To Bathe or Not to Bathe

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There in the
bright light she stood,

Her shadow
following as close as it could,

She said, “I’ll
follow this path,

It’ll lead
me home to my bath,

You’d have
one too, if you could,”


“Oh, no,”
said her shadow with a sigh,

“I’ll never
take a bath, here’s why,

I’d be so
clear when clean,

That I’d
never ever be seen,

So I’d
rather be dirty and dry.”

A Man’s Home Is His Castle

Forgive Me This
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A Man’s Home Is His Castle

From the ramparts I stood searching,

A majestic wonderland just outside,

The brightness of the snow blinding,

Diamonds sparkling on every side,

A wealth of beauty on display,

Three deer have crossed my Sherwood,

Cardinals perched on empty tray,

Not far from where I motionless stood,

Upset that seed was gone, boldly had their say,

A man’s home is his castle it is true,

But without a queen to stoke love’s fire,

His heart becomes frozen through and through,

Now the wilderness and all I command,

Stand stark against the evening sky,

Soon darkness will sweep across the land,

And all I can do is wait and sigh,

She was strong willed and independent,

Not willing to quietly listen and obey,

Outspoken, she followed her own bent,

Disruptive in each and every way,

And yet, It was as if the world shook,

When she was there to play her part,

With each delicate step she took,

It was clear she loved with all her heart,

But to let her be so independent was absurd,

She was not what I expected her to be,

I sent her away with terrible kingly words,

But now I see, she was meant for me,

I’ve waited through the coldness of night,

I’ve climbed to the top of this tower of ice,

Where I can catch the first sight,

Trusting she learned of my new decree,

Hoping she’ll forgive, and it will suffice,

A king on my knees, willing to plea,

Hoping she’ll forgive and return to me.

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