I want to travel the world through your eyes,

Finding love and treasures beyond the skies.

My poems may tell of adventures I found,

But my heart will always be homeward bound.

Everything I am, you taught me to feel,

Without your love, nothing is real.

My heart is packed to travel light,

I wish,  I wish, with all my might,

To be with you all through the night.

I miss your laughter, your love, your charms,

You should be next to me, within my arms.

I am growing older with each passing day,

And yet my love grows stronger in every way.

You make me need your love within,

And yes, it’s true, I miss skin to skin.

I claim your heart as I dream about you,

Dancing in darkness until morning dew.

All my life I waited for your kiss,

But I never believed the passion would be like this.

I’ll be in your heart and your dreams too,

Walking, dancing, and loving you.

I’ll travel the world as you cross the sea,

But when you need love, come home to me.

June 26, 2017

Take Her Heart and Lead

We Danced Anyway
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I remember well our first date,

Time inched along, I didn’t like to wait,

I can still picture her in frilly gown,

As I paused at the bottom of the stairs,

Waiting for her to come down,

To me she was simply beautiful,

I tried hard to remember she was my friend,

She twirled around, showing off her dress,

At first I was at a loss for words,

But I knew she was trying to impress,

“Tell me you like it,” she said with a smile,

What should I say about colors or style?

“Your dress is beautiful. It’s perfect for you”,

And I thought, “Anything would do,”

We had been friends for a long, long time,

I was always the one she talked to,

Whenever she had a new flavor of the week,

She didn’t seem interested in me,

But it was my advice she’d seek,

“You’re fickle,” I told her often,

Because none of her relationships would last,

She’d look at me oddly,

And insisted they went too fast,

But I believed then that she was waiting,

To fill an inner need,

She never told me she wanted a man,

Who would take her heart and lead,

Now in this moment I knew this might be my chance,

My heart had long thought she was perfect for romance,

Just outside her door I studied her face,

The moonlight displaying her beauty and grace,

A slight breeze played with wisps of her hair,

I could see all kinds of mystery there,

I opened my car’s door to let her in,

She seemed surprised,

But I could see she had a grin,

The evening seemed to fly right past,

As we laughed, talked, and dined,

When I suggested we also dance,

She accepted very fast,

She seemed puzzled as we waited on the dance floor,

She wasn’t sure what was in store,

I stood quietly for a moment,

Letting the music enter my feet, my hands, my body,

All as one,

We waltzed across the floor,

The fun had just begun,

The rhythms changed as couples danced,

Keeping to the time,

I noticed her breathing was just the same as mine,

Quick, quick, slow, slow,

We covered the floor with zest,

And she was laughing as we danced,

While pressed against my chest,

In the wee hours we went for coffee,

To talk as we’d never done,

And we were both surprised,

When the waitress said,

“Isn’t that a gorgeous sun?”

As I took her home she seemed concerned,

And I asked her what was wrong,

“I don’t want to lose your friendship,

But I’ve loved you all along,”

I was shocked but pleased,

And I confessed that she was the one,

Who set my heart aflame,

“We’ve been friends for a long time,

But I want you to have my name,”

That was the moment we became very best friends,

We shared troubles along with our fun,

She didn’t have to be anyone but herself,

She was my chosen one,

She wanted to be loved and cherished,

And that dream came true,

She was the one I adored,

My queen through and through,

And in turn I became her king,

That’s what love will do.










I’ll Be Dancing

English: Venus orbits the Sun at an average di...
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Like a baby tooth at six,

Clearly missing from a smile,

Floating away before her time,

From life my lover left for awhile,


I was not meant to be alone,

In time another did appear,

For a season to take her place,

But that one, too, did volunteer,


To drift away like an autumn leaf,

Disappearing without a trace,

But voids do not empty remain,

As matter rushes to fill the space,


Now I wander the heavens,

A lonely comet in its track,

Looking while I patiently wait,

To find the lover I sorely lack,


There’s a plan for such a fool as I,

I will scatter stardust along a trail,

To follow footprints across the sky,

And I’ll find my Venus without fail,


What my heart had lost before,

Was not meant for me to keep,

Because true love will not drift away,

It’s anchored and it’s deep,


Someday as you search the stars,

You’ll find me smiling there,

And I’ll be dancing with my love,

Up and down a crystal stair.


One Step, Two Steps, a Laugh or More

Through my eyes light pours in,

Bringing warmth and energy to my world within,

From the time I’m awake until I sleep,

Light drives out any darkness I keep,

The light splashes into areas where I think,

My mood changes and I’m no longer on the brink,

“Hello!” I shout, but the world does not respond,

Its focus is on issues far beyond,

My enthusiasm does not waver,

“Hello!” I shout again, “Enjoy your day!”

I bounce through morning with light showing me the way,

But my energy wanes with the fading light,

As my psyche prepares for the upcoming night,

Later while the moon glides across the sky,

Only small amounts of light enter my eye,

And the darkness inside spreads,

Arousing my primal desires,

Smoldering embers become raging fires,

In the corners shadows dance,

Feverishly, wantonly, as in a trance,

Until I shake away the shackles I know,

And loose this energy and let it flow,

I’m looking for love and passion’s heat,

This feeling of loneliness I want to defeat,

I fret and hunger for someone to hold,

My fears are gone and I dare to be bold,

Sounds of the night urge me on,

While neon lights pull me along,

In a bar a woman is crying and left all alone,

She tells me her troubles, I tell her my own,

We talk for awhile and find we relate,

She matches me perfectly, this must be fate,

Dancing in dim light with heat seeking heat,

My thoughts grow wilder, listening to the beat,

One step, two steps, a few dances or more,

Then together we waltz out the door,

Darkness surrounds us as we continue to play,

Needs are filled and melt away,

When night runs from the rising sun,

I rub my eyes and think, “What have I done?

I’ve just shared some time and space,

With a stranger I’m not ready to face,”

“Call me,” she says with a smile,

“Of course,” I answer, but I mean after awhile,

“No commitments,” I think as she hugs me once more,

“I’ll call you tonight,” I stated as I start for the door,

“I want to see you again,” I heard my voice say,

My mind is determined but my heart betrays,

Sunlight washes over me and I feel clean,

My thoughts return to last night’s cozy scene,

My heart beats faster when I remember her smile,

Her touch was gentle even while she was wild,

Already my wants are beginning to grow,

“She’s what I need,” and my heart replies, “I know,”

Love and companionship are what I lack,

And my intentions were I’d never be back,

But within minutes I’m pounding on her door,

I’ve never lost my heart so quickly before,

Her eyes are filled with love as she lets me in,

And this is where our new life begins,

She and I together, as two become one,

Dancing and laughing, enjoying the sun,

And through our eyes love pours in,

Bringing warmth and happiness to our world within.



The Coin (Conclusion)

One Pysar Coin from Zanzibar circa 1299 AH (18...
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The Coin  (Conclusion)

waited confidently by the river.  There
was no point chasing Vanna.  The coin
would bring her to him.  She would know
it was their fate to meet and interact.
Reggie was sure she would think he was on the run, afraid of her and the
coin.   But she would not know this was a
trap. The coin would not warn her in time.
Reggie knew the coin had powers over people and Vanna controlled it.
That’s why she would be overconfident until it was too late.

Reggie had a
secret.  The coin’s powers would work for
Vanna while it was in her possession unless….someone had control of the rest of
the coin collection.  Fortunately he
still had the collection and it was nearby, locked in his car. He The
collection was nearby so the powers would be stronger. She would walk right
past it and never know.    When
she was least expecting it, the coin’s powers would be turned against her.

stayed in the shadows where he was less likely to be noticed.  He wanted to surprise Vanna.  If she was accidentally alerted by someone, Reggie
wasn’t sure how she would react, or for that matter, how the coin would
react.  The situation could get ugly.

Two young
men loitered by a bar on a nearby street.
Reggie wondered if they were looking for an easy mark, someone tipsy or
alone.  He hoped they would leave soon
and be out of the way.  If not, he would
have to take matters in his own hands.

arrived later than Reggie expected.  He
was tense and irritable and eager for a confrontation.  The two men were still there, apparently unaware
of him, staying close to a streetlight.
Reggie was tired of waiting and ready to make their lives uncomfortable.

He had
almost given up and was sliding out of the shadows when a bus stopped at a
corner two blocks away.   A woman got off
and the bus pulled away.  Reggie knew it
was Vanna even before she turned and walked towards the river.

A woman
alone was easy prey.  He could feel the men’s
excitement increasing.  He wasn’t worried
because he knew she had the coin and at any time she could unleash its powers
against them.  He was uneasy about
letting others crash his party,  but he decided
to relax and enjoy the show.

Vanna stopped
and talked to the young men.  That was
unexpected. They didn’t follow her which also surprised Reggie.  They stood there for a few seconds surveying
the scene, trying to determine if they were being watched or followed, before
disappearing into the darkness.  Reggie
decided the coin had worked its magic and they wouldn’t be a problem.

Reggie was concentrating on Vanna and the coin
because its power was zeroing in, challenging his authority.  Because his attention was diverted the sound
of  breaking glass never registered, and
he never dreamed that the two young men would ransack his car.

Vanna stopped a few yards away and called out,
“Reggie! I know you’re there.  Come
out!  Don’t make me use the coin’s

laughed.  ”Vanna, you don’t have as much
power as you think.  The coin is mine and
will do anything I demand of it.”

Her knees
were weak and her stomach was churning.  The
coin was vibrating and she felt her control weakening.

“Just like
before, Vanna.  You’ll do what I want.”

She stared
at him for several seconds and then began slowly gyrating, dancing to music she
remembered from before.  Reggie urged her
on.  “Keep going, baby.  Feel the rhythm.”

She wanted
to resist but resistance was futile.
Unbuttoning her blouse as she danced, she watched Reggie. There was no
change in his expression but she could feel his hatred turning into

At first she
was chilled by his expression and the cool breeze coming from the river.  Then a strange warmth began in the pit of her
stomach.  The warmth came in waves, each
wave increasingly invasive.  She hated
him and yet she was beginning to want him, feeling love in spite of her hatred
of all he had done.  She continued to
dance for him until she stood before him naked and waiting, obediently ready
his next command.

The coin,
still clutched in her hand, began to vibrate.
She took several steps back and pressed her hands to her head.  The trance was broken.  Suddenly she looked up and defiantly said, “Where
are your powers, Reggie?  Did you lose

stared in disbelief.  “Don’t even try,
Vanna,” he snapped.  “Do you really want
to challenge me?  Vanna,” he ordered, “go
jump in the river.  It’s time for you to

She ignored
him and began getting dressed.

Reggie was
losing his self control.  “What did you
do?   Where is my collection?”

He noticed
the two young men standing nearby.  “This
is your chance!” he shouted. “I won’t stop you whatever you do. She’s yours for
the taking.”

one man said, “you don’t have power over us anymore.”

eyes narrowed as he recognized one of the men.
“Karl, where is my collection?”

“I put it in
a safe place for Vanna.  I trust her. She
is in charge now,” Karl responded.  “She
can answer your questions.”

“Vanna, give
me my collection and I’ll let you go,” Reggie gasped.

“Reggie, it’s
too late for you.  You won’t hurt anyone
ever again.  Karl found the collection and
it’s in my possession.  You wanted me to
die in the river.  I’ve decided you can
take my place.”

Vanna rubbed
the coin.  Reggie backed down the levee
bank and stood ankle deep in the water.  “Vanna,
please,” Reggie begged.

She rubbed
the coin again.  Reggie’s hands gripped
his throat and he fell to his knees.  He
gasped twice and then pitched backward into the current.  He was visible only for a moment before he
sank into the darkness.

Vanna turned
to her brother.  “It’s over, Karl.  Now you’ll have to get your life in
order.  You can’t continue being with a
gang and living on the edge.  The coin
will turn against you if you forget. Now you and your friend go home.  No more trouble.  Understand?”

Karl knew
she was right and he knew he had no options.
She would be in charge and life would be different.

When she
returned to the apartment there were several messages from George.  She didn’t want to deal with his probing
questions or even to talk to him.  She
didn’t feel the same towards him. Yet George was persistent and one evening she
found him waiting at her front door.

“You don’t
want to see me, George,” she warned.  “I’m
not the same person you knew.  So much
has changed since I last saw you.”

“I don’t
care,” he insisted. “Whatever you’ve done or wherever you’ve been does not
matter to me.  I don’t want to know
unless you want to share.  All I know is
that I can’t live without you.  I love
you, Vanna.  I always have and I always

His arms
surrounded her but she pushed away.  His
arms were too confining and reminded her of the humiliation and torture she had
endured and the conflicting moments of pleasure.  Could she forget any of that?  Could she ever be a good wife and mother?  George would expect life to be orderly and under
his control.  She had gained her
independence and it was too soon to give it up.

She looked
into his eyes and said, “I’m not ready to make any commitment.  Give me some time.  You deserve someone special.”

“Vanna, you’re
the one I want.  I’ll take care of you.  Get those silly notions about being
independent out of your head.  I’m
disappointed that you don’t want to have a life together.  You’ll change your mind.” He grabbed her arm
and pulled her towards the door.   “You’re
going with me to the priest right now and we’re going to say our vows.  You’ve been brainwashed by someone.  You’ll be straightened out in no time.”

“Let go of
my arm!”  Her tone got his
attention.  “I said, let go of my arm!”

different,” he said, “but you’re mine and you’ll do what I tell you.”

She rubbed
the coin and George fell to the floor temporarily paralyzed.  “Don’t ever touch me again without my
permission. You don’t own me and you never have.  I’m not a possession. Stay away from me
unless I decide you can be in my life.
Do you understand?”

Perhaps the only way he could learn was a
simple jolt that would shake him to the core.
She waited a few moments before releasing the power that held him.

George.  Someday we might work as a team,
but for now I have my doubts.”  She would
have preferred a less harsh way of dealing with him.  That door to her past was closed and George
was probably gone from her life.

Vanna knew
her life would be going in new directions.
She was not timid or obedient anymore.
She was ready for excitement and with the coin in her possession she
would turn her neighborhood around and make it safe again for families.  For now, she had much work to do.
























“That’s What Love Do!”

The Front Porch Country Band
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“If you could only go there,

soaking up the atmosphere,

 feeling the magic in the beat,

 the thump of the bass stirring up heat,

 dancing heart to heart and cheek to cheek,

 the bold reaching out for the mild and meek,

 it’s a place that casts a spell,

Come and go with me, I know it well.”

I can still hear her words as she invited me to come listen to her play.  Her eyes invited me a second time, teasing, offering more than moments of listening pleasure.  Erika stopped in often where I worked, watching me wait on customers, smiling whenever I glanced her way.  When that customer left she would come up to the counter and ask if I could help her find a tool of some kind. 

She drew a crowd almost every time she sauntered in, weaving around the other salesmen, ignoring their eager pleas of assistance. She was slim and curvy, her jeans tight, her ample breasts straining against the fabric of her blouse.  She always kept two buttons undone, just to keep the men and boys at her beck and call. I tried to ignore her.  I could imagine the saliva dripping from their mouths. 

Perhaps that was why she was so persistent. Erika would lean forward, placing both elbows on the counter, her eyes focused on me, watching for a reaction of any kind. She was aware of the silence as the men held their breaths hoping that the fabric might tear, or Erika might jiggle in some way.

I waved them all away, at least out of earshot.  “Okay, Erika, what do you want this time?”

“Come out tonight, Bobby, and listen to our band.  You’ll be glad you did.”  “If I go tonight you won’t bother me anymore?”

 “I promise, Bobby.” 

“But what about your husband?”  They were still together as far as I knew.

“We’re in a trial separation.  He said he doesn’t care.  Anyway, what does it matter?  I’m tired of his obsessive behavior.  I don’t belong to him. As far as I’m concerned we’re through.”  She stared at me. “Are you going to be there or not?”

“Okay.  But just this once.”   She smiled broadly, turned and walked out, every step accentuated, pretending to be oblivious to all the wolves hiding in the aisles. 

They rushed to me, wanting to know every juicy detail, especially since Erika was smiling on her way out.  I told them nothing, content to let them conjecture and imagine, their heads full of takes and retakes of scenes right out of Hollywood.

“I’d sure like to be in his shoes,” a young associate said loudly.

  One of the ones who had stared the most muttered, “She’s nothing but trouble. Bobby’s done good to stay away from her.”

 He didn’t know I was going to see her tonight.

Erika usually played guitar and sang three or four songs, but sometimes she would sing one or two extra, if there was a special occasion.  Tonight she had already downed a few rum and colas and was feeling good. She saw me enter and immediately she took charge of the band, running through several riffs and songs that had furious flourishes, evidently to impress me. 

The band took a break and Erika came to my table. “Well, what did you think?” she asked. 

“I want something slower and easier to dance to.” 

She shrugged.  Soon she started singing “I Love A Rainy Night” and followed with “Black Velvet”.  I stood on the dance floor swaying slowly. A young woman wrapped her arms around me, her head on my chest. Erika put her guitar away. She came off the stage and pulled the woman away.”He’s with me,” she said coldly.

“I need a breath of fresh air,” she said as she led me outside.  “Now what was that all about?” she asked.

“I wanted to dance,” I said bluntly.  “You’re married and I don’t belong to you so what’s the problem?”  I knew she was jealous. She was shaking, angry at me, angry at the girl, angry at the world, just angry because she had no control over the situation.

“I need a drink,” she said, “so I can cool down.”  I started towards the bar. “Don’t buy me one. The bartender will give me as many as I ask for.”  Jake, the bartender, saw her coming and began mixing a drink.  “I want this one to be a double,” she said flatly. “I need something strong.” 

She turned to me. “Dance with whoever you want. Just don’t take anybody home. The band will be done in about an hour.  I want to see you after that.” 

I danced with several women, doing the two step around the room, the slide, and a few line dances to fill the time.  I got a few offers to go somewhere else for drinks, to share  coffee, take someone home, and numbers to call.  They were very friendly, one and all.  I collected rainchecks and phone numbers and dates for other times. Then Erika showed up and they all scattered.  “Let’s go to the park by your apartment.  We can talk without being interrupted.”   

Erika had always been rebellious and claimed she lived in outlaw country.  I wasn’t sure what she wanted to talk about but I was pretty sure it wasn’t about flowers and songs.

Outside it was raining, hard and steady. We were both drenched when we  climbed into my truck.  She glanced over and then slid next to me, her warmth stirring me, filling me with anticipated pleasure.  She was staring, her eyes large and focused.  They were intensely hypnotic, and strangely compelling.  The rain was making it difficult to focus on the white lines of my lane, and she was not helping. If I looked one more second I was sure I would lose control of my truck and my body. I shivered and clung to the wheel. She giggled as if I had just touched her in some sensitive spot.  Involuntarily, parts of my body were reacting to her voice, her smile, and her touch. By now her fingers were inside my shirt, dancing across my chest while her tongue played with my ear.

I didn’t intend for anything to happen.  I thought I could resist her. “Just say no,” I told myself. She didn’t really want to talk. When her blouse came off my resistance ceased. Helpless to resist, I became a willing partner.  She was wild and passionate, eager to please, and wanting release. I was surprised by my own needy but powerful response.

We held each other for a long time, just listening to the rain, before we dressed and talked.  Erika was adamant she wanted to be with me and not her husband.  “When are you going to leave him?” I asked.

“Soon,” she replied. “I can’t leave Wes right now.  He’s had some bad luck lately.  When he gets everything going again, then I’ll leave.”

There was not much to talk about after that so we just cuddled for awhile. Finally I said, “I need to get you home.”  Erika glared at me but said nothing as I drove the rainy roads, down the lane to her house, and pulled to a stop. 

The porch lights snapped on, and I felt very conspicuous.  Wes stepped out onto the porch and started towards the truck.  “This could be trouble,” I muttered.  But Wes just waved and said, “Thanks for bringing her home.  I worry about her when she’s late and I know she’s been drinking.” 

This unnerved me. I was expecting rage and jealousy. I’m not sure if I wanted him to be carrying a rifle or handgun, but to be friendly just seemed odd.  

Wes gave Erika a hug and ushered her inside. I sat for a minute more trying to comprehend, and I left still shaking my head.

The next week Erika came to the store several times just to say hi, to flirt, and give me a hug and a kiss.  She wasn’t hiding our relationship. Everything was in the open. She told everyone her marriage was over, except for the shouting.

We met several times a week, and always on weekends.  It was the same story every time.  We didn’t go out to eat, go to the movies, or attempt to go on any normal dates.  After dancing and music, we would park or go to my apartment.  It was clear nothing more was expected or wanted.  Gradually I began insisting I wanted more from the relationship.  Without realizing it I was falling into love.

I know it sounded strange so I never tried explaining it to anyone. I resented taking her home and turning her over to her husband.  This relationship had to change.  I was tired of fighting my conscience, tired of sharing but Erika refused to listen. She kept saying, “This is not a good time for Wes. He’s struggling with so many things.”

Finally I said, “You have to make a choice.  It’s either Wes or me.” She looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Then she smiled. “Okay, it’s time to make some changes. Be patient, though.”

I didn’t hear from her for several weeks. I tried to give her time to get her life straightened out.  I was working in the backroom putting away supplies when another employee said, “Bobby, you have a customer out front.”

I was excited, expecting to see Erika.  Instead it was Wes, looking haggard and worried. “Bobby, Erika is all I really have and all I really wanted.  When she was with you I knew it was just a fling but she always came home.  Now she’s been gone for almost three days.  I can’t sleep.  I can’t eat.  I can’t live without her.  Do you know where she is? I just want her safe at home.” 

Before me was a broken man, his self esteem destroyed but his love intact.  I couldn’t turn him away.  “Wes, I’ll help you search.”

Together we searched Erika’s hangouts and sought help from her friends.  At first our search was fruitless. Then someone from her band gave us a name and an address. Eventually we found her walking barefoot down a side street, heading home.  She claimed she was tired of being pressured so she had found a new boyfriend. He was not so nice.  He had slapped her a few times and refused to take her home. When he wasn’t watching she had made her getaway.

She was pleased to see Wes but she frowned when she saw me. “Wes, I just want to go home and get cleaned up.  I want to rest and cuddle with you.”

I drove them home in silence.  Wes watched Erika go inside the house before he said wearily, “Erika is an alcoholic and unfaithful. She’s always been like that since I found her years ago.  I love her and it’s my job to see that she’s taken care of.  I’m the only real home she knows.  She’ll always come back. She needs me too.”

Suddenly it was all very clear.  Wes and Erika were two desperate needy people, and in their own weird way were meant for each other.  I didn’t have an answer for Wes for I loved her too.  At that moment my plans for the future changed and I decided to stick around and keep watch over both of them.  I was the only sane one of the bunch. You might think it’s weird but it makes sense to me.  That’s what love do.

Frozen in Ice (Part One)

He was an avid hunter searching for conquests,

Hungry to gobble one more lonely heart,

Always busy, there was never a moment to rest,

Always looking for a new place to start,

David liked music and dancing, because the beat,

That rhythmic bass and pounding drum,

Always stirred the depths and raised the heat,

Across an unguarded heart his words would strum,

Resistance was futile after he made his move,

He would love a woman and leave her without any regret,

He enjoyed being deceitfully wicked and in a groove,

Positive there was no woman that he couldn’t get,

David said that to himself when he had time to reflect,

He thought any woman was self-centered to the core,

And each was thoroughly convinced she was a victim of neglect,

Tonight he’d lavish one with attention (she would want more),

He waited patiently while he idly listened to the band,

Perhaps tonight was not the night to find a lonely heart,

But two women entered and he was ready to play his hand,

One got up to greet a friend, which gave him a chance to start,

David sauntered over and casually asked the woman to dance,

She turned him down, but she gave herself no reason why,

She needed time to shake herself free of her circumstance,

Locked in a loveless marriage, she didn’t even want to try,

This was the first time since she’d married, to be out on the town,

She weakened while the music played, the temptation to dance was strong,

“You know your troubles won’t go away,” David said with a frown,

“You can dance your troubles away tonight, but to sit and worry is wrong,”

 He could sense Rhonda struggling, but ready to make a choice,

His compliments made her feel good and she liked his easy grin,

David had been patient, listening to the pain in her voice,

She quickly decided that tonight she was ready to feel again,

As they danced, her body moving with the beat,

She felt young and free, wishing this could always be,

She melded to him, stirred and excited by his heat,

Physically and emotionally she bonded, but not mentally,

“I shouldn’t be letting myself go like this,” she told herself twice,

“But this is fun.  It’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to dance,”

“He’s been really good to me and I think he’s really nice,

He loves me, I can feel it, and I’m ready to take a chance,”

 (To be continued)

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