share love with me.





I’ve Learned to Look Beyond Myself

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As I reflect
on my life it all seems surreal,

Why were
there moments when I did not feel?


I saw a man
crying because he had killed his friend,

Stabbed during
an argument he still didn’t comprehend,

Killed in a
flash because they disagreed,

What should
I tell him, how should he plead?


Why did I
not stop to talk when I saw someone wanting to die?

Was my life
so busy that I just passed by?

She had
given up in total despair,

There was no
way for her life to repair,


She just
wanted her problems to go away,

So she
swallowed some pills one day,

When I found
her she no longer had fears,

It was too
late for conversation,  too late for


Why didn’t I
talk to her when I had the chance,

Let her know
she was important in life’s lonely dance?


When I think
of what I should have done, I stand accused,

I saw
someone who had been abused,

Why wasn’t I
more alert?

Why didn’t  I hurt?


It was not
enough to forgive the abuser on that day,

I should
have insisted that he be put away,

protected those who were innocent and unaware,

Rather than
leave them in his care,


I saw
someone once young and strong,

Now old,
ignored and forgotten for so long,

Her children
were all grown,

Why did they
leave her with no love shown?


She was confused
and needing love’s touch,

If I stopped
by, would it hurt me much?


One of my
neighbors was a longtime user,

Did that
make him forever a loser?

He became
more than a burned out shell,

And escaped
his private hell,

A friend
cared enough to help change his scope,

For all he
needed was a little hope,

I saw
someone with a crippling disease,

Why didn’t I
help, tell me please?

He was begging
on a busy street,

I could have
gotten him food to eat,


There are many
things I could have done,

But I had
decided I’d help no one,

Why didn’t I
reach out?

Why did I


I have a
friend who was laid off from work,

He’s on the
verge of going berserk,

His phone is
ringing off the hook,

Because bill
collectors think he is a crook,


But he has
no money to pay his bills,

He can’t
sleep because dreams give him chills,

Maybe it’s a
sign of the times or stormy weather,

depression is real, we will spend time together,


I’ll let him
know I’m there for him,

A friend is
a friend, through thick or thin,



There was
someone who cheated my heart,

But maybe I
didn’t do my part,

I thought
like a child, I felt pity for me,

I needed to
look beyond myself, but that’s all I could see,


Why didn’t I

My heart knew
I must,

But what
could have been great,

Was destroyed,
I blamed it on fate,


I saw someone who judged me because I didn’t follow the rules,

She was
convinced I was a fool,

I cared too
much for those in the world,

And I cried,
and tried to help as it twirled,


I saw all
these conditions, all these people, yet I didn’t see,

That one of the
negligent ones was me,

Why did I always
seem to hesitate,

When I knew time
was precious and I shouldn’t wait?


Problems in
life might not start with me,

But I will be
compassionate whenever I see,

Those who
are hurting wherever they might be,

I know all problems in life will not end with


But there
are words of comfort and things I can share,

I’ll reach
and touch with tender loving care,

Giving back
to others what I can possibly give,

I must not
wait, for I have a short while to live,


I know I’ll be
vulnerable as I go my way,

There is so
much to do each and every day,

This person
hurts, and that one too,

There may
come a time when I’ll help you,


needs someone when things go wrong,

Moments when
they’re weak, I might be strong,

I don’t want
to spend my life focused on me,

This world
has many needs, you see,


If I help others
sharing my heart’s best,

I believe I’ll
make a difference in all the rest,

intertwined stretching across the land,

and love, walking hand in hand.


The Mighty Oak and the Quaking Aspen

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Two towering trees, their branches interlaced,

Lovingly caressed as the wind continually paced,

The wind carried their whispers to and fro,

They were rooted while the wind could go,

The two had been together since long ago,

When the young oak noticed the aspen starting to grow,

He being more gnarled and taller, was gruff,

She being slimmer and delicate, was still tough,

Despite wooden hearts, they developed rapport,

And soon their feelings progressed even more,

They were happy their memories were shared,

To each other their hopes and dreams were bared,

He loved the way her leaves fluttered in the breeze,

She loved his strength and the way he could squeeze,

Through the years they saw a progression of change,

With a variety of people, mean, good, and strange,

The Indians came and respected the land,

They honored the trees and let them stand,

They could picture their ancestors peering out,

Hunting the forest and walking about,

Then a newer group arrived one day,

Who cut down and burned away,

Most of the great forests and trees,

Creating farmlands as far as they could see,

Leaving only a few trees in small groves,

And even those were good for stoves,

These two trees, once fresh and young,

Watched helplessly as the axes rung,

 They were left because they were so mismatched,

They were glad since they were so attached,

Now they stood guard at this secluded spot,

Sentinels against the sky, whether cold or hot,

Visitors were usually welcomed with open arms,

The trees had years to develop their charms,

Urging some of their guests to rest and dally,

To observe nature and let their strength rally,

Spend the night out under the stars,

Singing campfire songs and playing guitars,

On their way home those same guests would stop,

Visit awhile and their stories they’d swap,

Those guests wanted to know the history of the trees,

Would there be answers if they said please?

How long had these trees been there?

Had the trees witnessed enough to compare?

There were other visitors though,

Who thought the forest was just so-so,

They were rude and eager to make their mark,

Carving their names into the bark,

Breaking off all the lower limbs,

Just being destructive at a whim,

 Littering the area with all kinds of trash,

Eggs in nests they would always smash,

Ruining in a day what had taken so long to create,

Beauty of any kind they would desecrate,

The trees moaned and groaned in protest,

Wondering how to get rid of these awful pests,

The hostile visitors said it was but the wind,

Ordering the old trees to be silent again,

Havoc and mayhem ruled the day,

As the unruly visitors had their way,

The oak and the aspen were carved and scorched,

And both came close to being torched,

When the group left, the trees breathed in relief,

Hoping they’d never return to give them grief,

That group was gone but more would take their place,

It was usually that way with the human race,

But they trees withstood the onslaught with aplomb,

Always dignified, peaceful, and calm,

The valley eventually became a national preserve,

And both trees volunteered to serve,

For their heartwood was still strong,

Retirement for them was simply wrong,

A few years later a mighty storm struck,

Their roots held desperately, but not their luck,

Both trees crashed heavily to the ground,

People from everywhere, miles around,

Came to see the giants as they lay,

For there was more than two trees on display,

There was something unusual, something strange,

The way the trees had fallen out of range,

Directly into the wind they had spun,

Away from people, no harm was done,

They had crushed no one, no child or mother,

They had fallen instead into the arms of each other,

Around each trunk, seedlings appeared overnight,

Smiling and greeting everyone in sight,

Some seedlings were transported to faraway places,

It is said that people who see them have happy faces,

The oak and the aspen still live in legend and tales,

 Showing kindness, compassion, and a love that prevails,

The new trees will bring magic and couples will discover,

The traits of the giants in the hearts of their lovers.

Frozen in Ice (Part Four)

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(The Conclusion) 

Was there any way she could be satisfied and find ways to cope?

Was her love so shallow that nothing could make her feel?

Or had her marriage deteriorated so much, there was no hope?

Had her imagination confused imaginary love for one that was real?

Could she settle for her family? Which meant work and no play,

Her husband was security, but offered little romance and no spice,

Was she willing to risk tomorrow for the pleasures of today,

Or stay in her long-time marriage, her heart frozen in ice?

When her husband confronted her, he’d had some time to think,

She wept and sobbed profusely, and said she didn’t want to live,

He said, “We’ll get though this together, we’ll repair the broken link,

We’ll keep our heads held high, and both of us have much to forgive,”

But Rhonda could imagine the vicious rumors she would have to face,

“Our marriage is dead, there’s no excitement and I can’t endure another day,”

Behind her back her friends would laugh, none would give her any grace,

“I love you,” she told her husband, “but only in a superficial way,”

 “I know it will be difficult,” he said, “but I know we can make it work,

It won’t be easy to undo the anger, the hurts, the fear, the blame,

If we don’t neglect each other, and our promises we do not shirk,

If we just share our feelings, our love will have a chance to flame,”

He wanted to be understanding, he wanted this marriage to succeed,

But Rhonda had tasted the wild life, pleasure had opened the gate,

“I’ve been too confined at home,” she stated, “my emotions have been freed,

Someday I might be the wife for you, but for now I want to date,”

Rhonda moved to the city, where she could start her life anew,

Rhonda is much happier now, her new job is better too,

She’s discovering her inner self again, which was long overdue,

She isn’t accountable to anyone, she does what she wants to do,

Her husband and kids struggle on, doing their very best,

They’ve become a closer family group, on each other they rely,

They don’t talk often about their mom, those thoughts are suppressed,

In the evenings, when their chores are done, they sit around and cry.

Frozen in Ice (Part Three)

Cover of "Forgiveness"
Cover of Forgiveness

 In the wee hours David took her home, but he didn’t wait around,

The house was dark, not even one light, to welcome her return,

She went from room to room, but no one could be found,

If her husband and children were gone, where could she turn?

She found a note on the kitchen table, upon it was written her name,

“The kids are safe at your mother’s, but I decided to take a trip,

One of my friends went to the dance, he told me of your shame,

I couldn’t believe my wife, my angel, had finally lost her grip,”

“I’m sorry you don’t love me anymore, I’m sorry I let you down,

I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, I need some space to live,

I wanted to discuss this all with you, but you brought your love to town,

I know I won’t forget this night, but I’m trying hard to forgive,”

Rhonda’s heart was pounding as reality struck her with terrible force,

She had always held her husband accountable for every small mistake,

Forgiveness was not her strong point and now she was filled with remorse,

Could he ever forgive her for what she’d done, what action would he take?

Emotionally and physically she had neglected her husband’s needs,

In return, he had numbed himself to all matters of the heart,

Was it too late to repair their love and forgive any wayward deeds?

Rhonda was ready for counseling, to give her marriage a new start,

Her husband was not sure that he was willing to reconcile,

Their relationship was empty, love had leaked slowly away,

He, too, had felt neglected, they had not made love for awhile,

Could he forgive her? Or did he need to make her pay?

There are consequences for her actions, she’s lost her self-respect,

She’d like to forget and forgive herself, for the night she lost control,

But David’s face often appears, when she’s lonely and feels neglect,

And her face flames with sudden rush, as she remembers his body bold,

Did she really mean forever, that she would never do any wrong?

Oh, the decisions she has to make, to keep from going back,

Is it worth all the work to keep her relationship strong?

Or should she take the easy way out, and get the love she lacks?

(To Be Continued)

Frozen in Ice (Part One)

He was an avid hunter searching for conquests,

Hungry to gobble one more lonely heart,

Always busy, there was never a moment to rest,

Always looking for a new place to start,

David liked music and dancing, because the beat,

That rhythmic bass and pounding drum,

Always stirred the depths and raised the heat,

Across an unguarded heart his words would strum,

Resistance was futile after he made his move,

He would love a woman and leave her without any regret,

He enjoyed being deceitfully wicked and in a groove,

Positive there was no woman that he couldn’t get,

David said that to himself when he had time to reflect,

He thought any woman was self-centered to the core,

And each was thoroughly convinced she was a victim of neglect,

Tonight he’d lavish one with attention (she would want more),

He waited patiently while he idly listened to the band,

Perhaps tonight was not the night to find a lonely heart,

But two women entered and he was ready to play his hand,

One got up to greet a friend, which gave him a chance to start,

David sauntered over and casually asked the woman to dance,

She turned him down, but she gave herself no reason why,

She needed time to shake herself free of her circumstance,

Locked in a loveless marriage, she didn’t even want to try,

This was the first time since she’d married, to be out on the town,

She weakened while the music played, the temptation to dance was strong,

“You know your troubles won’t go away,” David said with a frown,

“You can dance your troubles away tonight, but to sit and worry is wrong,”

 He could sense Rhonda struggling, but ready to make a choice,

His compliments made her feel good and she liked his easy grin,

David had been patient, listening to the pain in her voice,

She quickly decided that tonight she was ready to feel again,

As they danced, her body moving with the beat,

She felt young and free, wishing this could always be,

She melded to him, stirred and excited by his heat,

Physically and emotionally she bonded, but not mentally,

“I shouldn’t be letting myself go like this,” she told herself twice,

“But this is fun.  It’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to dance,”

“He’s been really good to me and I think he’s really nice,

He loves me, I can feel it, and I’m ready to take a chance,”

 (To be continued)

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