Before You See the Movie, Read My Life

Beneath Our Dreams
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Read with gusto when you begin,

Tear back the covers and read all that is there,

From opening line to the end,

My life is worn and threadbare,

Discover how a bright beginning can turn sour,

Over and over as the pages are turned,

The bruises and cuts drained me of power,

Although they were earned and lessons were learned,

The moments when I held out a helping hand,

Times I rushed into love with a heart that was blind,

There are dips and turns that I still don’t understand,

As I looked for commitment that I never could find,

Yes, some pages are filled with relationships and dust,

But it’s all there, pages dog-eared and torn,

Years that were common but sprinkled with lust,

For when I was alone and forlorn,

There were no home fires left to burn,

No one left waiting alone in a bed,

In those moments I searched for a love to earn,

But the pages are empty and tear-stained instead,

When you read my life there are certain phrases,

As I talk about my occupation, my hobbies, and work,

You’ll notice I went through different phases,

Sometimes I was a knight and sometimes a jerk,

You’d have to read my poetry to learn more about me,

Because I’ve mellowed and changed with age,

I once said it would take tomes to explain what came to be,

And now on one microchip my life doesn’t fill one page,

But if one poem or one memory gives you a smile,

Then my life has somehow been worthwhile,

So read with gusto from the beginning to the end,

And look at my picture with my lopsided grin,

Most of my life was wasted on mistakes I made,

But there wasn’t much of life I’d care to trade,

My book is a book about hard knocks, you see,

It tells all you really need to know about me,

My pages are dog-eared and torn,

I’m not as new as the day I was born,

But I have things to add before my book is put away,

I’m still looking for someone to make my day,

Then I can close my book with a grin,

Knowing love finally came through at the end.











Jungle Law

I cling to my branch watching the trail below,

Hoping those hungry leopards don’t show,

I think one of them gobbled up pop,

Mom was next, the leopard wouldn’t stop,

I screamed for help but to no avail,

That’s one reason now I watch the trail,

I could be singing and dancing with glee,

But that certainly would make a target of me,

I’ve got chimpanzee friends in high places,

Ready to swing down if I see leopard faces,

In return I will keep a sharp eagle eye,

For any hungry looking animal passing by,

So while I watch the chimp children play,

We all feel more secure yet another day,

I’m at my post and I cannot sleep,

For I made promises I intend to keep,

I’ll scream out loud with a warning cry,

If something unusual catches my eye,

Those chimp children are all over the place,

So I’m especially alert for a leopard face,

Should I give a warning to the group,

They’d better go quickly to their troop,

There is safety in numbers with fang and claw,

For tragedy strikes quickly, it’s jungle law.

Your Eyes Speak From the Heart

These Words
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I hear the words you are saying,



But your eyes talk too.

They tell a different truth.

Your mouth whispers what you want me to hear.

False words of undying love,

Words claiming forever.

Your eyes, your beautiful eyes,

Tell the whole story,

From beginning to end,

With all the details at hand.

Your lips are convincing

But they change their mind,

And move without the truth.

Your eyes, portals to the soul,

Speak from the heart.

They cannot lie,

They separate themselves from excuses,

They speak straight and true.

Oblivious to your silver tongue,

Those orbs contradict the words

That slide so easily from your mouth.

I do not believe your words,

But I believe your eyes,

They speak from the heart.

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