Let’s hibernate together when the first snow falls,

or make plans to go south when the lead goose calls.

“Hurry up, or we’ll be late,

This is a special time for us. Don’t you remember our first date?”

I was impatient, anxious to go,

But you emerged like a butterfly, my eyes got large, and my heart said, “Whoa!”

Each year with you is better than ever,

and I want to hold you for a day and forever.

We’ll lock the cave door and turn off the light,

and cuddle passionately all through this magical night.

I don’t want intruders to interrupt our sleep,

We’ll love intensely, hard and deep,

Let’s hibernate together when the first snow falls,

or make plans to travel when the first goose calls.

June 27, 2017

The Cave of Heartbreaks

The Cave
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Where can I hide
when things go wrong,

In the cave
of heartbreaks I’ll sing my song,

When pressures
build at my place,

I need the
cave to establish my base,


I’ve traveled
far along this path,

Tripped over
trouble and felt its wrath,

But I’m
tired of wandering to and fro,

The cave I’m
seeking has eluded me though,


No place for
beauty or faithful friends,

No place
teeming with life or where rainbows end,

I’ve dreamed
of this darkness time or two,

In the cave
of heartbreaks, without love, without you.

Sunlight in My Eyes

A christmas tree.
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I’m throwing open the shutters,

So sunlight can flood the room,

I’m tired of shadows in my mind,

Brightness will erase the gloom,

I’ve been looking to escape the world,

My house has been my cave,

I can hold shadows off for awhile,

But I’m tired of being so brave,

The world last night seemed grim and dark,

Uncertainty overpowered my life,

But sunlight bouncing off the floor,

 Sliced the darkness like a knife,

Shadows of the past stand tall,

When the clock strikes one or two,

I wish I had an opportunity to express,

That I’d always be true to you,

Because you’re gone, I’m not sad at all,

It’s sunlight in my eyes,

This has been such a beautiful day,

It caught me by surprise,

I’ll stand by the Christmas tree,

And sing a song or two,

And no one will ever know,

That I’m really missing you.

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