The Son Will Rise

Full sunrise
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I’ve never enjoyed the heat of day, and tried to avoid the light,

It was easier to take what I wanted, in the dead of night,

I slept through the dawning, I hated the bright sunrise,

Night’s cloak of darkness was safer, to use my deceit and lies,

Like the others, my hopes were on a ferocious king,

If the Romans were driven out, prosperity it would bring,

Then the world would notice, and make up for years of loss,

But now I’ve had time to think, while I’m hanging on a cross,

I was curious about the stories I’d heard,

So I followed this man who taught the word,

I joined a group who was eager to hear,

He spoke boldly about God, his father, without any fear,

But there was more to learn, to our surprise,

He performed miracles right before our eyes,

At a wedding in Cana, Jesus was asked to provide more wine,

Normally it took money and lots of time,

I thought that was a strange request,

But he obliged his mother after a slight protest,

I watched the servants filling six waterpots,

And saw the ruler’s expression at what they brought,

Jesus was a man of action when there was a need,

He drove the merchants from the temple when he saw their greed,

The Jews were angry and wanted to know why,

“This is my father’s house,” was his angry reply,

During this time it seemed the world had gone mad,

People were hoping for a leader, someone strong and bad,

Jesus was popular among the people and drew great crowds,

But he talked of peace and heaven, and warned of being proud,

John the Baptist declared that Jesus was the one,

Who was sent by the Father, to die as his son,

I was seeing many miracles, yet I dared not believe,

For the crimes I had committed, great punishment I should receive,

I didn’t always follow Jesus, sometimes I stayed in town,

I could steal the most when Jesus wasn’t around,

Because I usually stole at night, I rarely saw the sun,

It was not until people began to wake, that my work was done,

I didn’t agree with Judas that Jesus should be turned in,

Despite my disbelief he was the Christ, I considered him my friend,

I was careless and got caught, stealing during the day,

Thrown into prison and left waiting, while Jesus was away,

There was news of the arrival of a new-found king,

It had to be Jesus, for I heard the hosannas ring,

He would overcome the Romans, with God at his side,

I wish I could have seen him then, but I was locked inside,

“Don’t worry,” said another thief, who was there with me,

“According to Judas, Jesus will hang for all to see,”

“That can’t be true, he’s done no wrong,” I said in dismay,

“We deserve what we got, we know crime doesn’t pay,”

In my dreams I saw my life, and I didn’t like what I could see,

I would taste the bitter cup of death, hanging on a tree,

I was nailed to a cross, along with the other thief,

 Another cross went up, I could feel the sorrow and grief,

I believe that Jesus was born to bring truth and grace,

Barabbas should have died, but Jesus took his place,

“Jesus, I deserve to die for the things I have done,

Lord, remember me when your kingdom comes,”

Tomorrow is another day, but I won’t see the rising sun,

I expect before the break of day, my life will be done,

Before I became a witness to the light,

I was a common thief who stole in the night,

At that time I didn’t understand the reason why,

An innocent man was condemned to die,

I’ve always known I’d die someday in terrible agony,

But I believe the Son will rise, in spite of you and me.

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