How can something be created out of nothing?

do existing building blocks

determine whether new creations are formed?

What is new? Something that grew?

Or is that simply a step away from 

something we already knew?

I shudder to think the world is on the brink

Of changing what was originally created,

building and connecting and welcoming

something which could survive in a nuclear sea,

something we could eat or drink,

but not eat you or me.

My idea of creation is a more gentle view,

where love and life may begin anew,

and all things, artificial or natural, are beautiful

without hate changing any part of me or you.

June 17, 201



Often I have bought tickets to win a big prize,

Cash or a trip to a faraway place.

I never won even in my dreams,

Just one of the crowd waiting with expectant face.

What were the odds of winning the pot,

Raking in millions, and sharing all I got?

I was lying to myself,

Justifying the easy way to pay bills,

When it was for the thrill.

So how did I win?

Was it in the shark tank I learned to swim?

Contrary to what you might believe,

I quit trying to deceive.

I spent time being a friend,

Helped others begin again,

Loved openly with all my heart,

And became the man I should have been

Right from the start.

I won self-respect, honor, and trust,

And that, my friends, is something

That can’t be stolen, tarnished, or rust.

As you can see, I’m proud of me.

But I have also widened my view.

You remained my friend and I’m proud of you.

by Dan Roberson     Oct. 12, 2016


“He’s Someone I Should Know”

Crayfish party called Kräftskiva

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Who is that freckle-faced, red-headed kid,

Holding a crawdad and snake?

Is he someone I know?


As I look through my pictures I wonder,

Am I still that fun loving boy?

Where did time go?


That young lad was in love with the world,

Curiosity was his name,

He wanted to discover everything,


From the tops of trees or on bended knee,

He ruled his world,

For awhile he was king,


Where is the young man who loved sports?

It didn’t matter which one it was,

He always gave one hundred percent,


I can see his smiling face in my yearbook,

He enjoyed his high school years,

But those days came and went,


Where is the young man who chased the girls?

He was so excited,

Learning what made them tick,


He found out he was not so smart,

Finding love was much easier,

Than working to make it stick,


Where is the dad who took great joy?

Seeing his children blossom,

They grew fast over the years,


They’re all gone and far away,

But I still remember,

As I brush away my tears,


Now as I sift through my pictures,

There’s one I didn’t see,

There’s the man I knew,


I have a lifetime of things I’ve done,

Frozen moments in pictures,

My, how those years flew!




Before You Were Born

Mother's Day

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She Loved You Before You Were Born!

Month after month she revels in the thought,

That her body contains what love had wrought,

She knows the changes that are taking place,

Features are forming, a beating heart, fingers and face,

Her own body is adjusting for new growth as well,

Preparing a temporary home for this life to dwell,

But most of all are the effects on her heart,

Forming emotional attachments right from the start,

Her heart is rapidly expanding as her child grows,

Her life will be changed forever as she already knows,

Her love will continue growing after the baby arrives,

Whatever happens around her, her love thrives,

She has loved you long before she knew your name,

Knowing the pain to come she wanted you the same,

Her love has developed and matured in every way,

For a mother’s love does not spring forth in a day,

When the delivery is over and she holds you in her arms,

She smiles and rambles on about your many charms,

Unconditional love that radiates about the room,

Unconditional love that dispels pain and gloom,

Finding inner strength she wasn’t aware she had,

Born of labor and love, she wanted a miracle so bad,

You are still that miracle, walking around on display,

The day you were born was her special Mother’s Day!