Silky and smooth,

Her skin is carved from alabaster,

Very soft to the touch.

As they dance he is very much aware

Of her gown clinging to every inch.

The pressure of his hands guides her,

Taking her on a journey across the universe.

She responds to his touch,

Gliding and sailing over the marble floor,

Becoming more and more

A part of him.

Slight dips and spins become movements of love,

Her heated body melting into his.

She wears nothing between the outer fabric and her skin,

And he struggles to keep focused.

A few quick steps and he lifts her into the air,

Triumphantly, aware of eyes watching admiringly.

He lowers her, and she touches ground gracefully.

She whispers into his ear and they disappear into the night,

Dashing the hopes of those who were watching.

But at the same time encouraging them to dream,

To dream and love and create their own fantasy.


June 15, 2017




“Love is an Act, and That’s a Fact!”

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“I’m here to audition,” I explained to the old man,

He remained sitting, he didn’t bother to stand,

“So you’re the hot shot actor,” he said with a smirk,

“Do you think you’re made for this line of work?”

“I’ve had good reviews, so I think I’m good,”

“You’re playing opposite that young singer,

Her star is on the rise,” He shook his finger,

“Before you get too content, let me vent,

And perhaps there’s a problem I can prevent,

I’ll tell you a little story that happened to me,”

He was at the casting desk;  I had to agree,

So he told me how his story came to be,

With sweeping gestures his hands flew,

Telling the story dramatically, as only he knew,

“Our two lives converged in a moment of time,

The world was our stage and we the cast,

Expected to play in a love story with passions prime,

It was meant to be ongoing for a lifetime,

But somehow my starring role was surpassed;

She was the consummate artist in her prime,

She became a new persona, with skills so vast,

In the moment I got caught up in the story line,

Believing I was hers and she was mine,

She played her role and I was outclassed,

Two lives diverged in that moment of time,

My chance at glory so quickly passed,

Her career was still on the climb,

A riveting actress with skills sublime,

Her stardom was sure to last,

In the moment I became lost in the story line,

Believing I was hers and she was mine,

In that moment I lost my heart,

I was real but she played a part,

In that one moment my world stood still,

All my dreams were fulfilled,

Now I see love as just an act,

Whimsical, not matter of fact,

And all the world is a stage,

Where love is the rage,

It’s just an act,

That’s a fact.”

With his story over he picked up a broom,

And quickly swept out of the room,

Just before a woman entered and looked around,

“I hope that old man didn’t bother you much,

He tells a crazy story about his acting and such,

He’s been the custodian here for ages and ages,

I’m not sure he even gets any wages,

He thinks he’s in love with a certain actress,

I think he was overcome with stress,

But in his case, it’s just an act,

That’s a fact.

Now don’t worry about him,

I want you to meet Kim,

In this love story she’s your co-star,

She’s good and I’m sure she’ll go far.”

Small Simple Things With Love

Small Simple Things With Love (One Poet’s Legacy)

Because I am a poet,

I am wiser than I think,

I see the world with clarity,

Able to mix fantasy with reality,

Discovering beauty wherever I look,

Or find ugliness and mayhem out my door,

I can’t ignore the world and waste my life,

I try to create order out of chaos,

And do small simple things with love,

Because I am aware of life and death,

And within the parameters of my time,

I am working on my legacy,

For a poet leaves more than leaves of grass,

For life’s deepest meaning is in relationships,

For all the experience I learned,

Loves once had, so foolish spent,

Were ground powder fine as the world turned,

But my world is much bigger than loves lost,

My fingerprints have left indelible marks,

Doing a thousand small simple things with love,

Comforting those left standing alone,

Who shed great tears of pain,

Encouraging those who lacked hope,

Lifting their spirits from the depths,

Urging those who needed words of action,

Doing something that would make someone’s life better,

Small simple things with love,

My footprints also linger on,

For I’ve walked carefully throughout life,

Stepping forward in truth and purpose,

Walking tall and unafraid to face the world,

Leaving footprints, I’m sure,

Yet unseen by me if I turn and look,

So I go trudging on,

My words heartfelt and true,

Knowing that my words are powerful,

Solving problems, gathering information,

Abstract thinking, concrete thinking,

Words that have the power of life and death,

Should be words of love and peace,

Kind words, affirming words, a chance to show mercy,

I am a poet and I share my essence,

My heart is open and in my dreams,

I leap barriers that block love’s capricious whim,

I do not want to keep love’s fire without,

It has to burn within,

I am vulnerable to the world,

And my dreams are of love and peace,

Each footprint, each fingerprint, that I leave,

Will be small simple things with love,

For I am a poet.

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