The music begins and my tension fades.
I relax as we warm up for a strenuous routine.
My partner says, “This has to be a good practice.
We are still clumsy and we compete in two weeks.”
Our movements must be fluid and graceful,
Effortless and natural.
Two long steps, Slide, two quick steps.
Your hands hold me firmly as you guide me.
You lead and I follow.
You step. I step.
My steps at the beginning match yours,
Except that I’m in high heels and going backwards.
No words are necessary.
We communicate by touch and sight.
My confidence in you is well-founded.
Your confidence in me is invigorating.
There is no hesitation as we spin and twirl.
When we make love our movements are smooth and natural,
Following our guidelines for dancing.
There is no rush and my arousal is guiding us.
We move purposely, learning from each other.
My anticipation builds as you touch and caress,
Loving me with gentle consideration.
You move and I follow.

The trust you’ve earned lets me relax,
And I celebrate our love with abandon.
As I love, dance, communicate, and celebrate,
My love grows deeper each time.

I Followed a Path

Lonely Oak
Image by Common Pixels via Flickr

Wanting to
meditate and discover the good,

I followed a
path deep into the wood,

Until before
me a great oak tree stood,

Its branches
mighty, its crown regal and thick,

The kind of
tree I’d be if I had my pick,

I wondered,
how long has this oak been around?

What made
this oak special? Why hasn’t it blown down?

Of course, I
mused, when a storm came through,

The massive trunk
deserves the credit for what would ensue,

Yet I realized
there was more than what met the eye,

The trunk
needed support to stand and touch the sky,

Roots keeping
the oak anchored were beneath the tree,

out in all directions for stability,

I could see the
mighty oak was more than a tree,

It was a
symbol reminding me not to judge what I see,

Because like
the oak there’s more within me,

T here’s
part of me that’s in public view,

Exposed so
people can see what I do,

But beneath my
surface my values are set,

The part of
me that might be stronger yet,

To survive
the storms of life these roots will grow,

troubles are encountered my character will show,

Storms in
life are impossible to outrace,

So the
challenges they bring I will embrace,

I’ll be like
the mighty oak if I learn to endure,

The storms
of life with a heart that’s pure,

I left with
knowledge from where the oak tree stood,

Followed the
path out of the wood,

My search
was over, I finally understood.








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