Negative Charge of My Magnet Ghost


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Negative Charge of My Magnet Ghost


I have a personal magnet ghost, who’s attracted to my bad deeds.


She’s not very sensitive at times; she ignores my wants and needs.


When my life is out of balance and I’ve lost momentum to go,


She unloads negative energy, leaving me with no room to grow.


When dark thoughts start to gather and I feel the first drops of pain,


I close my eyes and imagine her here, creating havoc within my brain.


Mentally ill, I’ve been labeled, because of that wandering soul,


She shows up uninvited, no matter how often she’s been told,


A queen in emotional and spiritual worlds, she rushes to stake her claim,


There remained no chance I‘d keep control, once she called my name,


Irresponsible with her own relationships, she drove my friends away,


Leaving me to fight my demons alone, those who moved in yesterday,


Electrical shortages and my life on hold, the ghost has held her sway,


I think it’s time for her to move ahead, I need her out today.


I’ve been looking for my innocence; I found it in the dark,


It will light up the world, once I provide a spark.







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(A Positive Man Meets a
Negative Woman)

My view of
the world changed,

When I
learned to really believe,

In the
electrical field around me,

And the messages
I could send and receive,


The women
were always attracted,

They couldn’t
resist my magnetic pull,

I had an
ample supply of protons,

So my
waiting arms stayed full,


With friends
I attended a wedding reception,

I stayed
neutral at the start,

But I became
more and more positive,

I’d never
give away my heart,


I was
friendly and constantly smiling,

My positive
vibes were over the top,

But when the
hair on my neck started rising,

I thought my heart might stop,


Sparks were
flying everywhere,

The very moment
she entered the door,

High voltage
she was generating,

As she
swished across the floor,


She brought
in a negative attitude,

Life had
been especially rough that day,

She was
ready to cause a little friction,

She had definitely been rubbed the wrong way,


I left
behind positive footprints,

As I crossed
the floor to see,

Who this
negative lady really was,

And what she
would mean to me,


I was met
with a little resistance,

Her static
gave me a quick shot,

The charge
we shared was imbalanced,

Though I thought
she was extremely hot,


Normally the
positives cancel out,

The negatives
in my way,

But she was
certainly not neutral,

And she didn’t
ask me to stay,


My words
continued to be soothing,

And I finally
convinced her to dance,

My protons
were definitely working,

And improving
my one true chance,


Two nervous
systems were connecting,

As we two-stepped
around the floor,

We generated
a lot of electricity,

But nothing
that could be stored,


The night
was over much too soon,

My heart had
grown too large,

Her electrons
continued to flow,

But I had
lost my charge,


She disappeared
quickly into the night,

But her
current had made its mark,

My heart
would never be the same,

It had been
singed by her sparks,


She left
behind an electrified scene,

And a note
to call her soon,

There’s still
a chance for true romance,

Sharing electrons
under the moon.


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