Me, My Wife, and the Other Guy

My Wife
My Wife (Photo credit: Abulic Monkey)


Me, My Wife, and the Other Guy


We sat at a table, the three of us,


Me, my wife, and the other guy,


Conversation flowed for awhile,


But neither could look me in the eye.


The place I sat was bypassed,


As words zipped and darted,


Like little birds flying to nests.


From time to time they would


Stop to consider and take a rest.


Both were annoyed that I remained,


And could find nothing else to do.


Joining in was out of the question,


Therefore I could do nothing but stew.


Her eyes bubbled over with images of him,


While his eyes were hooded and cold.


He wanted to do more than talk,


He waited to be reckless and bold.


Calmly I lifted my empty glass


And pretended to take a sip of my juice.


One false word, one slight misstep,


And surely all hell would break loose.


I studied the two in their interlocking worlds,


And decided I didn’t want to be there.


Fifteen years of married bliss,


And now she no longer cared.


Out the door and into the night,


Although I had no real place to go,


My heart was aching, my marriage breaking,


Life had dealt me a terrible blow.


With each heavy step from my house,


I reassured my shredded heart.


The future was cloudy and unknown,


But it was time for a brand new start.


I contained my anger and let it go


Without even raising my voice,


They had each other and I walked away.


For me it was the wisest choice.











Learning to Take Charge

Ice cream at Expo 2010
Ice cream at Expo 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Learning to Take Charge


“I want some ice cream,” the little girl said.


“No, it’s late and time for bed.”


“Can I watch t.v. for a little while?”


“O.k.,” said mom, “because you asked with a smile.”


The girl sat on the floor waiting for the news to end.


Dad sat down and waited for his program to begin.


“Why are you still up?” he asked the apple of his eye.


“Mom said I could watch a show or two,


But now that you’re here, I guess it’s up to you.”


“Could I have ice cream?” the little girl said.


“Sure, since you’re up.  Then it’s straight to bed.”


Mom returns after a long hot shower.


“Why is she up,” mom snaps, “at this late hour?”


There is little worse than righteous condemnation,


Especially since both contributed to the situation.


They go to battle because their rules aren’t applied.


The little girl learns to manipulate as time goes by.


Their friends choose sides and blame the father or the mother,


While the little girl plays one against the other.


She’ll be in charge when she becomes a teen,


But someday she’ll discover she’s not a real queen.




Wait Until Dark (Part Three)

Wait Until Dark
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Wait Until Dark (Part Three) The Prank

When I was off duty I gathered my supply,

Patiently prepared, for there would just be one try,

I drilled holes in the cans and tied them with line,

“Perfect,” I thought, “This will work fine,”

A few days later when the women were leaving,

Tom plied me with questions about the plan I was weaving,

“It’s a simple plan, it’ll work, just wait and see,

First on my list is to climb their tree,”

I crossed the street and climbed with glee,

Draped the cans over branches so they couldn’t see,

Then I returned carrying the fishing line,

Attached it high in a nearby tree, with a clever design,

Tom still watched, his eyes full of question marks,

I only said, “Wait until later, when it’s good and dark,”

A few hours later, “It’s time,” I quietly said,

“I think the women are snug in their beds,”

Hidden behind shrubbery I gave the line a yank,

The cans across the street danced, clink, clank!

A light went on, a head peered out,

They heard the noise, there was no doubt,

They went inside, I yanked once more,

Clinkedy clank, clank, clank! There was a roar,

Lights went on, the couple raced out,

Carrying weapons of destruction with lots of clout,

To Tom’s delight and to their chagrin,

They found no intruders or pranksters again,

They stepped into the street, unaware of my scheme,

The cans rattled behind them, prompting both to scream,

Tom howled with laughter, quiet no more,

They rushed at him, they were very sore,

Angrily they demanded what he was doing wrong,

“It’s getting even time, I’ve waited so long,”

They still weren’t happy, they both wore frowns,

It was a few days before they cooled down,

A truce was declared, everyone agreed to comply,

Although occasionally we received a hot apple pie,

And we brought gifts from file and rank,

When word got out about “the prank”,

Over the next few years the story increased,

Until the laughter subsided and all memories ceased.

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